Black Poetry : Who Is This Trump You Speak Of ?

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    Heads Are Coming Together
    All for a great cause
    To love one another
    This comes from the hand of God
    Strength comes to those willing to explore
    Took look deeper in the bible like ever before
    Grab a hold of a hand when to understand
    Sad faces will be no more
    Lest I implore an opened door
    Freaks in the street
    They have riots there cause is hate

    Can there be a difference in the mind
    Viscous long hanging fangs that bite
    Evil minds that plug destruction
    Having tombstones for eyes
    We must practice what we preach
    Dig a bit deeper than ever before
    Reach inside we have nothing to hide
    Heads are coming together
    Whatever the weather they gather
    A beacon of light to a hurting world in need

    To stay silent is not a choice
    We must have a sense to rejoice
    God in his sovereignty has brought us in
    Time well spent in thought
    Blackened hearts unleashed to violence
    The blind lead the blind falling into a ditch
    A challenge to be free is a question of time
    Stand up for your rights