Chief Elder Osiris : Why Black People Are Afraid Of The Divine Truth?

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    Why Black People Are Afraid Of The Divine Truth?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    People in general is afraid of what they do not know, or is unfamiliar with that which has become an acquired nature of Mankind, not a natural response to life phenomenon events that happen in our life living, such a natural response by a Divine Mind is to be curious and to Think to get to know the answer to things that happen in our lives that either come for the greater Good of our lives or for the Greater danger to our lives, we should be interested enough to desire to know of those things happening, and why do they effect our lives as they do.

    Such is a Divine normal response to life events, especially nature events that effect the body life living, and to show concern about our lives, such require that we not be afraid of getting to know about that which we do not know about, and the first step we take to get to know about something that effect our lives, is for us to get to know ourselves, because self-ignorance is the first sign of Mental illness.

    Black people have been made to be the most afraid people concerning the Divine Truth in the world, because it is such Truth that condemn the profane Truth that Black people have been conditioned to believe is the only quality of Truth that they must want, not need, to believe about.

    So, in belief it prevent you from knowing that which is Divinely True and when you do not know what is Divinely True and when the Divine Truth come into your presence, your profane ego will have you responding to that you do not know, in the best way you believe is right for you to respond, and it is such a response that have you appearing as a Fool, because a wise Mind does not respond negatively to that which such a Mind is not in the know of, beloved.

    Here is a people who come from the loins of Divinity and carry the DNA that equip you to be able to know, instead of believe, about your Black self, a people that came out not from Darwin Theory, but out from that which verify the Divine Truth and Reality about the Divine Essence of all things, informing you from whence you come, verifying the phenomena of the Eternal Infinite Darkness and its child the physical Universe.

    Here you are, you being a people that has connection to both Universe, one Infinite and the other Finite, qualifying you to have the Mind potential to know the Divine Truth about the Divine Essence, the physical Universe, and about your anthropomorphous corporeal self, the Three being of the Divine Essence that has the Energy Intelligence to cause all things to be without a beginning or an ending, such information is the Divine Truth, a Truth that Black people are afraid of, because you no longer know of such a quality of Truth today.

    There is a requirement in order to know that which is Divinely True, and such a requirement is that you must be a creative Free Thinker, and it is that criteria that Black people are lacking of today, and that is why Black people are afraid of the Divine Truth and we have been made to become addicted to only that which is profanely True, a flawed truth that has Black people believing and not knowing today, what it is we must do to save the Black Family Nation and to regain control of Afrika again.

    Being afraid of the Divine Truth is what have Black people without the Divine ability to analyse past and current events that are connected to the Black Life, and do it Divinely Truthful.

    Black people Life is today, treated as a Human Being life, because Black people have been made to believe about ourselves that the Black Life is not Divine, because Darwin is of more of our belief about our body lives more so than we knowing that the Universe is the Divine verifier of our body life, and we prevent ourselves from knowing the Divine truth because we are afraid of denouncing the profane lie that is taught to us by Lucifer himself today.

    Lucifer being in control of the world today because they have succeeded in having Black people being afraid of the Divine truth, and we are, because of what Lucifer has presented to us as his religion, and it is religion that cause us to have a belief with blind faith in a profane Truth that have Black people not knowing who we are today.

    Black people are totally unaware of the fact that collectivism over power individualism, but it is individualism that drive the Black life today, and the result of our individualism has produced a Black Family Nation that is afraid of the Divine Truth.

    You returning back to Afrika individually, it serve no Divine meaningful purpose whatsoever to Afrika or to the Black Afrikan Family Nation, satisfying a flawed imagination that serve only to your selfish want, regarding Afrika, which prompt you to individually return to Afrika, whether it is for vacation or wanting purpose, it only serve to have you to become just a added problem to Afrika and not a Liberating solution to Afrika, because only a collective move back to Afrika with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation in hand, will serve to become a Liberating move to Afrika and to the Black Afrikan Family Nation.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    No you do not, because such is the Divine Truth regarding our obligation to our Enslaved Ancestors, to Afrika, and to the Black Family Nation, and we remain not knowing and understanding the sacredness of Reparation, because we are afraid of knowing and respecting the Divine Truth about our Black self, an ignorance that now, today, has Afrika as it is today and there being no more, A United Black Family Nation.

    So only the ignorant Black Fool would suggest that I alone return to Afrika, which serve to reveal that the one that make such a suggestion, is totally unaware of the power of collective movement in unity, and that is what it will take to turn our Black Afrikan Family Nation around from the death and destruction that is now serving Black People and Afrika today.

    Beloved, we have become a nonthinking Black People and a Mind that does not Divinely Think, is a Mind that is depended upon the very people that has a history of kicking our Black behind, yet we look for such a people to do the Greater Good for Black People.

    How sad and pitiful of a Black people we have become and the pity become more intense every changing year, as we set out to play such none productive games as what If, instead of dealing with what Is, no, such require for you to acknowledge the Divine Truth about our Black do nothing to save our Black selves, Black people, and sad to say, Black people are Afraid of the Divine Truth.

    The Divine Truth is not in Lucifer Bible, it is in the Book about Life, that Divine Book is Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You.

    So if you are not afraid of the Divine Truth about the Divine Essence, both Universe, and about the Divinity of Life, then follow the link below beloved, and allow your Divine Mind to guide you, regarding that Book, the last one that will come to you in such a Divine fashion in this Time of the Divine Reawakening.

    Do You Desire To See And Know Of My Mind? Then Read The Bood, beloved.

    There should be no space in the link.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    Folk aren't afraid.

    Don't confuse certain people with folk.