Black Poetry : Who Pimpin Like Me


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Oct 26, 2005
Windy City
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Who pimpin like me
Seven Hoes on the block
Making money you see
Its the trick that they gone meet
Take the trick money and bring it to daddy
They giving trim for 20 bucks
Then they give the rest for 40 bucks
Its the
Last don of the dons
The Grey Goose and Cranberry
Keeps going till the sun
I treat my hoes like equals
I slap the taste I treat em all equal
No other pimp
Better step to my hookers
My guns go click
Times up get the picture
I a made figga
You not use to street ryhmes
So I paint the darn picture
Pimp im a Gold Digger
Rag to riches worth about five or six figures
So now you picture
The streets are watching
The cadillac is drop top
And the dog rottwieller
Its like poetry in these streets
She gives him some
Drops her off-Its a daily routine
Its a everyday thing
My gurl rides with me
Ride or Die-She be right there with me
Check the Hoes when the money aint right
Smack the tricks if they stiff you see
I gotta chevy caprice
Pile em in if the popos sweeping the streets
Drop off on chicago ave-Tell em work it for me
Money maker make that money
Or you dealing with me
See this is the life I chose
Pimp preacher I get you to buy a plastic rose
I fill there minds with love and then check the Hoes
My money never short cause I check em yo
Im the pimp of the year
Im down you heard
I can even show you how to get your start
Start with a dancer thats looking for something
I mean a soldier dime piece
She aint wanting for nothing
Make her feel like a movie star she aint wanting for nothing
Stop her dancing show other ways to get rich quick
Get her getting other girls the same way you did
The woman tend to trust another woman for real
Im the master they dont know she just my puppet for real
We have a line up that could make me a mill
Have basketball playas in town
Thet gone make me a mill
They pull up in they bentleys
Winking thinking they dons
But im the bank-Its your money im my pocket
Ha Ha
So the story does
Yes its quite simple
Who Pimping Like Me
Im that figga!!

I think that Pimps & Prostitutes
Or whatever they like to call themselves are a menance
I mean any man or woman who thinks this life is for them
I pray for them-Pimping woman is a disease
Woman wanting a way from there present to this current is a fool
Look to the Lord-He will shine on you
Be sincere and heart felt all your dreams will come true
Thank You for reading poets
Stay Blessed!!
Pimping da hoes, pimping da hoes...
right on mack daddy, that's the way to go
crack tha whip, git da cash
we know all good thangs don't last

here's what ya do...

Everyday, tip up on one of dem hoes, just pop up on the scene
The first *** you run into...beat her into a Queen

Nice piece Tantrum, I enjoyed reading and responding to this, thanks for the ride​


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