Chief Elder Osiris : Why Afrikans Get No Respect ?

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    Subject: Why Afrikans Get no Respect?

    > Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:
    > You know beloved, it is common knowledge, if one has no self respect, then
    > there is no motivation to require respect from others.
    > We Afrikans, those of us who are really proud to be what we are, which is
    > Black and Afrikan, such is our physical reality, as the world now turn and
    > reflect its method of identifying us people that live in a certain
    > location on this planet now identified as Afrika.
    > It is common knowledge, before the others came into that part of this
    > planet call Afrika, no doubt our Ancient Ancestors identified that place
    > and themselves differently and was concerned with pleasing only themselves
    > and in doing so, it became evident that they were pleased with the
    > knowledge they had of all that there is in the Universe and the revealer
    > of such a phenomena.
    > Therefore, being in possession of the knowledge that arrived from the
    > independent thinking of our Ancient Ancestors, is in fact, what caused
    > them to be able to hand to the rest of the coming world, civilization.
    > Now days if we would attempt to make comparison to the way our Ancient
    > Ancestors conducted their Lives as opposed to how their children conduct
    > their lives now, it will become very clear to all honest thinking Afrikan,
    > Black that you are, why it is, that we now do not get no respect from the
    > now world.
    > Today, nobody desire to be Black and Afrikan, a once common acceptance
    > within the Matrix of Biological cultural identification, not even the
    > people who wear a conspicuous pigmented badge of identification, which can
    > not be duplicated and occupy a particular space on this planet call earth,
    > where that Conspicuous group of people are numbered among the majority in
    > comparison to all others who now make such a claim to that space, yes the
    > space commonly referred to as Afrika.
    > Yet it is that conspicuous group of people who now is in an attempt to
    > discredit their own identity in exchange of becoming bland and
    > indescribable, such serving as a sign of us not having any respect for
    > ourselves, thus getting none from anybody else, and we wonder why it is we
    > are in the condition we are now in and the world become its greatest
    > contributor in causing us to be in this present condition.
    > Yes, Black Womb-Gender and Man, keep on mimicking this white man, as we
    > devolve to become their echo about everything in and about this world, as
    > well as God, and the Universe, as we un-thoughtfully so proclaim that we
    > are all one Hue-Man Race, now that the white man has so stated it to be
    > so.
    > There are many Races that now make up the Hue-Man Specie, a family of
    > Anthropomorphous Beings, Yet since the white man now decide it to be to
    > his advantage to reorient us to believing, because there is no thought
    > involved in making such a claim by us Black Folks, that we are all the
    > same without distinction, give way to all of us Black Afrikans who have
    > bought into such foolishness, to the point, we no longer have our self
    > respect, thereby causing us to get no respect from anybody else.
    > To hell with Churchill, Cecil Rhode, or a George Bush and all of the rest
    > of those devilish white folks, as we concern ourselves with what they did
    > to, and think of Afrika and Black Afrikan people, such is an established
    > fact, which serve as evident that there was and is no respect coming from
    > them, toward the Black Afrikan people.
    > Beloved, what is important, at this Time, On this day, on this date, as it
    > relate to the Black Afrikan and Afrika, is it what we are going to do in
    > order to regain our self respect, because such is the prerequisite before
    > Afrika and the Black Afrikan will experience a transformation, which will
    > assure our Liberation from the dogma, doctrine, ways, and habits, from
    > those who marvel in their action to oppressively disrespect us Black
    > Afrikans.
    > As the saying goes, You Want The Truth About your Black selves, You can't
    > Handle The Truth, because such Truths demand the mental action of self
    > respect and when such is in action among the Black Afrikan, it will serve
    > as a true sign, that the Black Afrikan is back in control of the true
    > Black Mind proper, and in such a Mind state, only Afrika and the Black
    > Afrikan Freedom, Independence, Justice and Joy for the the Black life,
    > become a priority in all of our Action as Black Afrikans.
    > Until such become the goal of the Black Afrikan and such a goal is
    > attainable only in Afrika, we will continue to be the buck dancing,
    > intellectual pretenders, aspiring for miscegenation with the oppressors,
    > loving oppressors, as we continue to demonstrate that we have no self
    > respect.
    > It Is Time To condemn The Lie And elevate The Truth!!!
    > We Must cause Trouble (with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!
    > It Is The Black Fool That Say, I have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )
    > I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.
    > Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation
    > Hoteph
    > Osiris
    > Chief Elder
    > Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist, Political Revolutionary
    > National Chairman
    > Sankofa Repatriation Movement