Black People : Who is the Black Man?

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    "She will not birth a nu thought pure as ether being who birth without semen so what is the use of her being Black Mary???"

    You know throughout reading most of the holy texts out there from religion to religion of culture to culture and spending time to understand circles around the world...i've came to a conclusion that the black man has to be a savior. Yuppie!! Ain't you excited best friend??? I know you're not cause you take parts of the word from anyone brother of a hue-man mankind born from your sister of different light spectra but oh...there i go again so let me back out rewind to the exclamation mark two spaced(and the sound from the vcr is heard). See his blood is sacrificed continuously at the cross when the KKK first saw the fire light and the enemy's mule slash burden was gone all away a a a a those songs just reverb with perception sometimes hearing those church angels sing emotionally feeling you up to the capacity you never felt before cause it is sincere and troubling at the cross.

    Now, every time a righteous black man get up, whether he is known or not, the black angel turns black devil and sit down. So the black devil twists everything proclaiming to be God him or herself of however she figures the situation to not be account for as God itself slash herself slash himself slash unknown. Very interesting how the holy spirit just run through her absolutely touched to be the carrier of fear me or respect me. Very interesting how the "fantasy black man" is invisible and held highly in esteem never walking around though synonymous with the "favorite savior" as her only "King" which is the same as "the King" she will follow in the physical when "He as They" arrives. Now i know chess and alot of things but if i were a black woman i would probably ask myself too...who is the black man???

    Cross is perceptive as a four way stop sign and more.
    Blood is perceptive as bloodline, human-blood and more.

    (Diary of a Black Man: Just An Illusion) Copyright 2014
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    I this piece...but here's the flip and the reality. In a work entitled; Chronology of the Bible by Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan and in his lectures, he attempted to speak with the black ministry in America about this YT Jesus they have....the Black ministry told him that "should they take down a YT Jesus and put a Black one up there, that they would have no congregation on the following Sunday or that in churches where the members have power, that they would simply have that minister removed. Bottom line: Our people are seriously "F" ed up in the head! So much so that the black woman would indeed ask; Just who is the black man? Obviously not man enough to reflect his own reality instead of somebody elses!