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    Just What Does the Bible Say About Nuclear War? [3]

    ST MATTHEW 24; ~The Abomination that Makes Desolation Cont.~
    ~~~ Whoso Readeth, Let Him Understand…from Rockets that Spit Fire…~~~
    When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken
    of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth,
    let him understand… ST. MATTHEW 24:15.
    A Sealed Prophecy Becomes Unsealed~Revealed

    And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away,
    and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there
    shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days [1290].

    Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three
    hundred and five and thirty days [1335].

    But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand
    in thy lot at the end of the days.
    [DANIEL 12:9-13]
    *A day for a year prophecy~
    ~time daily sacrifice taken away = Crucifixion 33.5 years
    ~abomination that maketh desolate set up = X unknown
    ~ 1290 years
    *Equation: 33.5 + X = 1290; X = A.D. 1256.5
    The Set Up of ‘the Abomination that Makes Desolation = A.D. 1256
    *Equation: 1335 - 1290 = 45 yearsYear of Relief for Oppressed’


    4022 BC----2060’s ------*R.E.-------1066 AD --1256--1290--1335---1492-----1776-----2002--2012...

    ~The Abomination that Makes Desolation~

    Jesus referred to Daniel in order to define future events in regards to a time when ‘the Abomination that Makes Desolation’ would occur because Daniel described in detail the scientific basis of the weapons used in warfare in the last days and the state of emergency it would cause for the living at such time. Daniel defined the repercussions that would not only identify the kind of weaponry used but he also opens the door to more information of how this type of weaponry was advanced and improved upon by and by. No matter how crude the beginning weaponry describe, in its origin, it would fit the very same definition that fully defined all of these specific type of weapons used in the future and the type of repercussions that came from their usage as it was employed again and again. Daniel described the kind of warfare tactics and weaponry used as being ‘AN ABOMINATION’ and in all events in which these tactics and weapons were used it would cause ‘A COMPLE DESOLATION’, therefore it would be the kind of an ABOMINATION THAT MAKES COMPLETE DESOLATION of an entire community, culture, civilization and etc. However, Jesus Christ offered much more detail in regards to the last time the earth would endure such events and Jesus also gives direction as to what to do during such a crisis. The kind of Abomination that Makes Desolation includes many kinds of warfare that we have already experienced from our early modern times which would include Germ Warfare used in the Crusades to the type of warfare used in the World Wars but, there are four specific times that the kind of weaponry Daniel pinpointed to be used at specific times according to the Bible which are as follows;

    1) The Crusades
    2) Black Genocide World Movement
    3) The Word Wars I & II
    4) The 3 ½ Year Period World Conflict~
    The Time of Tribulation
    Although this prophecy of Daniel about the future devastations was sealed up for a long time, it has now become revealed. Daniel gives the exact time period of the Crusades in DANIEL Chapter twelve*. Daniel wrote about this prophecy that he had during the rule of the Persian Empire times in the 400s B.C. and reveals events that would not even occur until over a thousand years after Jesus Christ even came to earth. Daniel gives not only the exact year that this new type of weaponry would be used during the Crusades, but he also gives the exact year that the Crusades ended and astonishingly both of the dates he gave match secular history with complete accuracy. Long before Daniel’s writings were ever even translated and compiled into the Holy Bible by the Colonial Empire, some of these events that Daniel described had already come to pass. Daniel gives another exact date in the same chapter twelve in regards to the beginning of what became known as ‘The Black Death Plague’ [also known as; The Bubonic Plague] and likewise, this prophecy matches secular accounts with absolute precision. It was not until way over a hundred years later after the start of the Crusade Movement by the Europeans who began to aggressively invade ‘the Middle Eastern’ civilizations in A.D. 1099 to fight against the Islamic-Muslims that Daniel’s prophesy pinpoints a new innovation to manifest and of which did on the very mark of time. It was the very year in A.D. 1256 [American date; 1258] that under their famous leader, the Huns of Central Asia swept across the western world into the conflict and they brought with them the new technology that Daniel wrote about. The Huns brought with them their new invention of ‘the cannon’ and the secular history from all perspectives gives an incredible confirmation to this major historical event.

