Brother AACOOLDRE : Who's the real Bride Of Jesus

Who’s the real Bride of Jesus?
By Andre Austin

The other day I wrote a poem Eyes on a rainbow. I based parts of my rainbow on Egyptian concepts of Heaven as being the first element of the universe i.e. water. I didn’t like the old fairy tale story that there’s a pot full of gold at the end of a rainbow so I unconsciously choose diamonds. Little did I know this poem would lead me to unravel some of the mysteries of the Bible?

First let me start with a question. What does diamonds appear to be? If water was the answer then you’re on point. Why connect water with being married? Because it was a symbolic of Jesus stating in the Gospel of John and Revelation that heaven and his bride was water. But Jesus or his writers stole this concept from the Egyptian religion. Why was water chosen? Because the Egyptians and Greeks like Pindar believed that water was the first of the four elements of the creation of the universe. The Egyptians felt that mankind was created in the same fashion as the universe. S.Angus states in The Mystery religions” that “ It is a corollary of the kindred doctrine of Element-mysticism, vie that man is constituted of the same elements as the heavenly bodies, which are viewed as animate beings”. The Egyptian God Nun [water] gave birth to RA [sun or light]. There are numerous associations of Ra with Jesus one being Jesus stating that he Jesus came through water 1John 5:6 and was the light of the world, his eyes being a fiery flame and his face shining like the sun see revelation chapter 1. RA had those same characteristics in The Egyptian Book of the dead long before Moses or Jesus was born. Clearly this is Egyptian philosophy when they have Jesus saying: “Whoever drinks the water I shall give will never thirst; the water I shall give will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life” Gospel of John 4:14. This is saying you will become water. And again:
“The spirit and the bride say come let the hearer say, come let the one who thirst come forward, and the one who wants it receive the gift of life-giving water”-Revelation 22:17. Why is the gift and reward is water? Does it have anything to do with the Egyptians stating that when you get to heaven you will be in a boat singing hymns to RA? The Egyptians felt that man after he dies reverses himself or transforms himself back into what he came out of which was water. “This immortality was acquired by assimilation with Osiris-Serapis, or becoming Osiris and receiving the new name of Osiris. The member of the Isis church could carve on the tomb of his departed brother: ‘may Osiris give thee the water of refreshment. May Isis bestow on thee the holy water of Osiris”-The mystery religions by S. Angus. The process of creation is that your naked body born from water, fire/sun, Air then to earth. Reverse this process your body dies naked with no clothes on like Jesus, returns to the earth becomes dust blow up in the air evaporates by the heat of the sun back to water. This process was talked about in Plutarch’s trying to understand Plato’s writing. Plutarch said, “Air is formed when fire extinguished”. He labeled this a “transmutation”. Plutarch also said “The change of Air into fire” which is the opposite or reversal of the former quote. So in Plato’s own type of stolen theology from the Egyptians mankind could go back to water or invisible water. Angus also reports that you become Divine by transforming yourself into divine substances. The reason purple was assigned for Egyptians kings to wear was because the color came from Phoenician shells that was taken from the waters. Divinizing was conceived in the main in three ways…endowment with deathlessness and transformation into the divine substance”. What was that substance well the Egyptians felt that we would be born twice in order to escape a second death if we acted like children or cattle of RA as babes going back to women’s wombs. Read the book of the dead for confirmation. Jesus would later say the same thing
I was troubled that S. Angus didn’t view the Marriage analogy of Jesus with the pagan religion. This book was originally written in 1925 and perhaps he was afraid of religious retaliation against him. Angus didn’t or wouldn’t see the connection of Plato’s marriage with his idea state with Jesus Bride with his ideal city of the New Jerusalem. Because I desire to be fair I will quote his reasons why he saw it otherwise. Now if I’m reading Angus right he seems to contradict himself. He states “Another conception of communion with the deity in the mysteries was a religious marriage-a conception the roots of which can be traced back to the Egyptian and Asiatic belief and practice of copulation with deity. When we compare the remote origins of this religious idea with its expression in Christian mysticism…” Two pages down the road Angus asserts, “ The idea of a mystic marriage, found in the earliest documents of Christianity, was not implanted by the mysteries. It is familiar in Jewish-Christian documents, as in those written in gentile environment, the form, too, is different from the individualistic marriage in the mysteries, …thus the church became not only the bride but the flesh of Christ, against whom the marriage of the individual was a breach of contract. How realistically this could be conceived is illustrated by Jerome, who writing to Eustochium’s mother on her daughter’s decision not to marry the king himself, comforts her, ‘she has done you a great service: you have begun to be mother-in-law to god’. In the early church virgins were encouraged to dedicate their members and their flesh to Christ.” I do not believe all Christians accept this individual marriage concept. According to the Catholic Catechism, (if I understand it correctly) view the marriage as one people coming together. The Catholics view the bride as the church and the church and the people’s bodies are one spiritually. I read another book, which talked about Jerome. Bertrand Russell’s A History of Western Philosophy gives a very interesting account of Jerome letter to Eustochium. “Some of Jerome’s letters to Eustochium are curious. He gives her advice on the preservation of virginity, very detailed and frank; he explains the exact anatomical meaning of certain euphemisms in the Old Testament; and he employs a kind of erotic mysticism. A nun is the bride of Christ; this marriage is celebrated in the Song of Solomon” After he wrote this letter Jerome a dream. And he begged God to forgive him for reading pagan books. I wish I had my hands on this book because I want to know if he connected pagan rituals with Jesus bride. I might have an answer to this.

