Black Poetry : Who's the fool?


Sep 19, 2001
Indianapolis, IN
Student, ENtertainment Manager
:skate: :skate: You ever met someone who thinks everyone is a fool but them. They are called Nobodies FOOL. I am so tired of talking to people that think they are the faultless ones and we are the ones with fault. Calling everyone a **** fool or a ignorant MF. Then refuse to see that their foolishness runs as skin deepas the image in the mirror, All I want to say is Fool remember when you asked me what was I thinking, I want to ask you the same, Remember when you said Why would you do that, Well Yeah fool, Why did you do that? and the classic What the Heck where you thinking? ****, Fool? You sure can point your fingers but did you see the 3 pointing back at you. FOOL.
Yes I have met a few in my life time. They are defensive, and arrogant. So I just walk away from them as they start to speak. Oh! I'll be back I say to them... they actually expected me to return. :haha:


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