Nation of Gods and Earths : Who the NGE focuses on regarding the transmission of its culture

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    This dialogue is taken from another thread here at Destee. I think it's a good teaching tool so I'm posting it here also.........


    Yes, there are Elders in the nation. They are much appreciated for carrying the banner from back when the nation was young. Let me reiterate what I said before. It's not about hating on old people, it's about reaching those who are the best candidates for embracing our culture and taking it to the level of transferring it to the current and future generations.

    It seems as if people here at Destee think old people are easily swayed from their wicked ways. My experience shows the exact opposite. I mean 85 is 85 is 85 no matter how you slice and dice it, but the old 85???? Well they been like that for many years, months and days. There is a chance for them to reinvent themselves and discover who they really are but seriously, how many old people do that? Not many. You can't add on to a full cup...... feel me?

    Allah tried to teach his 85 contemporaries at first. They didn't respond to his teachings. So he taught the babies...... the despised and rejected ones. Those babies are the elders today, but make no mistake...... they got this young and kept hold of it into their elder days. My experience mirrors that of Allah. The older a student is the worst student they are. This isn't to say that older people can't be good students, there are always exceptions...... all I'm saying is it's been shown and proven that the odds are against it.

    This isn't just my perspective, it is also the perspective of the Nation of Gods and Earths. You won't find too many Gods, Earths or 5% trying to raise up old people. We'll do it if they come looking for us but we're not really going out of our way to find them. I focus on young people between the ages of 14-22 which is about where the nation focuses it's attention. We call them the babies because they're still open like infants...... willing to learn. Now if a person of advanced age wants this and are willing to become like a child to learn this culture, then great, I'm all for it. So let me state for the record that we're not exclusive towards older people. The reality is they exclude themselves from us. :wink: