Black Poetry : Who Was Jesus?


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Dec 3, 2007
everywhere and nowhere
to seek truth
I tried to get to know this man.. what his life really meant..
They say that he was black.. they say he was heaven sent...

With wooly hair.. the kind I like
The kind I can't get my fingers thru.. the kind I braid up really tight...

They say that Jesus hung with prostitutes..
Mary Magdolynn...

They say he walked with the sinners..
To try to make them turn from the life of sin..

They say when I pass by the hungry and help..
How do I know I'm not helping him..

In other words... when I help another..
I'm showing the love I have within...

What good is it to give me a fish..
You can teach me how to fish...

Ya, I'm scared of devil's too..
I mean Judas betrayed with a kiss...

Cain he slew his brother.... even tho he was his blood...
Even family can be the enemy and act out of something other than love..

Eve was Adam's wife... sometimes chicks can be a disease...
But remember Adam had the ability to not take the Apple from she..

Delila... was the Superhead of the biblical year..
Cause Sampson thought she loved him.. but she really didn't care...

Ponchas knew.. to lynch Jesus was wrong yet he only washed his hands..
He had the power to stop it... but it was more important he remain "the man"

Satin was most beautiful... but that was never enough...
From the beginning of time... all I'm saying is they try to divide all of us...

So whom should I fear...
So whom should I trust...

I can really say I don't know.....
All I know is that if there is a heaven... that's where I wanna go.
Hey Lady
I was reading your scribe
and I've read it several times
trying to feel your point.

He die for our sins.
Born from the womb of woman
in order to walk this earth in the shell
of a man. We are only shells.
He gave US as a people a visual form
of the spirit, so we (the confuse people) could better
understand what it is Our Heavenly Father
expects of his children.
When the prostitute and other walked with him
And he didn't turn them away
It is because he was teaching US how to LOVE
And forgive.
And when he gave US the fish he was teaching US
about the LOVE of Our Father for his children.
So none should ever be hungry. I could really go on on
his LOVE of US was and still is
uncondtional LOVE
He LOVED US so much that he die for the
sins of US the children.
We are only shells here on borrow time trying to get it right,
the soul is eternal.

Some gets it and some don't
What I meant was that... Jesus who was righteous.. spent his time trying to help those who needed him...

he walked with them everyday...

then some of the points just lil things i think about..

adam and eve.. free will power to choose...
sampson and delilia... good man not so good woman
cain and able... manye, family can hurt you sometimes

give me a fish.. teach me to fish.. Jesus taught... by example... by being there... by being bout it... not just saying it... he could snapped his finger and made the meal.. but it means so much more to sit and share the meal...

ponchas pilot.... and i can't quote the scripture but i can sum it up.. i know ur a righteous man but they wanna kill you.. i wash my hands of the responsibility... a.k.a. accountability.....

they say if i feed you.. i am helping him... just meant any good act done in the name of good does not go unblessed regardless .. like when the woman.. (again summarizes).. that gave a penny and ever'bdy clown'd her... but that was all she had which is what made in itself blessed...

My mind .. I just question everything.... years of Sunday School....


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