    When the Hun forces came into certain areas, their cannons and other similar weapons employed caused widespread devastation to the point in which whole cities were more or less completely flattened in their wake. The Huns swept across the east into the west and into certain areas in ancient Iran [ancient Persia] and put a complete end to the rules of certain Black leaders connected to the Abbasid dynasties and etc. The Hun forces swept all the way to the Mediterranean coast and fought against certain cities and the Hun forces also dropped down into Africa [Egypt] as well. Not only are these devastating accounts written in western books but in the eastern books as well. Detailed written accounts of tens of thousands of victims who were killed by the Hun forces are recorded, and depictions are also showed in how dead bodies were piled up in heaps on the outside of ancient city walls, and included in some depictions too were the newly invented cannons. During this time too, the Hun civilizations went through a major transformation and powerful names of certain dynasties surfaced such as ‘the Juan Dynasty’. White people in the western ‘Christian’ world had hoped that these powerful Huns such as the Juans would act in their favor because they began to become distinguished by a Color Caste System during these times too, and names like ‘the Ilkhan Dynasty’ or ‘White Khans’ [ie. White Huns] rose to the top and led their forces of Huns westwards to fight against the Muslim world. But just as Daniel had prophesized, the Crusades ended exactly in A.D. 1290 [1291 in western books] in which the Muslim-Islamic forces became victorious in the famous Battle of Acre.

    Daniel goes on to reveal that the ramifications of the Hun forces and the Crusaders caused so much widespread devastation and poverty after A.D. 1290 and they ushered in a period of such an oppressive rule that many people in the Eurasian continent were forced to exist under terrible conditions. Daniel prophesized hope for those who had faith and stated that period of human degradation would be brought to an end in exactly forty-five years and again, Daniel’s prophecy came to pass and was marked with precision for it was that very year in A.D. 1335 that the Black Death Plague struck. This plague, at first struck in the far east in China in A.D. 1335 and started a sequence of events. Over the course of about ten years this plague spread westwards into Europe and elsewhere due to trade expeditions. It soon becomes apparent that modern western scholars made deliberate attempts to blot out this incredible prophecy of Daniel and offer a variation of dates that concerns the onset of the Black Death Plague, but a closer look at eastern history becomes a telling confirmation. The 2000 year gap between the complete planetary alignments of past and present has proven that both the Romans and western dates are technically off by two years and the dates offered in various books with respect to certain ancient civilizations about certain ancient events reflect these variations. But when both eastern and western history has been connected then so many deleted and distorted bits of history can come to light. This kind of history also shows how the continent of Africa became affected by this time period too as there were major waves of eastern people that left the east and came westwards and poured into Africa and the Americas from the time of the Crusades and onwards up through the time of the Black Death Plague. It was after about a hundred years from the time of the Black Death Plague that in A.D. 1492, and after so many successive migrations of European and Arab peoples that came westwards and had already crossed over to North Africa that a major movement against the Black African world and the Black ‘original’ Natives in the Americas began.

    The Colonial Empire set up at the expense of the Black world and justified their aggressive movements into the South World on the basis of spreading their form of Christianity to the native peoples in Africa and the Americas. Their justification for the take over was on the basis that the Black inhabitants of the world were pagans and had succumbed to idol worship but the irony was that the very movement into the Black world was headed up by White Supremacist of whom were the true pagans and idol worshipers and they brought their form of Christianity in the form of idol worship to the Black world of which was only counteracted byway of a major Protestant Movement. The protestants operated alongside of the Anti-Christian Movement to counteract this deceptive form of Idol Worship hidden under the pretext of Christianity and it was for this reason that the Holy Bible was finally translated and this prophecy of Jesus was soon fulfilled:

