Black Education / Schools : Why America needs a new approach to school desegregation


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Feb 9, 2001
By not letting them dictate the terms. As a human being one does have a choice. One can USE technology or one is USED by technology.
And compartmentalizing only leads to......

"missing the forest for the trees."
author unknown

For instance, you knew perfectly well what I meant when I said 'technology is ubiquitous' just from context. I didn't have to say 'computers' otherwise that wonderful search engine you cited wouldn't have had the vaguest notion of what you were looking for other than the word technology and it's etymology.
We are not talking about electricity or internal combustion engines, steam engines or Stirling engines. Nor are we talking about the steps taken between a sling shot and a stinger missile.
Education is the actualization of the human being. Education should NOT make the human the slave to any man or machine or institution. Which of those two choices should school play?

"I never let school get in the way of my education"
Mark Twain

School boards didn't give us a brain when we entered their educational system. We were born with brains and the capacity to use them to learn from our environment, thus leading to our survival as a species.

I applaud your opinions on this topic ogoun. Everything possible for us to learn is not taught in schools and our potential isn't dependent on someone's system of education. Schools are instruments that further separate us based on their own set of logic. It's by design.


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Jun 14, 2018
It is not in the interest of the monied class that the general population as a whole is educated. The public education system both black and white is designed to stifle a person both emotionally and mentally into the cookie cutter world of the ruling institutions. As it is presently practiced the public education system does nothing but arrest a populous into a adolescent stage of development.
Why do you think the arts and humanities are no longer taught and one of the first things tossed out when the dollar started becoming some god to follow?
And this has been going on for a long time. It's a form of brain washing starting from early age; hours, days, weeks, years of just rote memorization so by the time one is finished with their 'schooling' one is set for a life of no questions, no worries just go to work in the morning, come home to eat and sleep go to work come home to sleep and eat, blah blah blah and doing the same thing for the next 40 years until you're used up.
Yeh, becoming good corporate citizens. They shut up about it and in fact quite happy just amusing themselves to death because they have nothing else.


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Jun 13, 2007
What dat?
So now you've reduced a mans worth to how many $'s he has in his bank account.
We can get that kind of jive bs from any young blood on the street.....or any Wall street gangster sipping his three martini lunch.

Try stringing some those 0's and 1's together to actually say something.

It seems you want to distort things to be argumentative. YOU brought up his quote about EDUCATION. Wasn't his level of knowledge involved in that decision?

The entire claim that computers run on 1's and 0's is nonsense. The 1's and 0's are for the convenience of humans. They only represent binary electromagnetic states for humans to recognize voltage states, and then they more often use hexadecimal. Mostly the 1's and 0's crap is to awe the rubes. I consider explaining von Neumann devices to be saying something, plenty of so called computer books fail to do that.

That is why I provide links so other people can confirm my assertions rather than just make witty comments.

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