Chief Elder Osiris : Why Black People Suffer Today

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    The Greatest Danger That Black People Suffer today Is Misinterpreting The Divine Being ( Black ) Story

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There is no shortage of Profane Vanity, Ego problem, problem of Envy and Jealousy among Black People, those principles of Life, destroys the Divinity of Spirit in Black People and allow us to get and remain bogged down in insignificant matters that has nothing to do with informing Black People of how to get the Spirit of Black People to rise to the level it will be efficient in acknowledging and acting in the best interest of the Body Life Living condition of Black People.

    So tell me beloved, is it not a fact that we do not know who in the Hell we are as a People, based upon how we have come to define and describe ourselves today, using Lucifer method of classifying ourselves today.

    We today choose to refer to ourselves as everything that Lucifer has so identified us to be, but we are reluctant to refer to ourselves as we should desire to be, which is, as the Entity that formed us and has presented us to be, which is as the Infinite Spatial Universe, which is Divine in its existence, having no color but is a Florescence colorless shade, which is of a Gravity of Electromagnetic Field of Existence, that is beyond measure or describing in an adjective determination.

    Yet it is the Fact of Empirical Reasoning which reveal that The Divine Essence Is The Embodiment and Sum Total of the Infinite Universe, out of which, Everything that is something, emanate out of and do come from the Divine Essence.

    So tell me, who are you people who do not seem to know who we really are, as we in our effort to find our place on this planet, we end up assigning to ourselves an artificial misinterpret identity, when in fact we have been made not to know ourselves as a United genetic People, refusing to do the First Thing First that will have us to be qualified to Know ourselves, a people with a Genetic Phenotype that verify who we are and yet, because it is not what White Folks say we are as a people, we end up not feeling comfortable in acknowledging who we are today.

    In order to be able to understand who we are and what happen to cause us to be in our present condition on this planet, we must come to know and understand the dynamic effect Time plays in bringing Enlightenment to that we have been made to forget and to become ignorant of, in our regard.

    We will never be able to know and understand ourselves, not until we learn the value in knowing the approach we must take in learning about what happen to us on this planet and we do that by giving honor and respect to the Divinity of Time, by starting at the point of Time where we are Now and proceed to go back in Time in sequence, because you can not come to deal intelligently with finding out who we are and who we are not and why we are as we are today in this World that is controlled by people that is the Direct opposite to you as a people, you having a different and unique phenotype from those other people.

    So we do ourselves an injustice by labeling ourselves as if we are a location on a map or give ourselves a description of a geographical resident in a particular place on this Planet, such an act does not indicate who we are as an abthophormorphous Being upon this planet.

    So tell me, what is described to be the difference between people in Afrika, living in the Congo and people living in Uganda, or people living in the Sudan and people living in Ethiopia, describe to me those people and reveal to me the Genetic Phenotype difference of those people, are they not of the same Genetic Root ?

    By me living in America, does that describe who I am as a Being, or does that describe where I am located as a Being on this Planet, but does not describe the type of Being I am, nor does it identify my traits as a Being.

    So tell me beloved, what is more Important, acting in such a way that will solve the problem that have our Body Life Living as we do today or talking about what happen that got our Body Life Living in this condition we live in today?

    What is the most important dispensation of Time we should be researching concerning our lives that will give an accurate indication of who you are and what happen to cause our Body Life Living condition to be as it is today on this Planet?

    Was it not the First Window of Time that has the Video Tape that will describe accurately who we Really Are and from that First Window we will be able to learn accurately what happen to us in the proceeding Time of our regression from being the quality of people that we started out to be when we first arrived upon this planet, and is it a fact that we did not come to this planet as Afrikans, Moors, Black, Negro,Somalians, South Afrikans Kenyans, Etc; but that we came being a Divine Genetic Phenotype that revealed us to be as the Divine Infinite Spatial Universe in its Divine Colorless inert state of Existence.

    Therefore, is it not more appropriate to refer to ourselves as being the people Liken to that which is of the Colorless Divine Spatial Universe, out from which we did come to this Solar Orb with our Final destination being the Planet now call Earth, but was not the label assigned to it by our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors?

    So what happen to us in the various Windows of Dispensation of Time, is what verify our present condition in the Window of Dispensation of Time we Now find our Body Life living in today and the most important information needed by us today, is the information that is going to enlighten us in how to Free our Mind Method of Thinking from the Method we now are using that is keeping us ignorant from knowing ourselves and to be Divine Beings, we who have become Human Beings.

    So here we are, delving in the different aspect of our past, misinterpreting what is told to be a part of our story and the History of Lucifer, which only breed a Multiplicity of opinions and misinterpretations with an ignorant intelligence that give a false indication about the body Life of the Divine Being, which now is referred to as Black People turn Human.

    Beloved, First Seek You Your Freedom and all else pertaining to you, will come as an Enlightenment to you about yourselves.

    Can You understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]
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    I couldn't agree more , thank you for the wake up and as i seek within me i found the true me
    that help me see what was hidden within.
    Now i feel better on a freedom path