Black People : Whoppi's Bank Account Loses Weight-J. Clingman

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    Most of Us here are familiar with John Clingman- the author of Blackonomics

    I read an article in a Community paper that I have not been able to find on the net????

    The name of the article is "Whoppi's Bank Account Loses Weight;" and it talks about how when Whitey get mad at Blackie because of what is said or done; how they immediately call for boycott's--- his pov was from the perspective of these are overwhelmingly conservative (racist) whites who do this; but on that I think that he is wrong--- all whites want Us negroes to stay in Our place.

    He also talks about how We, who in his estimate, spend 700 billion dollars in this country don't use Our economic power to boycott (I say Stop without ever returning); or if/when We do, We let slaves come in a criticize and whites and deter Us.

    The following is some of the excerpts from the article...

    "...There are all kinds of excuses when Black consumers call for boycotts, but when White folks get their dander up, their first response is "Boycott!" And you know what ? They get results. They get folks fired, they get contracts cancelled, and they win concessions..."

    "...MCI fired Danny Glover....Pepsi fired Ludacris...."

    Mr. Clingman did not say what I was thinking... if this is white Conservatives and [slave minded] negroes and [others]; why does not white Liberals come to the aid of these blacks, and he lists others in the article, and threaten to boycott too?

    The following is a link to his article, at his site, titled, "Giving Up on Blacks," it is a great read....

    It further delves into this vein of thought, although this was written earlier than the above article. And makes a great argument for and against Cosby... saying that all of Us have to get Our acts together.
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