Black People : **Who Pulls The Strings*?*

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    **Who Pulls The Strings*?*

    /“While the US Congress, media, academics, retired military and public figures are free to criticize the President, any criticism of Israel, much less the Jewish Lobby, is met with vicious attacks in all the op-ed pages of major newspapers by an army of pro-Israeli 'expert’ propagandists, demands for firings, purges and expulsions of the critics from their positions or denial of promotions or new appointments. In the face of any prominent critic calling into question the Lobby’s role in shaping US policy to suit Israel’s interests, the entire apparatus (from local Jewish federations, AIPAC, the Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations etc) go into action – smearing, insulting and stigmatizing the critics as 'anti-Semites’. By denying free speech and public debate through campaigns of calumny and real and threatened repercussions the Jewish Lobby has denied Americans one of their more basic freedoms and constitutional rights. The massive, sustained and well-financed hate campaigns directed at any congressional candidate critical of Israel effectively eliminates free speech among the political elite. The overwhelming influence of wealthy Jewish contributors to both parties – but especially the Democrats – results in the effective screening out of any candidate who might question any part of the Lobby’s Israel agenda.

    The takeover of Democratic campaign finance by two ultra-Zionist zealots, Senator Charles Schumer and Israeli-American Congressman Rahm Emanuel ensured that every candidate was totally subordinated to the Lobby’s unconditional support of Israel. The result is that there is no Congressional debate, let alone investigation, over the key role of prominent Zionists in the Pentagon involved in fabricating reports on Iraq’s 'weapons of mass destruction’, and in designing and executing the war and the disastrous occupation policy.” /Why Condemning Israel and the Zionist Lobby is so Important James Petras, Axis of Logic :: informazione dal medio oriente :: information from middle east :: [vs-1]

    As the Cheney and Zionist/NeoCon cabal maneuver the US into another series of wars this time with Iran and or Syria it is important for the US public to realize what by now most of the world knows, the Israeli lobby and Zionists have totally taken US foreign policy hostage. These warmongers are so rabid and virulent in their push for perpetual war unless there is a major upheaval in US politics, AmeriKKKa will be at war (as **** Cheney so often says) for generations. However these wars will not be to defend US soil, or protect the US from imminent danger.

    No, like the Iraq debacle, these wars will be primarily fought to further a Zionist imperialist agenda of expanding Israel’s territory from the Nile to the Euphrates Rives, destroying Israel’s Arab and Islamic opposition, expropriating other people’s resources like oil and water and to bolster the sagging US dollar hegemony. It is no secret to most keen observers **** Cheney is the main man behind the scenes orchestrating the whole shebang: from coordinating 9-11, to formulating and executing the US’s imperialist energy policy, to the fudged intelligence about Iraqi WMD’s, the invasion and occupation of Iraq and future plans to attack Iran and Syria. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle along with recruits from the Reagan-Bush administration’s Iran-Contra crew like Elliot Abrams ad John Negroponte inside government in conjunction with Zionists in the major and minor media outlets, universities and Think Tanks fashioned a foreign policy and propaganda campaign so lopsidedly favoring Israel that often times it runs counter to the logical best interests of the AmeriKKKan people. Obviously the Iraq war and occupation are one glaring example. But we also see how the US sided with Israel during last year’s immoral and devastating attacks on Lebanon. To the victims of Israeli aggression in the region, Palestinians, Arabs and Islamics, it appears AmeriKKKa and Israel are one. Especially when the bombs killing their relatives are being dropped from US manufactured planes flown by Khazar imperialists or US bombs and missiles destroy their farms and villages.

    From the perspective of mental decolonization and African liberation, the Zionists pose a threat to our well being as well. Any critique of Khazars or Israel by Africans in AmeriKKKa about anything, politics, culture or history sets off a wholesale slander campaign against the person or group. If you doubt what I’m saying ask Tony Martin, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson or Cynthia McKinney. It’s so obvious even the Goyim notice and document it. “AIPAC also advises Zionists on which Black Americans to support. American blacks are not as stupid as whites regarding Zionism. Thus, Zionist Jews have always considered it vital to control the black political agenda and determine its leadership. Wealthy Jews provide key financial support for black churches, thus keeping their pastors quiet. Jews also provide campaign funding and key databases for aspiring black politicians, thus insuring their obedience to Zionism. For example, apartheid South Africa was so allied with Israel that they might have been one country. During that era, any Black that spoke against South African apartheid was politically eliminated.

    (This was why Mel Gibson chose apartheid South Africans to be villains in one of his “Lethal Weapons” movies. Gibson could not attack Jews directly, so he attacked apartheid, which was maintained by Jews and their Afrikaner allies.) Zionist Jews maintain an invisible plantation.

    Any Black that escapes the plantation, like Cynthia McKinney, is hunted down and eliminated. McKinney opposed Israel and the war in Iraq, but regained her seat in 2004.Therefore AIPAC had the Democratic Party redraw her district, thus removing her key constituents. AIPAC even had guards deny her entrance to Congress several times, until McKinney finally lost her cool. Cameras were always there, waiting, and they finally caught McKinney exploding in anger. The story was plastered all over the Zionist-owned media, such that the public regarded this honest and courageous woman as a ‘Black *****.’ ” Dissecting The Lobby

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    Sistah McKinney is not the only Black elected official to feel the wrath of the Zionists. Earl Hilliard of Alabama was also targeted for defeat in 2002 because of his unenthusiastic support of Israel. “A warning was delivered in the defeat of Rep. Earl Hilliard, a civil rights activist, in Alabama's 7th district primary, by Arturo Davis, a Harvard-educated lawyer. Hilliard was targeted by right-wing Zionist forces for siding with the Palestinians. Davis was aided with fundraising by the American-Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC). Concerns were immediately expressed that the defeat of Hilliard would be used as a rallying cry to target other Black candidates who support the establishment of a Palestinian state. The 7th CD is a majority minority district based in Birmingham and the surrounding Black Belt.

    Redistricting removed several counties that polled heavily for Hilliard and added voters to the counties where Davis was strongest. He had received 34 percent of the vote in 2000.The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee traditionally supports incumbents, but for Hilliard their help was considered ‘too little, too late’.”
    These are facts that cannot be denied or obfuscated by the corporate mind control apparatus. They won’t even try, but they will smear and character assassinate anyone who criticizes Israel or the Zionist/NeoCon agenda. The Zionists exert tremendous influence in both domestic and foreign affairs. Too much. But until unaware, unorganized and unfocused folks like us realize we live in a multi-ethnic pluralistic and highly competitive society and we recognize the importance of group unity, solidarity, cohesiveness and planning, well organized and well funded groups like the Zionists, NeoCons and New World Oder crowd will always have an advantage. Now that we know who is pulling the strings what are we gong to do about it?