It’s not a coincidence that Catholics named their virgins Nuns after the Egyptian God Nun (water) who will reunite with RA and his followers in Heaven which will be water. The Egyptian writing system was unknown until the 19th century. When they plagiarized the Egyptian mysteries they probably didn’t know who or what they were copying. This doesn’t surprise me of the theft of Nun by the Nuns because Saint Anthony, being the first of the hermits, was born in Egypt about 250ad.

I shall note Angus efforts to connect the Marriage allegory to the Old Testament writings. Bertrand Russell connects it to the Song of Solomon to Jesus wedding ceremony. But what troubles me is that modern scholars who teach at universities publish books and say that the Song of Solomon has a lot of Egyptian influence. For example: Oxford University Press published a book by Rosalie David Handbook to life in ancient Egypt. She says: “Egyptian wisdom instructions may have directly influenced biblical texts, and some parallels have been drawn between the instructions and the sentiments expressed in the book of proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, psalms and Job”. It’s too bad this professor didn’t go into details. Mousta Gadalla made the amazing assertion in his book Historical Deception that King David and king Solomon were Egyptian Pharaohs of Twthomosis III (David) and Amenhotep (Solomon). It seems to me that King David was on good terms with the Egyptians. Why else say “let us send abroad unto our brethren everywhere…So David gathered all Israel together from Shihor of Egypt even unto the entering of Hemath” 1 Chronicles 13: 2-5. There are also many reasons why I base my theory that Solomon was Egyptian. 1st Didordorus reported that originally Jews weren’t supposed to have kings because they wanted to be different from the Egyptians who had kicked them out of their country. 2nd why would the woman in the Song of Solomon refer to herself a black like the tents of Kedar. Holloman Bible dictionary says that Kedar is another word for black. Prophet Muhammad traces his lineage to Kedar, which was one of Ishmael’s sons. Ishmael’s father was Abraham who had an Egyptian wife. Now Kedar was about 75% black because his mother was 100% Egyptian and Ishmael was 50% Egyptian. Now the Song of Solomon reads:

“I’am as dark-but lovely
O daughters of Jerusalem [Jerusalem is a non Hebrew word]
As the tents of Kedar
As the curtains of Salma
Do not stare at me because I’am swarthy
Because the sun has burned me”

No this wasn’t a white woman talking about a tan. The Catholic Bible notes states that the tents were made of black hair. In the interest of being fair I will give Matthew Henry’s take on the matter. Henry’s states “I am black but comely black as the tents of Kedar in which the shepherds lived, which were very coarse and never whitened, weather beaten and discolored by long use”. Its hard for me to figure out why a white woman would give an analogy to her skin changing color to the tents of Kedar that are actually made of black goat hair. The best I could say is that she was light skinned who got darker because she had to work out in the sun all day attending vineyards. There are many other points to indicate Solomon was Egyptian. For example: why would the woman give her love vision to Solomon and say, “to the steeds of Pharaoh’s Chariots would I liken you, my beloved”. Why talk about the regal state of Solomon’s bridegroom having a litter and a seat made of purple cloth in chapter three of the Song of Solomon. Why is it that wine, apple trees are talked about so much in connection with Solomon’s bridegroom? Well Osiris was known to have traveled the world teaching people how to plant the vine.

In my opinion the world has had a beginning and will have an end. At the beginning of the creation of the Universe water was in existence before anything else Read Genesis. At the end or Judgment day Jesus said indirectly that we will become water and we will not thirst because water can never thirst in itself. How can water crave water? Jesus first miracle was turning water into wine at a wedding. Jesus will repeat his first miracle again at another wedding in heaven for his bride. So who is Jesus bride? Water [or the Egyptian word Nun=water] which he will turn into water and have a big party. The last chapter of the Songs of Solomon talks about the bride and her dowry, which consist of a vineyard. Even former President John F. Kennedy wanted his grave to be buried near the waters because that’s what he believed was the substance where human life came from.
Now the Egyptians conceived the creation of Mankind like the creation of the Universe. According to Plutarch studies of the Egyptian religion Peace would come when one government takes over. “A destined time shall come when it is decreed that Areimanius, engaged in bringing on pestilence and famine, shall by these be utterly annihilated and shall disappear; and then shall the earth become a level plain, and there shall be one manner of life and one form of government for a blessed people who shall all speak one tongue. Theopompus says that, according to the sages, one god is to overpower, and the other to be overpowered, each in turn for the space of three thousand years, and afterward for another three thousand years they shall fight and war, and the one shall undo the works of the other, and finally Hades shall pass away”. This is what the Egyptians and chaldeans felt and it resembles the book of Revelations except for the one government “one mind” Rev 17:13. But when John wrote Revelations he was living under Roman Tyrants. If John would of wrote this 130 years later when Constantine made Christianity/Catholic the state religion he might have had a different view of the Roman Empire trying to make everyone live under one type of law.

But how does this Universalism applies to mankind, heaven and water. {Plutarch states “the Egyptians have a tradition …the genesis of the five worlds from one single matter”-Obsolescence of Oracles.} Well lets pretend you’re a water molecule in a swimming pool with nine million others. Can you tell the difference between one and the other? No. We will be together As one and equal with each other living in harmony. For to live in harmony is to cause to agree symmetrically living in peace and harmony. But in the Koran it doesn’t accept marriage as sacrament because it’s based, which I already proved, on pagan Egyptian mythologies. Plus, Heaven and Hell are arranged in several different stages according to rank of deeds according to The Koran.

While we are living on this earth we might be involuntarily drinking recycled forms of Hitler’s piss but in heaven we will have none of it because people like him will be totally evaporated and fused out and purified for 50,000 years with the fire of God. Then on the flip side of heaven it might take you 50,000 years to get from level 1 to level 7 of heaven; where you will have pure wine to drink with companions of equal age, women with big lustrous round eyes. Image yourself walking around in slippers of gold resting on a green silk couch or out in your garden planting your own grapevines? So it appears by the writings in the Koran you will be able also to have brides and wine. The Koran also stated that water is the source of all living and that mankind was one but we made ourselves different by disobeying god and committing sin.

So I close with a poem

Heaven & Hell

Those who go to hell pray for bail
In heaven we build rudders for future sails
Sinners save your cries and wails
Your water was exchange for fire you fail

You could have had yourself a bride
Now Lucifer is at your side

1.Allusions to my poem Eyes on a Rainbow can be found in Rev: 10:1 “rainbow” NIV Rev 22:1 “ Crystal” and objecting to the folktale of gold being at the end of the rainbow because gods love will not be sold see Rev 21:6. I was unaware that I unconsciously cited these quotes in my poem. I was amazed when I found out what I did. The ancient’s philosophers like Socrates felt poets were under spells from god. Socrates in his conversations to Ion said “God takes the mind out of the poets, and uses them as his servants. But god himself is the speaker and through them he shows his meaning to us [sometimes]” The marriage of Jesus with his bride is really an allusion to the marriage of RA (sun god) with Nun (water). Jesus is crowned with a golden crown to take his bride of Diamonds, which is symbolic of water. We express the Egyptian mystery system when or engagements are gold rings and the wedding rings are diamonds like water. The gold is the same color as that of the sun who RA D symbolically represents. Ra was born by coming out the diamond Ñ or water of Nun.

2.The playwright Aristophanes wrote a play called The Clouds, written in 423BC. His main character was his contemporary Socrates. Socrates when talking to Strepsiades states: “talk face to face with the clouds whom we worship”, and again:

“Come, holy clouds, and show your power
Come, leave your father ocean bower
(If there you be), or where Nile flows,
Or high Olympus crowned with snows

Socrates: They are the celestial clouds, the patron goddesses of the lay about. From them come our intelligence, our dialectic and our reason; also our speculative genius and all our argumentative talents.

Strepsiades: Now you say that, I feel I could fly…”

{Now keep in mind The Encyclopedia states that a cloud is “A mass of condensed water”. If Socrates thought the water was god and heaven then why did he offer up prayers to the sun? Socrates was consistent with the Egyptian religion seeing heaven as water and RA as a symbolic representation of the sun’s rays. Now lets continue with the play for another point.

Strepsiades: Socrates-one thing I’m puzzled about. You did say these were clouds?

Socrates: Yes

Strepsides: Well, how come they look so like women? The other clouds-I mean, well, the real ones, look quite different. {Earlier Socrates states that one of the rituals for people to be imitated was to have white flour sprinkled over their heads to resemble a cloud. Socrates answers Strepsides question by saying that if something didn’t not look women they would take “one look at clesthenes just now, and naturally, on the spot, as you can see, they turned into women”. Now I’m concerned with these analogies to the Book of revelation where Jesus and his followers wear white robes (Rev 7:9).

The son of man was liken to a white cloud see Rev: 14:14 also see:

Rev 1:7 “Look, he is coming with the clouds,
And every eye will see him”

3. Did Herodotus admit The Egyptians believe they would drink wine in heaven? See Book 2: 78 where it states: “When the rich gave a party and the meal is finished, a man carries round amongst the guest a wooden image of a corpse in a coffin…he shows it to each guest in turn, and says: ‘look upon this body as you drink and enjoy yourself; for you will be just like it when you are dead’. It’s also interesting to note that before bulls are sacrificed there’s a ritual of “pouring wine and invoking the god by name” see book 2:39

4. All new initiates into the Egyptian Mysteries were given the name “Moses” which meant saved by water. Christians along with Egyptians saw Heaven as water. Here’s one of many examples of this. See Rev14: 2 “And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters”

5. In the Koran it states “It is he who has created man from water” 15:54. If you read carefully the first 6 or 7 sentences in genesis you will know that water was in existence before the earth was created. Moses learnt this from the Egyptians see Acts 7:22 and the Greeks thought Moses was Egyptian see Acts 21:38

6. Solomon’s temple was built with Phoenician help see 2 chronicles 2:13; 3:17; 4:11-12. Phoenicians apprenticed themselves to Egyptian masters to learn their crafts on a large scale, see p.194 of Black Spark, White fire by Richard Poe. Phoenicians also built Obelisk in honor of the Egyptians.

7. King Osiris, a mortal man who became a god, clothed in myth at his death was known as inventing the vine and being a maker of wine. See Diodorus 1:17

8. In Plato’s book two of the Republic concepts of Socrates ideal city {Christianity New city of Jerusalem). In this city was described as a banquet of the saints were their wages for good deeds were in “Eternal intoxication” and the people in Hades would have to fetch the water. This was written 400 years before Jesus. Jesus in the Gospel of John talked about the water being “Eternal life”. Apparently some of this water would be turnt into wine, for after all Jesus did say: “I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new with you in my father’s kingdom [heaven” Matthew 29:26. But before Plato got this point of “Eternal intoxication” in heaven an allusion to a man is given. This man fits the perfect description of Jesus and Osiris.Plato talked about a just man made to appear unjust. Plato mentioned four things, which are connectable to Jesus. 1. “This man should be a craftsmen, Jesus was a Carpenter. 2.He must be stripped naked of all but justice, and made the opposite of the former; doing no wrong, we all know Jesus was stripped bare while on the cross. 3.The just man will be scourged, racked, chained, have his eyes burnt out; at last, after every kind of misery, he will set up on a pole;” Well Jesus was hung on a tree just like Osiris. We know from Diodorus that Seth/Satan pulled the eyes out of Osiris but were replaced.4. Then Plato goes on saying people should be married then he started talking about the “Eternal intoxication”. -See Book Its interesting to me that the Christian writer of John would say that Jesus was the “true vine”, adopting a religion already in existence then have your anger carried out against them in harvest times by “Throwing them into the great winepress of god’s wrath” Rev 14:20. When Jesus said he was the “true vine” he was admitting their was a similar religion like his already in existence.

9. Marcus Aurelius understood the Egyptian and platonic teachings best when he said: “All things are intertwined, the one with the other, and sacred is the bond: there is practically nothing alien the one to the other, for all things have been marshaled in order and constitute the one cosmos. For there is both one cosmos of all things, and one god through all, and one substance, and one law, and one common reason, and one truth.” Diodorus Siculus backs up my opinion when he says: “When in the beginning, as their (Egyptian) account runs, the universe was being formed, both heaven and earth were indistinguishable in appearance, since their elements were intermingled” Book 1:7

10. The Egyptians conceive the Cosmos was made by 9 things, the 4th being the four elements. Nine was their sacred number along with the number 5. The situation number nine was found in Rev 21: 12 “ And had a wall great and high and had 12 gates 12 angels and 12 tribes add all 12 + 12+ 12= 36 add 3 +6 and you get 9. It’s no accident that the book of Revelation alludes to the number two more times. The Christians say only 144,000 will enter heaven. Add 4+4+1=9. Horus who was associated with RA and Jesus was given the number 10 because they considered God as higher and above the rest if you times 12 x the 12,000 taken from the tribes you get 244, add this up and you get 10 or Horus. Jesus in revelation, the third number 9 is revealed, states the cubit walls of the new city of Jerusalem will be 144 cubits thick. Add all the numbers up and you get nine again. Because the Egyptians view the creation of the universe, as resembling the creation of man was due probably to the nine months a women was pregnant. As I said in another article the 4 elements created the universe and the Egyptian probably believed in created man. By looking at how a woman gave birth they came up with the elements. Before a woman gives birth her water breaks, she screams and shouts due to the pain (that’s thunder or fire) then she has to use breathing techniques to push it out (that’s air) then after that the baby comes out the body which the Egyptians referred to the body as earth or Demeter in Greek. In today’s science we know there are more than four elements out their but the Greeks and Egyptians didn’t and they worked with the best information they had during their times. Its hard to accept that God 2,000 years ago already set a certain number of individuals to go to heaven or hell. Some Christians take the 144,000 to mean that many people go to heaven. If so we have a link with Bertrand Russell quoting Plato talking about “many” and Cats. Russell states: “ Plato doctrine...that is the theory of “ideas” or “forms”. This theory is partly logical, partly metaphysical. The logical part has to do with the meaning of general words. There are many individual animals of whom we can truly say “this is a cat’ …it means something which is not this or that cat, but some kind of universal cattyness”p 121 A History of Western Philosophy. Might also have to take another look at why their was folktale that said cats/RA have nine lives. Furthermore, in Plato view geometry expressed the inmost secrets of the universe and the fact is Plato learned from Pythagoras who learned from the Egyptians to emerge “arithmetic, geometry etc in harmony with the kosmos-“Universal order” [or heaven]-see p. 181 Black Spark White Fire. Now remember it was Diodorus who stated, “And Pythagoras learned from Egyptians his teachings about the gods, his geometrical propositions and theory of numbers”. See Book 1:98. Also see Anthony Browder book Nile Valley contributions to Civilization p.123 where he talks about a group of nine giving birth to the world. “This process of halving is the basis of Nile Valley mathematics and contemporary biological science with is associated with the process of cellular division called mitosis. This concept was expressed in an ancient text, which stated:

