Nation of Gods and Earths : Why are you God?

Precise Allah

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Jun 16, 2009
Atlanta Georgia
Why do men in your Nation call yourselves God?? Does that mean that you have special powers and expect to be worshipped?

We use the title "GOD" to describe who we are because we recognize that the black man by nature, is the Supreme Being. This concept has been adopted yet changed by those who subscribe to "religion." Thus you have all this adoration for God in religion because the people who subscribe to religion "ain't" God. Mankind (or kind of man) are the only ones with the excuse of needing religion. God ain't a part of them so they chose to do the whole god thing on faith and belief. The black man is God because it is his birthright to be God. All he need do is be who he was born to be.

The colored man (devil) has done everything in his power to make sure that black males never come to the realization of who they are. So while many black males exist in a state of mental death, they're unable to mature enough into black men, which would allow them to become the sole controllers of their own destiny. Instead they yield to manipulation therefore submitting themselves to a higher power which does not exist. There is no higher being in the universe than the black man so the title of supreme being (God) belongs to us if we would only claim it.

Being scientists we teach that everything is real. There are actions and reactions. No such thing as a free ride. You reap what you sow. Simple as that. So while people apply all these so called super powers to what they think is God (which ultimately is nothing more than tricks), we show and prove daily who the true and living God is. Granted, some people have abilities that on the surface may seem incredible or miraculous, yet I can assure you that as divine beings we (original people) all have latent power just waiting to be tapped. The difference between those who can and those who can't is knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Again, everything is real and just because a person is ignorant about something doesn't mean a mystery God did it. That's just fear instilled in us by the devil.

Precise Infinite Peace Allah

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