Black Women : Whose bringing home the bacon now?

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    Okay ladies I want to know whose bringing home the bacon now? Is it now more women then men....or is it men more than women. Brothers always talking about their expectations in a woman. Whatever happen to the man bringing home the bacon and we cook it. This ideal has seem to take a back flip. I had a very interesting conversation with my ex, and he said if he take care of the house.....then the rest is on her. Am I super stupid or is this crazy. Who in the right mind would go for this? I come to know that men now thinks that as long as I pay bills she can clothe and feed, etc. Ladies what is your take on this subject......:court::toast::10500:
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    Answer: We both are.

    Sister , all things evole in my opinion. Nothing stays the same.

    Based on what I've learned and experience. It takes two in this world and both genders have a role. Regardless of that role. ( Which differs per couple ) It has to be defined and each person must contribute equally. Its not always about who brings home more then the other.

    Example : What I NEED in MY man is the "Provide and protect" what my man NEEDS in me is loyalty , support and he KNOWS I am capable of "holding it down " regardless. ( In other words . You have to throw away all titles and other peoples perception of what you NEED in a relationship . And know what YOU NEED in a relationship and find a partner that is suited to you and what your NEEDS are. When I say "provide " it's not necessarily about money. That's me, not saying you should have the same needs as I. )

    If we are in deed partners. How much one brings home , how much does it matter if all goes in the same pot ?? Nor does our income stay the same. At one time I was making more then him. And now he makes more then me. With todays stressed economy either one of us can become unemployed at any given time.

    So in my opinion , Sis. It doesn't make a difference who makes what, If he or she is a partner. It's based by the character of the person and their persona. A partner, she ( or he ) should know before marriage what a marriage entails and that means comprimises and true parnership in all task and in Finances.

    My POV