    And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. [ST MATTHEW 24:14-21]
    The Black Genocide Movement

    The Crusades ended in A.D. 1290 with the Muslim-Islamic world who were victorious but in A.D. 1492, the Red-White system formed and started a campaign against the original Muslim-Islamic world and other kinds of Black African civilizations. Certain White Arabs systematically separated themselves from the original Muslims, a situation that seems to have its roots in a division that came about due to the relatives of the wife of the prophet Mohammad of whom started a White Supremacist movement, the Shiite Movement, that spread all across North Africa and etc. as these kind of Arabs migrated westwards. White Anti-Christians and White Arabs formed a basis and with the help of certain Black groups, they began their campaign against the Black Muslim-Islamic civilizations in West Turkey, Syria, North Africa, Spain and elsewhere and soon they came against the whole Black world. By this time, the technology of the cannon and other weapons and technological inventions of the east world had been acquired by the Europeans and was mass produced. The old technology in regards to ‘the Greek fire’ and the ancient machines used by the Muslim-Islamic forces was superseded by newer age technology so instead of only catapulting dead and diseased animals over city walls and causing malaria and other epidemics that spread to cause ‘an abomination of desolation’ in which whole populations of cities were killed off within days, gun fire and cannons became added to this time period on a wide scale. Their usage caused entire tribes and civilizations in the Old World and Africa to become completely and swiftly annihilated or Black African people became suddenly overwhelmed by an invasion and were abruptly uprooted and forced marched out of their lands at gun point in masses. Captured slaves forced onto Slave Ships were held at gunpoint and forced to witness the violent deaths of others by gunfire as examples to totally subdue them in masses.

    In the Americas in the A.D. 1500s, Germ Warfare was first used and many original, or Black Native populations became decimated due to the small pox epidemic or malaria, or either they were forced marched out of their lands at gun point. Jesus spoke of this time period of the Black Genocide Movement as a time when ‘many shall be offended by one another’ [betrayal] and a time when ‘his people would be hated of all nations for his namesake’. They were either forced into chattel slavery or they became mass slaughtered and became victims of human sacrifice rituals byway of various methods. After Jesus Christ prophesizes a time of betrayal and Black-on-Black hatred and violence, he speaks about the many false prophets that contributed to this period of Black hostility. Eventually tribes of native leaders were sent to ‘the Great White Father’ to see cannons display their fire power at the White House and soon in the A.D. 1800s, hordes of straight haired natives were forced marched at gunpoint out of their tribal lands as well, a time that marked the White Supremacist system of which decided to be defined as ‘a western power’ and separated themselves, not only from their Christianity form of government, but from the Red governments that became defined as the eastern systems. This major period of revolutions not only included the Separation of Church and State in North America, but it was also the time when European countries separated from their old format to set up ‘a bicameral’ system [two party system] too, and that gave them the opportunity to elect choice leaders at will. Furthermore, it was a time that Daniel had marked with precision 2300 years before it came to pass which came to be in the year of A.D. 1815. That year marked the end of the French Revolution and a time when all western European monarchies became a two branched government. Jesus Christ revealed that this time period of world revolutions set the stage for more world conflicts but in St. Matthew Chapter 24, Jesus gave a detail description of the repercussions of the usage of weapons of mass destruction and of a world crisis and ‘an Abomination that Makes Desolation’, that as of today has not happened yet and therefore would still be prophecy. Cont.

    A.D. 1256 ~ The Abomination that Makes Desolate -
    Cannons [Chinese word; fire arrows…rockets, flame throwers...]

    The Ilkhanate initially embraced many religions, but was particularly
    sympathetic to Christianity, and sought a Franco-Mongol alliance with
    the Crusaders in order to conquer Palestine. He destroyed the Ismaili
    NizariHashshashins and the Abbasid Caliphate in 1256 and 1258 respectively.
    After that he advanced as far as Gaza, briefly conquering Ayyubid-Syria.

    Rockets appear in Arab literature in 1258 A.D., describing Mongol
    invaders' use of them to capture the city of Baghdad. Quick to learn,
    the Arabs adopted the rocket into their own arms inventory and,
    during the Seventh Crusade, used them against the French Army
    of King Louis IX in 1268.

    The Mongols arrived in Persia from the east in 1256 to settle an old
    score with the formidable Assassins, who had plotted to murder the
    Great Khan. Their revenge was a two-year campaign of conquest
    against 200 fortresses scattered across northern Iran, Syria and Lebanon.
    Located atop mountains and considered impregnable, they were known
    as “eagles’ nests,” after the name of the main Assassin redoubt at Alamut….

    From 1256 to 1258, the Mongol forces deployed an estimated
    300,000 warriors as well as siege engines, like the trebuchet being
    prepared for use above, to subdue more than 200 fortresses in
    northern Iran and the Levant.
    A.D. 1290 ~ End of the Crusades; Muslims were Victorious

    battle of Acre –Siege of Acre (1291)
    The Siege of Acre (also called the Fall of Acre) took place in 1291
    and resulted in the loss of the Crusades-controlled city of Acre (city)
    to the Muslim. It is considered one of the most important battles of
    the time period...When Acre fell, the Crusaders lost their last major
    stronghold of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem.

    The fall of Acre signaled the end of the Jerusalem crusades. No effective
    crusade was raised to recapture the Holy Land afterwards, though
    talk of further crusades was common enough.
    From A.D. 1290 to 1335~ 45 years later~

    Collapse of the Ilkhanate; Decline of the Yuan Dynasty; Bubonic Plague ...
    Ilkhan dies without heir in 1335, Mongol rule collapses. China ~ Yuan Dynasty ...
    The Black Death: Bubonic Plague

    In the early 13th century, the Mongol empire, …savagely wiped out
    towns and villages, left endless trails of devestation, and created the
    greatest catastrophy that had ever overtaken mankind, and dominated
    most of Asia.

    After the death of Genghis khan, the empire was divided among his heirs.
    Having captured Baghdad and all Iran, Hulagu khan, son of Genghis khan,
    founded the II-Khanid dynasty…

    When the last khan died without a male heir in 1335, the territory broke
    up into small states ruled mainly by Iranians.

    It is believed that the Black Death originated in central China in 1333 as
    the population succumbed to starvation. The plague spread to the Crimea
    where Kipchak Mongols or Tartars attacked Genose carrying furs and silks
    from Cathay were besieging a Genoese trading centre of Calla, and catapulted
    their own dead into the city. The Genoese traders escaped by sea carrying the
    plague to Messina in Italy. In 1348 the plague spread from Cyprus to Florence
    which was also suffering from famine.... death.htm

    The Plague spread into Europe and by 1349, 200 people were being buried
    every day. Some sources report that about 25 million people (about 60 %)
    in Europe alone succumbed to the plague. death.htm
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    My lord, have really put the lesson on the board. This is VERY interesting...never really took the time to know this info
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    Thank you!

    I don't think it's about taking time too much, but because this kind of stuff is not talked about that much in any educational or church format, it's not easy to see to even want to study. But thanks again, you made me laugh. I think this kind of information is going to come out more and more by others too in the near future so people can pick up an interest because even though it's in the Bible and its about these times, it's not that easy to reconize without some help.

    My approach was one of inspiration and research and I had some help from others though, that I asked alot of questions to and got answers for and then i was able to put some things together. Like for example; 'the daily sacrifice', I had no clue what that meant and my husband told me, and it blew my mind. Then I researched it and saw a lot of cross references and confirmed it, that he was right and then it was like puzzles coming together. The other part is that I majored in a science degree and use this science approach to add to Bible research and history research and etc. too, and it has been very helpful.
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    "Abomination" = "shiqquwts" (Hebrew)

    An "abomination" unto God is false prophets and worshiping false gods/idols.

