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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

As you have notice, my subject statement is not one of inquiry, but is of affirmation, based upon the Afrikan American Spirit in America, which clearly verify that the Afrikan Americans, without a doubt, send out an expression indicating that Afrikan Americans do in fact put all of their Belief, Faith, and Hope in America Politics, having no evidence that America Politics, is an institution that take Afrikan Americans Serious in the presence of Justice in America.

You See beloved, when dealing in politics, It Is All About Winning, that is the basis for which politics thrive, even in Compromise, Winning become the victor, yet the Afrikan American, you who love to romanticize your Life with America, set Politics in America to be your Messiah, which carry a sign of a Weak and Believing Mind and when things are not going theway you want them to go in politics, you Lie stating that Winning is not everything or does not matter.

How dishonest you can be, in pursuit of your Messiah, the Politics in America.

The Black so call Afrikan American, you who gamble your Life on the Political promise of Hope and Change, two action that do not promise your Life Freedom and Independence, just steps of betterment and advancement, depending upon an institution of Politics in America, that which is designed to keep the Black so call Afrikan American Lives, to be in Wanting, never to address the finality of Need.

The Black so call Afrikan Americans, is not mentally equipped to deal with the Black Life in honesty, because the Afrikan Americans have been conditioned to be dishonest, when it come to what the Black Life is in Need of in America, and it is all because we have been reduced to believe, in America, that Politics, is our Messiah, an institution that set upon a foundation of Lies and Action of Deceit, and many of you Afrikan Americans, object to me pointing out the Weakness of Mind that we now allow to guide us in Life, a Mind that does not come with the Black Life, because it is a Mind that allow the crucifying of our Children, thus your own Black Life.

Have you ever wondered, what it is that get Black Folks so Mentally Aroused over America Politics, have you notice the Frenzy that America Politics cause the Afrikan American to Demonstrate, all fired up in Irrational Emotions, irrational because the Emotion is not a display over the fact of receiving Respect, Freedom, and Independence for the Black Life, but is all because the politician is making to you a False Promise, based on what you Want and not what you Need, having you Afrikan Americans to put all of your Belief, Faith, and Hope in America Politics, transforming that Institution to become your Messiah, based upon a Political Religion, of Wants.

Assigning America Politics to be your Messiah, is an expression with indication that you are well satisfied in your Present Life condition, and you See, a People that have been made not to be capable of being made to be embarrassed, or Ashamed at the way their life is allowed to be Treated, such a People are not to be Trusted by the Black so call Afrikan, you who are Proud to be Living In Black in America.

You who are Seeking your Liberation away from America, because it is your Blackness of Living, that indicate that America Politics are not held up to be your Messiah, because a Divine True Messiah, is an action that settle for nothing less than to bring Freedom Liberation, to the Life of the Black so call Afrikans, you that is Living In Black, Proudly so.

Never since the inception of America Politics have America Politics shown the Black so call Afrikan Respect, even the Highest Political Document that express the Soul and Spirit of Americans, there is not an inclusion of the Black so call Afrikan to receive the protection by America Political Institution, the Institution Document that Black People has become Amended into, serving to be an After Thought, without Loyal intention to fulfill the Spirit of such a Racist Political Document, referred to as the American Constitution, put together at a Time that our Mothers and Fathers were being brutally Despised, yet today we hold America Politics to be the Black Messiah in America today.

Here The Afrikan Americans are, observing certain Elements of White People enthusiasm over Obama, yet that element is not representative of the Ruling Class involvement in the Politics for America president this year.

I dare to say that Obama Life is in danger, during his pursuit for President, building hope and Making Promising that should Obama become President, will not be permitted to fulfill.

You see in Politics, it is not about the Promise being Made, it is about the Promise that is delivered, and such Promises are based upon Politics, the institution grounded in Lies and acts of Deceit, a Messiah the Black so call Afrikan American Believe in today, because you Want to, and Want and Need walk two different Path in Life, one guided and Motivated by your Senses while the other is Verified by Thoughtful Consideration for your Life Enjoyment.

Be Kind To Your Self

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
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