Metu Neter - Vols I - II - III : who speaks for ausuar?

I would query the Oracles

jamesfrmphilly said:
when a man says that ausaur speaks through him what do you do? how do you know if he is telling the truth?

what if my indwelling intelligence tells me that your indwelling intelligence is full of it?

does ausaur speak with one voice or one million?

If the person in question commanded my attention enough for me to pose the question to myself ....I would (Really) consult the oracles about what this individual is saying in regards to how it applies to me.

I've realized that there are alot of people out there who have given themselves the right to dictate What IS What (And they have every right to do so) whether it be through their claims to Scientific objectivity or Holy men of the Sacred Blah blah....essentially , whether we are following the whimsical programing language of our person and its likes and dislikes or patterning our lives on our clever abilities to rationalize and manipulate catch phrases ,buzzwords and jingles, we make choices.
Don't forget what. It isn't always who.(who speaks for ausar) I often look toward nature and especially the biological vehicles we drive for truth. The word of Ausar/God = truth in my language. I also find truth to be timeless. I do understand that things shift and move but the core of all phenomena seems to always be the same. So red mental flags start waving when someone speaks for God with changes God made or have made. Like last messengers and only child and what God used to do as in the claims that God use to talk to us. God can speak via anyone or thing. This has just my experience.

It is also important for the speaker and listener to use same language and usage of words. Like when Old Ben told Luke his father was 'dead'. (Star Wars reference don't shoot me)Same language but 2 different meanings of the word dead. (Or maybe it is my poor understanding of the word 'dead') I think me and and young Luke was on the same page back then.


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