Iam one that transforms
Into two
Iam Two that transforms
Into four
I’am four that transforms
Into Eight
After this Iam One [see how 144,000 are numbered in Rev: 7:4-8]

This was the process of why 9 was the highest number. Just like the Rhind Papyrus that deals with a geometric progression of a ratio of seven. In the text this problem is called “The inventory of goods contained in a house. It’s a mathematical riddle. The answer ends up being “one”. An analogy to the 12 tribes of Israel being added up gets you to 10 or to the transformations of “After this I’am one”. The Israel each had 12,000 from 12 tribes which kept on double itself until it got to the highest number of 10 which was Horus/Jesus

11. Herodotus stated in his Histories Book 2:109 that the Greeks learned Geometry from the Egyptians.

12. The Egyptian divine number of 5 was revealed when Jesus gave the supposed parable/fable of the ten virgins. Because five of the virgins would not prepare for marriage they missed out on the wedding party with Jesus. The connection with the 10 virgins with the sacred number 5 is only conjecture of my opinion. Wait a minute. I might have to take back the conjecture of my opinion. Plutarch states in The E At Delphi “That the Pythagoreans called five a ‘Marriage’” . Now we already know Pythagoras studied in Egypt and Plato stole some of the Pythagorean books. Its no coincidence that five virgins are left to be married with Jesus and the number 5 in Egypt was a sign of marriage on top of this. And the real reason John in Revelations, a student of Egyptian teachings felt 666 was symbolic of the devil was due to the fact that the number 6 was limited but the number five wasn’t. Let me again quote from Plutarch “only the numbers five and six, when multiplied by themselves , repeat themselves and preserve their identity…the number six does this but once, …but with five this result is obtained in raising it to any power, and it has a unique characteristic, when added to itself, of producing either itself or ten alternately as the addition progress, and of doing this to infinity, since this number takes its pattern from the primal principle which orders the whole. For as that principle by changes creates a complete universe out of itself…”-Plutarch this is why the ten could be found out from all the 12 tribes of Israel by adding up the numbers. The theology of numerology in numbers played a vital role in symbolic expressions of the Egyptian religion which Plato and Pythagoras passed on to the Christians.

So I ask again. Who’s the real bride of Jesus?

Answer: Quite naturally water

I’ve come under attack because of my use of Egyptian numerology and astrology to break down the Christian religion. If the Christians wouldn’t of stole from the Egyptians. If the Christians wouldn’t of told the fictional story of the Magi looking for a fixed star to locate Jesus and using numbers to tell their stories I wouldn’t be here writing. It was almost 200 years ago “Charles Francois Dupuis in his book Origin of All cults set out, with massive corroborative detail, the claim that Christianity had risen from the misunderstood debris of Egyptian astronomical religious allegory”-See Black Athena.

By Andre Austin

The "Christian religion" is basically coded "Egyptian numerology and astrology" which is why I refuse to equate it with "the white man". The "Ethiopians" themselves when coming into posession of the "Ark of the Covenant" (i.e. Divine Knowledge of Supreme Mathematics) "coded" ancient Kemetic texts under the forms of Absolute Monism and the Monophysite Doctrine, an extension of Memphite Theology.

This is why there is confusion surrounding chronological tables and various "genealogies" because various "european" cultures confused the "formulas" and "symbolism" used in ancient texts concerning Hekau and re-coded these into what is known as "hermeticism" then made this same Divine Knowledge "mysterious" and branded as al-chemy and "Black arts" (i.e. magic).

The entire Bible is basicly a "scientific formula" for establishing communion with the "Creator" (neteru, ennead) and this as a philosophical construct has been described in topics such as the "ennead matrix" which places this concept of "religion" within the constructs of FAITH, or "rational spirituality", which itself is the SCIENCE OF GOD.


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