Pan Africanism : WHO REALLY KNOWS?

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    we know that continent known to us as[africa]is the birthplace of civilization[even the whites can't dispute that fact]but the name sake of our beloved motherland??? well let's see-afruika[egyptian]the ka-the womb...afri-a tribe from north africa combined with the roman word[ca-land]...aphrike-greek-without cold...aprica[sunny]? perhaps all are correct perhaps none..perhaps one of our resident scholars can shed some light.
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    The Ancestors speak out!


    We no longer have to guess about what "We" called ourselves and our "Planet" !
    Long ago (pre-historic)...before the time of this present so-called modern era...the ancestors called the earth "TA`MERT"...and what is now so-called Africa was then called by us...MERITA and the capital of the world was and is...KEMET.

    The name Africa is a name given to our home land by the "Greeks"...this name means..."Burn Souls". This name...we will have to drop one day because we know it is not a proper name for anything that we call ourselves and it does not define the truth. The time will come when we will not call ourselves Africa or Africans...but that will come later. "How can a burn soul ever become great"?? It is a corrupt name in Deed and is misleading...and we know that "Corruption always goes down hill" (.)

    Before the so-called Greeks came into power they were called by the Ancestors..."Geer-Ka" which means "Souls in Darkness". The then uncivilized indo-eu-rope-ins / Greeks or so-called whites came into the "Mother Land" that was then at the "Summit of all life on Earth" called "Kemet" to learn from "Us" they were allowed to study and be taught by the Kemetic Priest (Grand Lodge) and the name that was in use then was Geerka that later became Greeks.

    After the ungreatful so-called whites gained power in numbers and started to "Invade"...they then started to call us Africa...which means...Burn Souls. The name or word Africa is also a Greek word. The name Egypt is also a Greek word...the Ancestors never called them self...African or Egypt...only now after time has pass to the present day of confusion and after what we call the "Great Destruction".

    At one time during (Our Story) the rain of the Original Black Ancestors...the Ta`meri / Earth was also called "Kemet" and what is todays Egypt was the "Capital" of the entire planet. We are a Kemetic people and the language of the people was what we call today...Medu Neteru / TWI...that is still spoken among all of the "Initiation" teachings or kemetic sciences / so-called ATR.

    Outside of the sacred schools of kemetic teaching / traditions...there are different variations or dialects spoken...but they are all derived from the original Kemetic or TWI. Every language spoken on this planet derives from the original language of TWI...the first language given to us by the Creator...this is why the sacred writings in all of the temple is called "Medu Neteru" or word of G-d.

    Medu means writing and Neteru means G-d...hence "The Word of G-d". TWI is that original language spoken by the Humans and it has been corrupted from this first Language to this day and includes the languages we speak in the U.S and all over the world.

    Every person that studies linguistics...must first learn the order to be able to understand the roots and origins of the different languages spoken every ware on Earth. Don't take this writers word...but go and research for yourself so that you will know for your self.

    Your ancestors did not speak Greek, Arabic, Spanish...nor are any of the sacred writings in any other language except...TWI...hence the Medu Neteru that must be lean from the mystery schools after "Initiation" by the kemetic High Priest. There is a proverb that says: "When the Student is Ready the Master will Appear." May the ancestors bless us with the light of understanding.