Black People : Who Is Who On This Planet??? Origin of The Black Race Pt. 8

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    As I begin pt.8 of this subject concerning our reality, it's very important that some things I spoke about in my earlier post are not forgotten as I start to pull this together. For example; I stated that everything that exist in the physical once existed in the realm of the UNSEEN or what some of us refer to as MIND or DIVINE MIND...while others of us state or call it the SPIRITUAL REALM. All of these terms are correct and we'll understand why in a few. I also stated that the book that we call the Bible was written by our people in Memphis Kemet and that it was later hijacked into the form it has now. I equally stated that it is not in sequential order...and as many of us may or may not be aware of, many of the stories in there are the stories of our people that were again, highjacked into the distortions that presently exist.

    It is of course, only with the study of our history on every conceivable level that there is, that one can begin to go back and extract the truth concerning who and what we are as well as how we got here. From there we can indeed chart what we did and the cause and effect that has us in the condition that we are in and that we have the ability to dam near instantly stop if we can ever wake up to our reality. This thing is bigger than us and yet at the same time a part of us.

    The genius of our ancestors is that they did an awful lot of writing. I mean, our people in ancient Kemet wrote about everything! This is how we know about the foods that they ate, the clothes that they wore, the spiritual practices that they had, the medical knowledge, the science and everything else!! They were some writing @sses in terms of keeping records and recording events in their civilization or what happened to them. I have a question that I want to ask every thinking person out there. Since they were such proficient writers and recorders of everything in their lives...and since we know based upon the research of Dr. Diop and others, that 4 out of 5 households at one time had WHITE SERVANTS....where's the record of this? Where are the recorded events, observations, character writings or anything else in regards to our first contact or intimate contact with these people????

    What we have here is a blank spot in history that shouldn't exist when we look at the habits, customs and reality of our people in Kemet. WHERE ARE THE RECORDS OF OUR ANCESTORS INTIMATE CONTACT WITH WHITE PEOPLE???? I'm asking this because, the reality of white people today and even more so in the past would have been so contradictory to their reality that to be real about it...they wouldn't have had any choice but to write about it!! I want you to imagine, based upon what we already know concerning white people, what it would have been like.

    Here we would have some smelly, stinking, hairy, grunting, walking on all fours at times...hoard of what to our ancestors would have been some form of beast in the beginning....and they wrote nothing about it??? Here would have been a people that would have been running down on ancient Kemet for food or whatever...and now I have to believe that our ancestors WROTE NOTHING ABOUT IT????

    I know just by common sense, that after our ancestors met or spotted them people, that they would have sent out a scouting party to find out what they were, where they came from and how they were living. That for me is just PURE COMMON SENSE....AND THEY WROTE NOTHING ABOUT IT ????!! So here's the deal. One of two things had to have happened based upon the reality of our people in Kemet...because I know for a fact that they would have done everything that I said. The first thing is that MAYBE ALL THE RECORDS WERE STOLEN OR TAKEN OUT BY WHITE PEOPLE IN ORDER TO HIDE THEIR REALITY. This is plausible but I'm not buying this one, I'm not buying this one because I don't think that white people are that smart or were that smart to be able to extract EVERYTHING IN THE DOCUMENTS OR WRITINGS THAT PERTAINED TO THEM.

    The second thing that could have happened and based upon a mountain of what the courts would call CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE, did indeed happen, was that....the reason that there are no records concerning our ancestors first contact with white people is because our ancestors DIDN'T WRITE A RECORD. The next question should be, why not? Personally speaking and based upon some ancient writings of our ancestors, I THINK THAT THEY DID SOMETHING THAT THEY WERE NOT VERY PROUD OF AND TRIED TO HIDE THE RECORD OR NOT WRITE ONE IF POSSIBLE....BUT THEY DID WRITE SOMETHING, HOWEVER MINUTE AND THEY LEFT THE CLUES BEHIND FOR US TO SEE.

    The other great thing that they did because they had a seriously complex mind, was that, when they wrote things, they wrote things on many levels. They wrote an exoteric reality and an esoteric reality at the same time. Kemet is known for having something called a DIVINE TRINITY. They knew that THREE WAS A DIVINE NUMBER and it was they who formulated something called SACRED GEOMETRY, which I'd advise people to look up. For them it was the sun, moon and stars, the mother, father and child... past, present and future... proton, neutron, electron...mind, body and soul, etc...The point is that they had a divine trinity. This is important as we go back.

    When we ask, how did we get here and we come to understand that, HOWEVER WE LOOK AT IT, WE ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE ON THE PLANET THAT DID NOT COME FROM THIS PLANET. If we say that the PRIME CREATOR made us, then we would have existed in the mind of the Prime Creator before being manifest...and since we know that the Prime creator isn't from earth since earth did not exist, then neither are we. If we say that we manifested on earth from DIVINE MIND or COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, then again, we were obviously from some place else before we got here. If we say that we were made by aliens or interfaced with them, then again, we are not from here and earth is not our home.

    I had to lay all of this out just to say that, when our ancestors said that THREE WAS A DIVINE NUMBER, they were right...not only were they right but I have discovered another level to their writings. I learned through study that they wrote on an exoteric and esoteric level...but there is a third level also and I don't know the name of it. I discovered this third level quite by accident only to have the idea of there being a third level confirmed by other writers. It is stated in the Bible that; THERE WAS A WAR IN HEAVEN. I found this interesting because of my understanding that EVERYTHING THAT EXIST IN THE PHYSICAL ONCE EXISTED IN THE UNSEEN.

    To Be Continued....