Black Relationships : Why Arent We Marrying?


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Feb 19, 2001
You always say you're stating facts, but you never do. Funny.

I do all the time. You and your minions just don't like the facts



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Dec 2, 2014
There is plenty of data posted here, in other threads, and that can be googled on this topic. Marriage has always been a positive benefit to spouse and child. Look it up

I was asking you for YOUR opinion, which from the forum all I've gathered is that you believe in marriage because people can make it work or something. But if you don't want to answer that's fine. Google is always down to explain why you should get married:
1. You'll live longer than your single counterparts
2. You'll make more money because you share expenses
3. You can start your bloodline
4. You won't die alone
5. It makes you more attractive
6. Financial benefits like tax breaks
7. You'll have more sex
8. You'll have better sex
9. You'll be happier if you're married
10. You'll be a better man (or woman)

1. Not true -
2. You can share expenses without marriage
3. You can start a family without marriage
4. You very well will die alone no matter what, everyone does. You don't get to take your spouse with you. But ok, if they mean someone will be there to cry over your dead body...seriously
5. Makes you more attractive to people who want you to cheat on your significant other so they can feel important cause they're insecure. How lovely
6. Not everyone gets tax breaks. Especially couples who make a similar amount of money and/or couples who make little money in general. Tax breaks are good for couples where one earns significantly more or less than the other, which isn't really a good situation to be in just for a tax break (for the breadwinner). If you're basically providing for a person all year you darn well better get a tax break.
7. You'll have more sex? Reallllly?
8. You'll have better sex? Reallllly?
9. You're relationship itself should make you happy, but okay
10. Says who????
1. Making it official will make it mean something
2. You're more likely to stick it out in tough times
3. You'll feel like you're a team
4. You'll be more relaxed and grounded
5. You're partner will feel important
6. Tax breaks, hospital visitation, and child support in the event of a split
7. You'll have more sex

1. Cause your relationship means nothing without government acknowledgement
2. Cause you need to be in a legally binding situation to fight for the one you love
3. Cause you didn't feel like a team before you walked down an aisle
4. Cause why?
5. Cause they're so insecure they need to know you're legally bound to them to be ok
6. Tax breaks work sometimes, hospital visitation is a valid point for a couple with no kids, however if you're a family they can't deny children access to a sick parent and being that children need guardians they couldn't go without the other parent so null, and you don't need to ever be married to get child support from the father of the child. That's ludicrous
7. Again, realllly?
1. It's cheaper to live together
2. Married couples spend more money and boost the economy
3. Better neighborhoods because married people buy homes
4. Better health insurance for women and their children
5. Stable environment for kids
6. Less stress on mothers
7. More opportunities for kids because their parents are more likely to be stable
8. Better social networks
9. More money-taxes
10. The longer you wait the less likely you are to marry, so you should get married

1. It is cheaper to live together. Even cheaper when you don't blow $20,000 on one day of your lives together
2. Get married so Uncle Sam can count on you to buy houses and SUVs and your kids education because apparently only married people need roofs and cars and education
3. Better neighborhoods because married couples are perceived as ideal not because they're actually better
4. Cause women don't provide their own selves and their own children with health insurance
5. Cause marriage=stability=happy children. Y'know, except for when marriage-->dysfunction-->kids in therapy

None of those reasons is reason enough to get married. What is marriage for? Is it for you? Is it so you can look good/feel good/do what you're supposed to do cause you've been told your whole life you need to be married to be a responsible adult and have a family? Why so much financial/legal nonsense, most of which is unnecessary and some of which only benefits some people sometimes. Is it for love? Cause I haven't seen that word used once as a reason to marry, but shouldn't that be the only reason if not at least one of the main reasons? Is it for God, like this woman seems to think?

1. Most marriages are happy
2. Marriage is most people’s greatest source of happiness
3. We grow when we’re married
4. We were born to want to be with someone else
5. You have someone who KNOWS every story
6. Great sex in marriage is God’s design
7. Marriage opens up doors for ministry
8. You have someone to share the load
9. Having children is the greatest blessing of most people’s lives
So why get married? Because it’s one of the greatest gifts that God ever gave us.

I'm not gonna entertain this one with a but.

I will say that I'm not against marriage. If you want to get married go for it. But if you don't, then don't. It's not necessary. It doesn't mean you love that person. It doesn't mean you'll be together forever. It doesn't mean your children will be happy. It doesn't mean you won't get cheated on, feel neglected, feel like you're doing all the work, feel financial burdens, or anything else. It does mean that you'll be married. That's about all it means. That and that if you decide you want out you have to go to court and have a judge act as parent to break up your little sibling rivalry and tell you how to distribute your own darn property cause you apparently can't do that on your own. Fun
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