Chief Elder Osiris : Why Are We So Insensitive To Our Abuse And Suffering???

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    Why Are We So Insensitive To Our Abuse And Suffering???

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved I know that you should know who the We imply to here, none other than to us Black so call Afrikaans, we who stand out to be the oddest acting people on this planet Earth, simply because when it come to Black people acting like the way that the authority of white people act against Black people.

    There is no other people who have tasted the wrath of abuse from those authoritative white people, and has perfected acquiring the spirit of our oppressors, as Black people have, today.

    So the question is a valid one, sad as it might be, but to Black people, being insensitive toward each other, at this Time of us being abused and is in a living cycle of suffering, there has come among Black people, a spirit regarded to be that of the norm among the Black so call Afrikan people, in the world today.

    Yes, allow me to include here, that the exception clause is in effect here, meaning that not all Black people show such a evil spirit toward Black people, we who are the evidence of being abused and is in a daily cycle of suffering in our effort to live our lives today.

    The greatest danger and evil that come forth from the spirit of the Black so call Afrikans, is the fact that we Black Folks believe it is something of an honor to be able to not be sensitive, concern, and involved with each other, we rather emulate the oppressors of Black people, acting out in our lives the spirit of our oppressors, when the target is Black People living condition in the world.

    The spirit Black people express today toward each other, serve to be evidence that there is something that has taken a hold of the Mind ability of Black people, preventing us from being lovingly sensitive toward each other.

    So, what we do, we attempt to hide such a evil spirit by pretending that we are so Black and aware of our problems in the world and yet do not have the mental motivation to do anything to come together so that we can plan to change the direction that our mind has been calibrated to travel, using the direction so laid out by the very people whose hand now drip with the Blood of our Ancestors and today the blood of our children.

    Yet here we Black people are, showing no sensitivity toward the abuse and suffering that Black people of all ages are experiencing, as I share this missive with you Black people, you who have the audacity to complain about being accurately described today.

    Yes, Hell Yes, Black people demonstrate with the expression of a spirit that is straight out from our oppressors play book, the book that plans and strategies how to keep Black people mind numb toward each other, and by having such numb inactive thoughts, such is what place Black people mental action to be that of a mind that believe all that those rich and powerful white people tell us Black people, about our Black selves.

    It is the oppressors information that has a hold of the Mind of Black people, preventing us from ever being serious toward ourselves, taking everything as a joke, so that we will not have to become serious about our abuse and suffering in this evil world.

    So yes, Black people operate under the guise of ignorant intelligence, as many of us have taken to act like a fool, when it come to the want to please our oppressors, so that they might show limited favor in a few of us behalf.

    We run as fast as we can in our numbed down mind, away from seeing Afrika today, not to mention the spirit that is being expressed by our sisters and brothers toward each other and more especially toward our children, justifying such ignorant barbaric Tribal spirit of action that cause Black people to abuse each other and to cause each other to suffer, as if the white devils of this evil world is not doing a good enough job in abusing and causing Black people to suffer in our lives.

    Yet here you are, wrapped up in your phony pride, making claim that it is not proper to be divinely Truthful, when describing the spirit that Black people are putting on display, for all of the world to look at and to see, which is a spirit that is full of ignorant intelligence, attempting to appear on the level of an intelligence that is granted by those oppressors, they that have made the mind of Black people to display a spirit of insensitivity toward those Black people who are being abused and is suffering their way through their lives.

    Yet such Black suffering does not mean one **** to those Black people so concern about how we are being described in accordance to the spirit that we are expressing toward each other, a spirit of insensitivity toward the abused and suffering of Black People.

    The spirit that we express toward each other today, is a spirit of, I am gonna try and get mine, and to hell whether you get yours or not, and all that getting is no more than what the forces of power will allow you to use for a while.

    Because you see, the more you have the greedy you become and in greed, there is no sensitivity toward the people being abused, and is suffering for you to have yours for a moment, in a wicked and vile environment, where power rule and Humbleness is taken to be a weakness among the powerful.

    So in such a vile environment that feed your appetite of greed for what the powerful have, there is no sensitivity among the greedy of Black people, living a life of want and not need, which is what is causing the down trodden of a once great Black Nation, one that has grown capable of exploiting our own children, in an effort to be able to emulate the oppressors of Black people.

    Yes it is beloved, an expression of a foolish and ignorant spirit, the spirit that now guide Black people, and is what is preventing Black people from knowing, in what direction do our Liberation reside, which is in the direction where be the home of your Enslaved Ancestors is located, Afrika.

    When dealing with the Divine Truth, it is not about how you might claim what we should do that will serve to the betterment of Black people, it is not about what you want it to be, that will serve to the advancement of Black people, it is about what is Divinely Profound, reasonable, Rational, and logical for us to do, that will cause the Liberation of Black people, from all of the worldly abuse and suffering that our Children, Elderly, goddess and gods potential, is suffering today and being abuse.

    I will venture to say that most evil is being done under the Human Being banner of so call democracy, the most evil form of governing that a devil can conceive of, to maintain such a devilish kingdom.

    Oh Yes, You All Should Know, That I Have Not And Do Not Expect To Ask You Not For One Dime.

    So You Should Know That Any Email Coming To You Under My Name, Is A Lie, And The Crooks Who Would Do Such A Thing, May Our First Way Ancestors Deal With Them Appropriately, And They Will.

    You Tell Me That We Do Not Act Ignorantly And Stupidly Foolish, In The Way We Have Come To Live Our Lives? Again, The Exception Rule Is In Effect Here, Beloved.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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    As most are aware of, you can't put new wine in a tained glass, it will only turn the new wine tained too.
    I must take a :bowdown: to the TRUTH you've spoken, it's also a known fact that the abuse we suffer from has been the case for many hundreds of years, Our ancestors suffered much abuse, who then passed it on to their children all the way to us, and we do an awesome job of abusing each other.
    We wasn't allowed to use our minds, We were stripped of our culture, we never were allowed, or knew how to unite as a people. Yet today, so many of us has waken up, are comming from under the blinders that kept us tied and bound. We now know that they use "Religion" to put us in a deep sleep, That we must use that same book wake us up!!
    I've much respect for your wisdom, and as I don't always respond, I do always read and drink the knowledge, for that I give much thanks to you.