Black Relationships : Why Arent We Marrying?


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Feb 19, 2001


May 26, 2019
I must agree that marriage is certainly not In the cards for all men or women. Often what is valuable to men in a relationship is not the same as what is valuable to women. Hell, today we exist in a very promiscuous (everybody's doing it thang!) society anyway, and as so many men and women are just shacking, what's the real need for marriage?


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Feb 26, 2013
explain that discipline part?
Well, as you stated, people are promiscuous as ever these days. To commit oneself to one partner for well... forever shows a discipline not many have.

Not to mention being with someone forever means having to control sides of yourself that beforehand were maybe okay flying free. To get along with your husband/wife discipline of the mind and body is required.


May 26, 2019
Let me help you out here, allow me to know if you agree or disagree, etc. As "SwagII" sees it, "One of the most obvious benefits of marriage is the fact you're entering into a commitment to live with and love the person of your choice for the rest of your natural life, etc., throughout all challenges that life offers, a dedicated lover will be there (should be) for you. As in marriage you do not, or should not, have to face anything alone, as you are considered a unit by family, friends, etc." For example, entering into a relationship that provides mutual satisfaction in the social, emotional and physical realms easily advocates the marriage relationship. Perhaps for many, I consider that marriage may benefit your long-term psychological, physical and financial health. Perhaps actually saying "I do" can be good for you. That's my two cents!

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