    "desolation" = "shamem" (Hebrew)

    Lev. 26:
    [30] And I will destroy your high places, and cut down your images, and cast your carcases upon the carcases of your idols, and my soul shall abhor you.
    [31] And I will make your cities waste, and bring your sanctuaries unto desolation, and I will not smell the savour of your sweet odours.
    [32] And I will bring the land into desolation: and your enemies which dwell therein shall be astonished at it.

    2 Chron. 15:
    [8] And when Asa heard these words, and the prophecy of Oded the prophet, he took courage, and put away the abominable idols out of all the land of Judah and Benjamin, and out of the cities which he had taken from mount Ephraim, and renewed the altar of the LORD, that was before the porch of the LORD.

    1 Kings 11:
    [5] For Solomon went after Ashtoreth the goddess of the Zidonians, and after Milcom the abomination of the Ammonites.

    Jeremiah 7:
    [30] For the children of Judah have done evil in my sight, saith the LORD: they have set their abominations in the house which is called by my name, to pollute it.

    Matt. 26:
    [15] When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

    Luke 21:
    [20] And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.
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    Just another reference, a tidbit about The Black Death Plague that is so amazing. I remember playing this childhood game over and over again until I was tired and was shocked to find out that it was about the Black Death Plague. I remember all little girls would circle and chant and whoever was left standing last was out until the last one became the winner; it was sort of like playing musical chairs, only we stood up, held hands and circled and sang and at the end of the song we all dropped to the ground to see who could fall the quickest. The song goes;

    Ring Around the Rosie
    A pocket full of posie
    ashes, ashes,
    we all fall down

    This song meant that during the Death Plague, [1] the plague was obvious when sore came up on the body that looked like a red ring of rose, and [2] because it smelled so bad, people with the disease carried posies or 'flowers' in their pockets, then [3] because the plague was spreading so rapid and became contagious and so many people were dying so fast that regular funeral practices had to be abandoned and to try and stop the spread, dead people would be quickly burned to ashes, and finally the last line of the song meant [4] no matter what, people were dropping dead in huge numbers everyday. So at the end of the song when the little girls 'all fell down' it becomes an eerie rendition of what happened in the Black Death Plague. Nevertheless, eventhough the Bible was not available at the time of this Death Plague and Daniel prophecy about this time was written so long ago even before Roman times, when it happened, European people were written to have became so outraged against the ethnic peoples that still remained amongst them and they began to kill them and conduct violent pogroms against them and today, they hide the real reason behind this outrage by saying they believed the Blacks caused the plague. Now today after the Bible has been translated and this incredible prophecy of Daniel about the 1335 judgment is avaliable to see, modern historians will offer every kind of explanation for this horror including marvelous factual scientific breakdown of the plague, but totally avoid the Bible. They completely operate around the astonishing and abrupt ending of the Mongol Empirein which was the very year the Death Plague struck and continue to hide and suppress this critical part of history from the Black African world, and all the while revealing the same kind of zenophobic fear that occurred against the Black people that remained there in Europe after this plague struck.... My, what secrets this earth is still trying to hold. For Jesus to say to Daniel that there was going to be relief in 1335 means that Black African people in the Eurasian world must have endured an awful existence, but I can't even imagine because there is still so much silence about that time period and about Black African people in Eurasia during those times. All I know and feel is a sense of haunting. There must have been a major exodus of Black African people from Eurasia then, after 1335 westwards into Africa and etc. before the Whites and other eastern people came westwards too. it's like racist people spend all of their time hating Black African people, but when we separate and leave them behind, then sooner or they come...following us...deceiving us...only to trap us and attack us and suppress us...we've been followed all the way to the end of this dam earth.

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