Brother AACOOLDRE : Who is the #1 Killer of the Blackman????


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Jul 26, 2001
Its a common myth that the #1 killer of the Blackman is the Blackman.
Thats false.

Correct Answer: The number 1 killer of the Blackman is Abortion through the Blackwoman.

We are at war. We are the prey, we are prisoners of war. Therefore Act accordingly.

The Revolution of African-americans is in between the legs of the Blackwoman. We can't fight when you kill off your seed.

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Feb 9, 2001
Is anyone else besides me starting to seriously question the data on Black people?

Every where we look, the data ALWAYS portrays Black people as the worst type of people in the nation.

I'm extremely concerned that, while living in a racist society, a society where Black people are the victims of oppression and always have been, and where white people outnumber Black people, it's always trying to be proven through so-called empirical data, that Black people are always the highest percentage group of everything negative.

I'm not trying to suggest that Black women don't have abortions. Black women do have them. But along with the quantitative data...if you're going to use data to prove a point and send a message, then can we also consider qualitative data as well?

I'm really done with Black people being described as totally dysfunctional, unhealthy, self-destructive and uncaring.

This "rant" isn't directed at you, Bro. please don't take this personal. It's how you have described this situation.

I completely reject the notion that the most dangerous place for an AA is in the womb. That statement is so beyond my ability to comprehend, so hurtful, I can't begin to describe how irrational that sounds to me.

Numbers don't define us. They can't stand alone to tell our story as a people. Yes, WE are at war, but not with each other.

Yes, Black men and Black women should be responsible for their actions when having sex. But some of those babies that were aborted, we shouldn't jump to conclusions and assume that every situation is the same and only done because Black women just want to kill their babies for no reason. How do we know that some of these were necessary for health reasons or involuntary or even miscarriages?

We are not that callous! We are not that cold-hearted and unfeeling! You don't know the backstory to explain the numbers that appears on a sheet of paper. We are NOT a one-dimensional people.

If you care, then take the time to learn about us and to understand the Black woman's experience in America and the reasons why she chooses abortion. Don't fall for the BS and think you know us just by reading numbers.

I just won't believe it. Not 100% of our truth. Black women are NOT the Black man's enemy. Do NOT declare War on us like this!! Please show more compassion!! I beg you in the spirit of love and compassion for each other. Our future together depends on it! :(



going above and beyond
Feb 9, 2001
I'm going to be honest. I read the OP and my eyes stung with tears and it was difficult to breathe! We deserve so much better than this, people.

I will FIGHT to prove this BS is a LIE!

Don't believe the hype . . . Black people are not our worst enemy! gives me a heavy heart to think that some of us believe that. It's not true.

Worst, I just can't believe war was declared on Black women and our wombs.

We can't go down like this, not without a fight and because we love each other.

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