Chief Elder Osiris : Who Is The Master Politician In Party Politics?

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    Who Is The Master Politician In Party Politics?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    When it come to Black people the sign of our inability to Think Divinely is our involvement in America politics, the institution that master the method of controlling your mind and have you believing that you do your body life good favor, by being a participant in America politics.

    It is commonly accepted that politic is a game of compromise and lying and deceiving the people whose confident the politician is committed to win over to the politician favor, so it is the politician political obligation to learn the technique of mind control through the use of propaganda, meaning having the people to believe what they have been programmed to believe is true by feeding the people information that convince the people that such false and disinformation is true with the use of propaganda method of feeding the people such flawed information.

    Now, when your mind has become a victim of propaganda information, then what you believe is what you have been conditioned to want what you have been made to believe is true.

    So you become unable to See what you need to see in life, because you have been made to become to occupied with believing what you have been conditioned to want to believe is true, and not what you need to know is not true.

    So your life become the property of the party politician you have been conditioned to believe in and act in behalf of the greater good for your life, when in fact your life has been made to be for the greater good of the politician and not your self.

    A victimized party political mind, is a mind that have been made not to See, Hear, nor know what is Divinely True, and is in favor of your life, because your life has been conditioned to live within a box that prevent you from knowing the difference in being a Free Thinker and being a Wanting believer, a mind set that is always in the future, instead of being in the past and here and now.

    A politician is one who prey upon the mind that has been conditioned to be weak in the ability to reason rationally and logically about the events that are effecting your life and because of your mind victimization, you are not able to see and know what is Divinely True and is in favor of your body life, in order to be able to live Divinely Free and peacefully.

    By not being in such a Divine Mind state, you end up living a life that has a mind that has been programmed to defend the lying and deceiving politician that give not one **** about the quality that your life is living, as Black people.

    The programmed mind of the party politic participants, their mind has been suited up with a certain ignorant arrogance, made to believe that such a mind they wear is that of a mind that act and serve to the good of your life self, whenever in defense of the party politician.

    Such a state of mind is a sure sign of a mind under the influence of political propaganda, made to believe what the politician tell you to be the truth and is in the best interest of your life.

    Not so beloved, in party politics, it is all about the party being in control of your life and the master party politician happen to be none other than the president of America politic, the president of The United States Of America, the masterful liar and deceiver, the great compromise of your life, and yet you have been made to defend with your life, such a great deceiver who work for the creators of lies and deception.

    They being those that stay out of your presence as they send their political agents to control the way you are to believe about the events that are created to effect your life in a way that those events serve only to the advantage of the master politician and the creators of the political institution, in which all of your belief, faith, and hope is given too.

    The President Of The United States happen to be the Master Politician of party politics, so in no way does the president act in the interest of the people whose mind has been made to believe in everything the president say is True, and that Master politician act in the interest of your life.

    So to believe that, show that you no longer Think with your Ancient Ancestors of the First Way Mind, but with a Human Being Mind that has been created to function within the box of wanting, believing, faith, hope and future, principles that serve to be evidence that such a mind is the victim of political and religious propaganda, made to no longer know how to creative Think anymore.

    So anyone who is affected by a layman follower of the politician, is someone that is unsure of what your life is entitle to know, understand, be reasonable, rational, and logical about, concerning those events that are effecting your life and is requiring you to make decisions about that which will determine the quality of life you will create for your self to live.

    Not based upon the politician action but on the action of your Mind independent Thinking, concerning those things that the Master politician and the party politicians present to you for your acceptance.

    It is the Master politician that has master the skill of controlling and propagandizing you follower of party politics mind and you will do what you believe is necessary and is best for the political party you have been conditioned to be a member of.

    So it is no wonder why it is that the followers of party politics do and say the things you have been programmed to say and do, because in the mind of a wanting follower, you have been made to believe that the action your life display, is for the greater good of the party, therefore it must be for the greater good also, for your life.

    To believe such, is to serve as evidence that you are no longer under the influence of your Ancient First Way Ancestors Mind and to have lost control of the ability to Think Divinely, will have you in opposition to all who do not subscribe to the Master politician guidance, the Master politician being the president of the United States Of America, taking orders from the creators of that world political institution, which only serve to the Greater Good of those who created such an institution, with a foundation of lies, deceit, and conning compromise.

    It is the foolish and made to be ignorant Afrikan who do not know the power of the Mind, a Mind that can cause you to See Divinely the Spirit of the self of other people and is qualified to read the body spirit expression of the body self, when expressing its self.

    Such an ability to Divinely See, is not religious prophecy, it is Divinely Knowing how to interpret what you have the ability to See, and the foolish among us, live with a Human Being Mind of Doubt of such Divine ability to See, because of the mental programming the mind the doubter now wear, which now belong to the mind that created the mind that you now use, it belonging to the Human Being politicians in your life.

    So, what a believing and wanting mind has faith, hope and belief in, such a mind has no effect on what a Seeing, knowing, Understanding Reasonable Mind is aware of, concerning the events of happening that occur in the life of those that Think to know what is Divinely True And Real, To Such A Divine Mind Thoughtful Action.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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