Chief Elder Osiris : Why Black People Rather Settle For What We Want Instead Of What We Need ?

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    Why Black People Rather Settle For What We Want Instead Of What We Need ?

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Every since we lost our Divine Information that pointed the way from whence we Black people came and we became a prisoner of the Human being Mind, Our every action has been in pursuit of what we want, living under the illusion that what we choose in life is our choice, never realizing that Choice is a mind manipulation action, when you are living in an environment that you played no part in creating nor do you control anything in it, living day to day under somebody else influence of which your choices are made, meaning they are not your Choice but those that influence your way of thinking and whose Mind that direct your Life is the Mind that control your Life and at the present Time, Black people operate their Life with the Human Being Mind, having lost our Divine Mind, living in a state of illusion.

    Therefore, on all subject matters we might express an interest in, such an interest is based on Want, concerning those issues of subject matters we now pretend to be concerned about, for instance, take the issue of Black Nationalism and Pan-Afrikanism, our every action toward those issues of concern, is not in accordance with their original Meaning that motivate the action to have Afrika and the Black Afrikan as the center target for our motivated action, such was the meaning and motivation of the Honorable Marcus Garvey action under those banners of Black Nationalism and Pan-Afrikanism and Garvey was motivated based on Need for Afrika and the Black Afrikan World to be Free and under the control of the Black World and not want.

    Today we have counterfeit Black Nationalist and Pan-Afrikans that is motivated by Want concerning these two Black Afrikan Dynamics and beloved, if we True Divine Black Nationalist-Pan-Afrikans sit idly by and allow the last of our Spiritual Social, Economic, Education, Political and Theological elemental principles to be crucified, the last of our Spiritual-Physical weapons, designated to save Afrika and a dying black World, then whatever the Universal Elements plague upon this evil world, will be because of the influence of choice of those Black people that happen to be motivated by want and not need, a sign of a lost Black World, in the process of being crucified by the acquired greed of Want, which is an evil toward the Need for our Black Selves.

    How can anyone of True Divine Blackness, claim to be involved in the pursuit of Black Nationalism and not Afrika Land return back to the Black Afrikans, does not Nationalism denote Land connection from a position of having Control and authority over that Land and if the slogan is Black Nationalism, then shouldn't the implication be about the Land of Afrika being under the control of the Black Afrikans again ?

    How can we disrespect the Spiritual signification of Black Nationalism, when we do not associate the Land of Afrika with the Black Afrikans being in control of it in Afrika.

    The so call Black american is now motivated by want, which serve as a clear indication that our Choices that we make is influenced by the human Being Mind, which we wear today, so our want do not allow us to deal with our Divine Realities, it is centered on causing us to center upon our illusion of Reality and under such an illusion, Black people will tell you that we are now Free, while we are motivated by that we want the Black World to be and not what we need the Black World to be and that is Divinely Free, operating in the circle of undefiled Black Nationalism and Pan-Afrikanism.

    So tell me beloved, when and where have you ever seen the Fathers of Black Nationalism advocating Racial Assimilation, as those today claiming to be Black Nationalist and Pan - Afrikanist do today, meaning that they are in action to bastardized such Spiritual Significant of Divine Garvey Black Nationalism and Pan - Afrikanism, which has nothing to do with the Black Wants but all to do with the Divine Black Being Needs, which is for Afrika to be Back under the control of the Black Afrikans and The Black World to be United once again.

    Beloved, it is Want that is killing the Black World.

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks Despise The divine Truth!!!

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder