Black People : Why am i GREEN ?!

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    Hello Family,

    Many of you may have noticed that your name is GREEN, indicating Premium Membership status, when you've not recently paid for it.

    In celebration of us, you've been given a complimentary month of Premium Membership! Every Member, who has EVER been a Premium Member, is being given a complimentary month of Premium Membership! Here is a list of all of our Premium Members, in the life of this community, approximately 150, out of 10,000. If you have paid Premium Membership, and your name is not on that list, my apologies in advance. Please let me know and i'll correct it.

    Each of you can click here, to see when your Premium Membership status will expire. If you were already a Premium Member, the complimentary month has been added to your subscription. At the expiration time, your name will be removed from this list. If you find a discrepency in the date, please let me know, and i'll correct it. I do hope some of you, who haven't given in awhile ... or who have never given ... will consider financially supporting the community again. We do need you, in so many ways!

    This time happens to coincide with a relatively major change in our community, having voice video chat accessible to Premium Members only. I want each of you, who have ever given, to have this month of access to our voice video chat ... and the Premium Members Private Forums. If you are a Premium Member, and have never been in our voice video chat, you're missing a wonderful treat! It's not anything like other chat rooms, as nothing in our community is like any other place. Please, take a few minutes and check it out, you won't be sorry.

    There will be more discussions, in those forums, and in voice video chat, concerning the management of our community, its growth, progress, challenges, etc. I hope you all will frequent these areas, as i'm honored to make them available to you, to have your wisdom and support as a resource.

    Currently, i'm asking you all to at least check in, acknowledge each other, and your help in keeping this community alive. We must lift up that which deserves to be lifted up, and you all deserve to be lifted up!

    There will be more coming. I'm not sure how we're going to progress with all of this new private stuff, but i am sure we will do it in the best of manners! There's a shift in the air, can you feel it? I'm excited. I don't know what the future holds for us Family, but i look forward to it all.

    Please share your thoughts on how we should go, what we should do, in our Private Forums and Voice Video Chat.

    Thank you so much Family. It's been a long road. We've been together a long time. Who wooda thunk that some of us are still here, together!? God is Good. I appreciate you all so greatly!

    :birthday: In Celebration of Us! :birthday:

    Much Love and Peace!