Black Women : Why are African Women Angry? (Powerful)

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    Runoko Rashidi <[email protected] wrote:

    Do African American Women need charm school:

    to realize most times men don't fool women-women
    fool themselves because they ignored the truth that
    was in front of their faces;

    to stop needing designer labels and name brands to
    validate their self worth;

    to learn to raise up en mass to save themselves,
    their communities and future generations;

    to realize they don't have to wear Korean
    manufactured hair in order to be beautiful;

    to stop supporting disrespectful Korean, Arab and
    other businesses as welcome in our neighborhoods to
    take their dollars out of our own community;

    to realize we can pay a little more for products
    in order to save African American businesses, to
    create jobs;

    to remember the time when we corrected bad
    behaving youth when we saw bad behavior in public
    and acted and cared like families in our communities
    to correct the problem;

    to stop having unprotected sex;

    to decide we will no longer be the number one
    victim's of HIV and Aids;

    to help refine our behavior in public;

    to help deal with anger issues;

    to stop using sex as a weapon;

    to stop measuring the quality of a man by the
    possessions he has;

    to keep our children out of jail;

    when they can't get or keep a man;

    to trust other African women;

    to share with their men;

    to not take female lovers;

    to stop having different baby daddies;

    to soften up and show their femininity;

    to stop back stabbing and crab-in-the barrel
    fighting each other;

    to stop depending on the government to provide for

    to love ourselves and each other;

    to be the women the creator, our ancestors and the
    Great Mothers want us to be.
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    Feb 9, 2007
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    When we go within our Divine Centered Self, we will discover that all that we seek outside of us is already within us.

    There is a Charm school within.

    We must study our Energy Chakras within and let them work for us.

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    Do our aura and facial expression project the above?

    Log into Black Chat with Qg Yemoja goddess, Thursdays and she will help us understand those Energy Chakras. GOOGLE Search the information, and buy the book on energy Chakras.

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