Chief Elder Osiris : Why Are You Here!!!!!

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    Why Are You Here!!!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Many Have come this way, using the form caused by a Divine Intelligence, you having the responsibility to create a life for that form, and in that form, you are able to perform the miracle of objective and subjective Thinking.

    Such Profound Thoughts come from a Divine Mind method of action, used to give meaning to the life you create in the form you are using for your life, your Divine form, consisting of no more than the quantum elements which are in the form you are presented with.

    And yet, such a uniform form, has its own different equation to function by, coming in group like appearance that reveal the distinction in the life created for each form, all Beings form, being of the same ingredients, the quantum elements, all particles of the same Divine Infinite Intelligent Energy.

    Yet on the surface of your form life, you have been given to be made to be confused about your purpose and meaning for living your life, a grave error in judgment when contemplating the reason why you are here in the physical form of those elements, which you become a verifier of, consisting of the cellular elements of Divine Infinite Energy, water, solid matter, and the air that enter the nostril of your Being Form.

    Those Divine particles, they all bringing into form to be the the elements that cause you to be able to create a life, which is to be lived in the elemental form that reveal the life of motion that you perform.

    You are presented with life form, but each life form is different from the other, contrary to what you have been so religious taught about your self,.

    Each body of elemental form, come not in individual single form, but in individual group of same form, each group form creating a life different from the other, verifying that like groups have different sensual performances, those groups perceive things differently from the other.

    The different groups smell and taste is different, they hear and have a different mental feeling sensation from each other, and that is why you have various so call group cultural performances, because we all are not the same in life, yet is the same in form, meaning the body structure is the same but not the body appearance, in term of pigment and mental appearance.

    So because of the difference in the structural design of your body form in appearance, it reveal that an Intelligent Designer has performed such a Formal construction, having no individual piece to be of the same template, in the blue print of its design, yet the group is of a likeness in sensual and mental life performances, creating a culture that is unique to its individual group life involvement, within the motion cycle of the spherical form of each group life performance.

    So the world is a kaleidoscope of different groups life performances, each is to determine their life action, as each individual group create its own life form path to travel, each being a part of a binary system that have the elements connected together, because the all of the different groups are being fed by the same Divine Infinite Energy, yet such a Divine Essence, does not, persuade nor does it influence the group life in the way it perform.

    So the question, Why are You Here? It is a valid one, perplex to some and simple to a few and the answer to such a question is made out to be what you Think of the Life you have created for its form to perform.

    You are here because of the fact that there is a Divine Infinite Intelligence Essence and by that fact alone is what make your life presence a fact, because without the Divine Essence, you would not be, the physical universe would not be, and we all are a part of that Divine Infinite Oneness that does not need to explain why it is what it is, because by being what it is, is what cause everything that is seen and not seen, looked at and not seen, To Be, moving in an endless Infinite Cycle of Coming and Going, to being Life Physical to not being life, into being Infinite existence, in the none material physical.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    It is not as much to know why you are here, than for you to know the meaning and purpose for your form of life Being, being here, and just as the Universe bare witness to there being a Divine Infinite Intelligence, so is the purpose of your form of life is to bare witness to such an Infinite Divine Intelligence.

    If your Life is not in the spirit that the Universe reveal and express to you, then you must know that your life is functioning outside of the cycle of your Divinity and it is the quality of Mind thoughts that verify the quality of your life performance, which reveal to you the reason why you are here in this space motion continuum, having no end and no beginning.

    We are here to create a Divine life for a Divine Form, which will serve as a witness to there being an Eternal Infinite Divine Intelligence, a Power that is beyond measure, having no wants or needs at all, yet by your presence, it equip you to be qualified to supply to your Form Life its every necessity that is provided by living your life Divinely, a verification of you being in possession of your ability to Think divinely, thoughts that are in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the Harmonic Resonance that come from the moving action of the Universe, which serve to be a Divine example to all form of life of the Universe.

    Such Is Why You Are Here!!!

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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