Chief Elder Osiris : Why Black People Can Not Accept That We Are Exceptional People

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    Why Black People Can Not Accept That We Are Exceptional People

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, have you ever noticed those Black people who are so quick to label us to be no more of importance than any other people upon this planet and not realizing that when we do so, we are defying our Life experiences upon this planet, which enforce such a Black self put down, concerning our importance in and to this evil world?

    I often serve as our mirror when I reflect the way we now act and behave in the world today, but such a reflection of Black people, is not meant to be received as a act of disrespect toward Black people, but more of a call for our need to become Respectful of ourselves again.

    Yet I know that such an act by us about ourselves will not and is not easy for Black people to do, concerning ourselves, and the way we now believe about ourselves which is not to highly these days and the evidence which show that we do not carry sufficient respect for ourselves today, is the present Body Life Living condition of the Black Life today.

    So yes, the question, Why Black People Can not Accept That We Are Exceptional People, is a valid question that is in need of answering and not challenged, because to challenge the validity of this question is to verify how invalid our Mind has been made to be, regarding our lives today, because our present life condition validate the Divine Truth that the question is stating about Black people today.

    You see beloved, the Divine Reality that reveal the Divine Truth about Black people today, is the quality of Spirit we now reveal about ourselves and it is a quality of spirit that verify that Black people have been made to believe all that Black people oppressors have taught us about ourselves, and the most compelling thing that Black people hold to, that our oppressors have taught us about ourselves, is that there is not anything of a Greater Good that has come from Black people and that there is nothing that our oppressors are bounded to respect that come from Black people, which is insinuating that the Mind of Black people have always been an inactive Mind that prevent Black people from ever been of a Greater Good to ourselves , which prevent us from being of any Divine Importance to the world.

    Beloved, you must come to be able to see, that when a people been made to no longer Think on a Grand Divine Scale about themselves, such become a people who has been made to have no self knowledge about themselves and a people who do not know who in Hell that they are, they become slaves to those who do know who such a people are, and in this case, the people mention happen to be Black people here.

    So you must be able to see, we who can not believe that there is something that is exceptional about our mind and as long as we use belief to judge our awareness by, the longer we Black people will not seek to know ourselves, and a self ignorant people are people depended upon other people for our daily bread.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Beloved, have you ever noticed how our oppressors seem to automatically support each other in their endeavors in Life, especially by sharing with each other by the use of their talent, expressed in various form of sharing, yet when it come to Black people it is always an act of seeking to find fault in that we do and share with each other that need each other support, any you Black people wonder why it is that we are in our present life condition today?

    Yet, when the oppressors of Black people introduce something to the world, Black people without doubt be the first to want to sign on in support of a people with a history of Lying and Deceiving us black so call Afrikan People.

    Beloved, the greatest defect about Black people that prevent Black people from not believing, but knowing how exceptional a people we are, happen to be the fact that our Mind ability to Think has been altered from the way we once were in the use of our Mind, and a Mind that has been tampered with to knock it off of its Divine Method of use, which is to profoundly Reason our way through Life, being Rational in the process of our Thinking and being Logical when making decisions about the things we have reasoned out Rationally, using the Mind in such a way by a people, become evident that such a people are in control of their Mind and today, Black people are not in control of our Mind, so we end up being a slave to those who are, and they happen to be the people with a history of abusing the Mind of Black so call Afrikan People.

    Beloved, have you ever noticed this about ourselves, how we when pointing out the Evil that plague the Mind of black people, we have an impulsion to apologize for knowing the Evil that Lie and deceive us, as if we do not want , not desire, to be free from such Evil?

    Beloved, Evil is Evil, regardless of where it originate out from, and it does not all the Time originate out from the obvious, which is our historical oppressors, but come just as well out from among Black people, and no Evil need to be extended an apology from its victims, and today, Black people are victims of Evil and Unjust treatment in the world, coming from all who are of this Evil World.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved.

    Beloved, A People who do not KNOW THEIR PAST LIFE EXPERIENCE, is a people that is without knowledge of thyself, and such a mental handicap become the breeding ground that produce a people that is of a Race labeled to be Black and Afrikan in this Evil World, a world where Black People have no authority and do not control anything, most certain not our mind.

    A believing people is a dangerous people unto themselves, all that a believing people do, is based upon what they have been told to do, and to believe, causing the Mind of such a believing people to have been made to be useless to such a believing people, and the people who have been affected the most from such a no use of their Mind?

    Well look around you and make an effort to see the present condition of Afrika and observe a Tribal oriented Divided People who do not know who in this Hellish World that they are and when you are able to See Divinely such a people, then you will know that such a people are those who now live a divided Relationship with each other and where there is Division in that which was originally United, you have the making of a Weak race nation of People and such a people happen to be those people who respond when called to be Black Afrikan Human Beings, a people who now live with a lost of their Divinity, because we no longer control our mind.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To your Self, Beloved.

    Yes I will Continue To Suggest to You That All People and Especially Black People Need to have My book, Divine Spirituality: Getting To Know the Real You, In Your Possession,.

    Let It Serve As your Divine spiritual Guide just As you Have Allowed Those Who oppress you book, The World Bible, Serve To Be to You As being The Word Of God, And Make The Comparison When seeking The Divine Truth Concerning The Divine Essence, Universe, Spirituality, and Self.

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    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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