Chief Elder Osiris : Why Black People Are Timid When The Issue Is Religion

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    Why Black People Are Timid When The Issue Is Religion

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved have you ever notice and this I am about to share with you, include most Black People, regardless of what our political and religious persuasion might be, have you notice that the passive as well as the militant aggressive Black Afrikan, we all have one expression of Spirit in common, when it come to the discussion of the validity of Religion and whether or not it is of Divine value to the lives of Black People or not, and the spirit we express toward religion is one of Timidness, with a reluctance to be self expressive Truthfully regarding a position you have in regard to Religion, not the subjective religious fanatics I am referring to, that is not reluctant to deal with religion in the quadrant of their belief, it is the so call Black Spiritualist and Black self aware Black Afrikan who are not Divinely serious enough to objectively reveal the Divine Truth about religion and the reputation it has abusing black People, yet those same Religious Timid Black Folks, especial those of us who are confessing to be so call Black Nationalist and to Garvey Pan Afrikanism, most of us have not the bravery to reveal the Divine Truth concerning religion, we rather take the 5Th and by taking such a Mental stance, it is equivalent to attempt to straddle the fence of Divine truth and Reality, regarding the action Religion has implemented against Black people.

    Beloved, in these Days and Time, now that the Divine Truth has come back to the House of Black People, it is not Divinely permissive to being Luke warm in telling the Divine Truth about Religion, such a position is just as condemning of you as you being in the Religious bed of Lies and Deception openly, it is as if by you running and hiding from having to reveal the Divine Truth about Religion, it is the same as you being an open confessor to being in the Bed of Religion.

    You see, there is a certain Level of Divine Truth to the saying that the Sin of Omission is just as Evil as the Sin of commission, you can not hide any more behind the curtain of Bliss, it shielding our ignorance, that curtain has been torn down by the coming of the Divine Truth, we are not at liberty to be claiming Excuse for not knowing of the Divine truth because Bliss walk no longer holding the hand of Ignorance.

    Today Religion is being uncovered for what it is, and what it has done to the Black World specifically, it has been successful in making Human Being Liars out of us Black People and we have become believers in a False God, because religion is responsible for Black People not having the Divine Knowledge that is required of us, that is if we are to Know who in this Hellish state of Body Life Living, is responsible for our present day ignorance of our Black Selves and is responsible for the way we now find ourselves living and believing in this evil world of religion today.

    You have Black people going around attempting to make claim that Religion is synonymous to Spirituality, when in fact most of us, we are followers of an Evil that we can not intelligently define nor defend rationally, as we act as if there are categories and degrees of Religion, some being different from other Religions, implying that there is more than one kind of Religion, well I have come to share with you the Divine Truth about Religion and I am not concern about what you believe of me but I am concern about the condition of the low quality of belief that you have allowed through religion to guide your Body life today.

    The Divine Truth reveal that there is only One Religion and that Religion carry the poison of Lies and act of Deception, and profane magic that have Black People believing in fantasy instead of Divine Reality, we being a victim of illusion that has conquer the Mind Thoughts of an Entire Black Nation and have succeeded in converting those Black People who are dwelling in a Mental low level fallacy that is based upon a religious belief,

    Now, allow me to define Religion,:

    Religion is a created Institution with a foundation of belief, Faith, Hope, and Fear, religion trick you into believing that God is a Man and has a place set aside in the sky for His Believers and has a place for the nonbelievers, inside the planet Earth, a place that Burn a Hellish fire continuously and without ending, such is the premise of Religion.

    So any organized institution, that has an agenda to persuade and convert your ability from being qualified to Think, and to go into to a mental action of belief, faith, and hope with the driving force of Fear, that beloved is the spirit of Religion and all Religion, Lies and Deceive its believers, because Knowing is an Enemy to religion, and you can not get to Know the Divine Truth being a prisoner of vain Ego, Envy, Jealousy with malice and without the use of Profound Reasoning and Logic and by being Rational in your pursuit for the Divine Truth which will reveal to you Divine knowledge about the Mysticism of the Divine Essence, Both Universe, and about the Divine Self of your Body Life.

