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Oct 13, 2006
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Family, let's speak the thoughts no one wants to say. There's an obvious mystery surrounding the death of Kanye's Mother. Obvious because someone is spinning a story here. Why?

Here's my quick guess. The painkillers that Kanye's Mother took prior to her operation were laced with something that sped up her heart and caused a heart attack. Conspiracy theory? Perhaps. But I am justified? It has happened before.

But why her?

Question: If Dr. Donda West had a serious health condition that would lead to a heart attack in the case of a tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery, why is her autopsy still inconclusive?

Why I am this suspicious? Listen to the story being told. Why is the Media framing her Doctor as a criminal? Why is his DUI photo being used?


If Dr. Jan Adams was White we would not see him in this light.

I'm not a big fan of plastic surgery or their surgeons, but it sounds like someone is very jealous of this Man's success.

What's really going on here?


'Dr Death' Jack Kevorkian gets on the cover of TIME Magazine. But Dr. Jan Adams get his DUI photo plastered all over the Internet. Again, another Black Man gets the OJ Media treatment.

Of course he did it. He's Black. He planned it. He's incompetent. Look. He has a DUI photo, so obviously he's get "drunk" behind the wheel. Do you want this Man holding a scalpel to your stomach?

Something is un-balanced here.
"Nobody Cares" -Great quote from Goodfellas

At the risk of sounding insensitive-I'm sorry! I don't think anyone killed her, it was an accident. People die (God never promises the next day.) I do feel bad for the doctor; although I don't believe it has anything to do with race. It has a lot to do with the statues of who Kanye is. I feel like the media is really exploiting this story (which they do often) I don't feel like Mrs. West is getting any respect for who she was. It's just all about the story they don't care. Maybe their a lil curious, but really they don't care, it's all about the story. That's why all this stuff is coming up about this doctor. Even though he is supposedly this big celeb doctor if anyone of his other patients had died no one would care. It's just a story to them and it's so sad to me. The media doesn't really care-that's all I got to say so yeah they suck. They'll be on to a new story next week. R.I.P Kanyes Mommy.

P.S --Oh yeah & can't you just imagine, which ever show gets to interview Ye first, another story.
Demonization 101

I thought something was strange about her death as well but if anyone really looks deep into the poisons that the pharmaceutical industry puts on the market, you will see that all of these concoctions destroy the human body. Check out any Physicians Desk reference and you will see that all allopathic medicines destroy the body. For a historical reference, see lawsuits connected to celebrex, vioxx, zoloft, etc. These DRUGS were EXPOSED as POISONS for humans. In fact, anything that doesn't help you heal can be considered hazardous to your health!

The original King James Bible uses the word, “pharmacea” for witchcraft and sorcery. It literally means “drug abuse” so please remember this when you are ill. Side effects are are really poisonous effects!
In time I'm sure more of the facts in this case will come out. Not now. The Media will play ball with it for awhile, and then perhaps next year or so someone will come out saying the very same things I am saying now. Then people will start listening. Perhaps there is no great big conspiracy here at all. But that does not diminish the fact that something like this "can" happen. If we look at the spectrum of Hip-Hop for what it is, Kanye West- if triggered the right way- could be, would be, might be- a strong force behind what Hip-Hop should become- more conscious. Let's not exclude the fact that the Man does have Racist enemies due to his comments against Bull-sh. But don't we all.

Could it be done? Sure, it has been done. Anyone of us taking drugs from the Medical Mafia can be killed any day of the week. This is still one of the most traceless forms of murder known to Man. Figures show hospital deaths due to "medical errors" estimate around 195,000 deaths in America alone. Think about that. Accident? Perhaps. If I make an accident on my job, I hit ctrl + Z. If a Doctor makes an accident, someone's life is lost. Oops.

Bro. SpiritualOne thank you for that information. That also makes me question the "pain killer" because pain is the body trying to heal itself. When we get "sick" for example, that is the body repairing the problem. Reports also say painkillers are the most common drugs listed on death certificates. Pain killers help to inhibit prostaglandin synthesis, drugs like Aspirin for example- perhaps the number one killer in America does just that and promotes heart attacks as well. Native people have used salicin (white willow) for centuries. Salicin does the very same thing Aspirin does and more.

To date, there has not been any reports of people dying due to taking white willow for pain relief. Remember I said it does the very same thing Aspirin does. So what's the deal here? This is because natural herbs are not "killers" they are conductive to the body's chemistry. Keep in mind also Bayer the company that produced Aspirin also produced Heroin. Aspirin is the synthesized salicin acid, and this is what makes the product so dangerous.

Our Ancients used myrrh for pain relief.

Dr. Donda West's death is something we all need to reflect on. Especially those of us with Wives and Mothers who are looking at the tummy tuck and other plastic surgery procedures as options. I am very upset with Sistahs these days getting the straight noses too. It wasn't enough that they shot off the nose of the Sphinx? But I understand a tummy tuck and breast reduction seems harmless. Everyone wants to look and feel like they did when they were 18-25. Well, do you want to think like you did when you were 18-25?

Also, Africans have always had their own form of plastic surgery. We called it face and skull sculpting. When a baby is born the skull is very soft. Thank the Ancestors for sweet African Mothers will delicate hands. The the bridge of the nose can be sculpted as well as the head. Have Africans in America forgotten this? Beauty is an artistic craft.


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