    To show your self to be Timid in the face and presence of Religion, calling your self Black and Afrikan and a Warrior for Justice and for our Liberation from the clutches of the Human Being action of oppression and their Religion, your timidness reveal that you still carry a residue of Religion in your Mind and that you favor praise and acceptance from the religious Believers and from the Religion creators, the Lucifer's of the World, and that you fear the same, because if you are masquerading around to be somebody who are in the Divine Intelligent Know, and you have not the Mental Capacity to stand assured with the Divine Truth that is unraveling the Lies and identifying the Religious acts of deception, an assault that has been used against Black people for approximately Ten Thousand Years or more and now there is a rise of Divine Mind Thinking among Black People and we are now waging an assault against Religion and if you are not a member of such a Divine Spirit, then what good do you serve in the fray that now Divinely challenge the validity of Religion in the Black World, when in fact, all of the empirical evidence point to Religion being the Weapon to Massively destroy the Divine Mentality of the Black World, a World now grounded in Belief, referring to its self as Human Beings, which serve as evidence that today Black People still are ignorant to who Black People really once were, before the coming of the Human Being and their Religion, into the world of Black People.

    You serve to be a Dishonest Spirit when you attempt to justify Religion by pointing out some of our past Black Warrior whom we hold up to high esteem and yet was a believer of Religion, any Black Warrior, Past and Present if embraced Religion, then it reveal a Flaw in their Mental exercise because Religion does not change its Evil, based upon who it is that embrace it, that is why we have moved into the dispensation of Time whereby the Divine Truth has come, a period of Time of Divine Enlightenment and you can take this Divine Truth or Leave It Alone, It Serve Not To Be A Disadvantage To Those black People who now are rising into the Knowledge of the Divine Truth today.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Today you have Black People who down right despise themselves and hate the fact that their phenotype reveal them to be unique in our appearance and because of Nature action toward us, we Black People despise and hate our Black selves, because we have been made to be ignorantly involved with Religion, it serving to be the evil to the Black World, wearing the Crown Of Lies And Deception.

    Beloved Black People, you can not begin to move in the direction of your mental Liberation, not until you are qualified to face your Demon, which is Religion, because it is the Doctrine Of religion that serve as the social Foundation of the great societies today, regardless of their claimed Social, Economic, Education, and Political persuasion to be, they all allow the presence of the Evil of Religion in their Midst, which serve as a sign that Lucifer is in authority of the World Society, which today include the Black World, the Eldest and once Wisest of them All, but now serve in the sludge of Lucifer Religion.

    Yet here you are the Black Scattered World, numbed and not ashamed of the way we conduct our lives today, we having Black People who claim to be so intelligent but is to Timid to Declare Religion to the Black World to be Black folks Enemy, Black Folks millstone around our Divine Mind, yet we go around pretending as if we Black Folks are seeking a solution to the Problem that have our Young Male as well as Female Locked away in the human Beings Dungeons, Lucifer claiming that they have violated their Religious Laws, Black People been made to be strung out on Lucifer Vices of Mental destruction and is locked into an appetite for Fads and Fashion that fit not the Divine Spirit of the Divine Beings, as we use such as a therapy to mask the reality of our present Life condition in the World today.

    Beloved, Evil is not deserving of Respect or to be Honored, tell me, when the criminal enter your house and Kill your Mother and Father and you got a clear look ate the criminal who committed the Murder, will you not reveal who the criminal is, out of respect and to honor the criminal?

    Religion is Black People criminal and it has a history of murdering our Mother and father and Enslaving them, as well as Destroying Black folks Civilization, yet there are many among you who believe it to be safe by stating that you do not get involved with Black folks Religion, the very Religion that now hold your Black behind in a state of ignorant intelligence, because you believe, by choosing to be Timid in the presence of Religion, it elevate you in a favorable eye of a Confused Religious Black People, we now who do not know what is best for our Body Life today, as we praise and protect Lucifer Religion, because it sure as Hell is not our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors Religion, they who Conceived of the Theology that Reveal the Divine Nature of the Divine Essence, Both Universe and of our Black Selves Relationship to It All, Holding not to the Evil Tenets Of Religion, which are, Belief, Faith, Hope and Fear.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]
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    I wonder what the religous ones have to say about!


    Peace !