Chief Elder Osiris : Who Is Pulling Al Sharpton String ?

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    Who Is Pulling Al Sharpton String ?

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    You know beloved, when you do not Think, the Truth escape you and Divine Thinking is a technique we lost a long Time ago and have yet to have a desire to find it again, you see, nothing happen without a cause and a designed effect and the way Al has decided to pick a fight with our young bloods should give you cause to wonder what really is his motive and is it that he is really feeding his money trough, to the extent he will be willing to cause enmity to develop between the Hard Core Hip Hop and the soft core, with Al romancing the Soft core young blood Hip Hoppers.

    Imus was only a ruse, use to deceive you of who the real target is to be, so now you see, Al is now going after the Hard Core Hip Hop, in order to sway and pull the Black Female to be persuaded to be the voting block in the upcoming presidential election and the target you Black Sisters will be pointed toward to support is Hillery, because you see, Barack has double crossed Hillery, he was supposed to have been just a stalker for Hillery but when he took off beyond his own expectation, his handlers has persuaded Barack to go seriously after the Democratic Presidential Nomination, so you have the making of a Socio-Economic-Political Turmoil in the coming Months, a mixture of inland america Terrorism and Black Militancy encounter.

    Al is working for Hillery and he will do anything to mobilize the Black Women vote, so what he does, he declare Socio-Economic War against the Hard Core Hip Hop establishment.

    Black Folks are so unsophisticated when it come to the use of disinformation and propaganda deception against us, tell me, why now is it that Al is now the Black Jesus Moralist, now this is not to mean that I support the use of Ho, *******, Mother Fxxxxr to describe the Black Woman, it is just that such words have been batted around before Imus attempted to become a Hip Hop culture representative for Five Seconds.

    The present crop of so call Black Activist Leaders ain't worth an old fashion used piss pot and especially those in the Ministry walking around with their collar turned backward, which clearly and accurately depict them with the implication that they do not know in which direction they are attempting to lead black People.

    Hip Hop must not be allowed to disintegrate to a meaningless gospel selling integrations/assimilation lyrics selling influence groups, it must keep its potential of being a culture for constructive Change, meaning our Liberation away from america and the return to our Enslaved Mother and Father Land, Afrika, I would like to hear more about where from whence we have come and to where we must return and why, in order for us to reclaim our respect.

    Al is a disgrace to the Black Nationalist Garvey Movement and the fact that he is such a disgrace with such boldness, show that he does not have respect for the dignity of Black People.

    The present crop of so call Black Leaders serve to be an insult to our Enslaved Ancestors and to the Likes of The Honorable Marcus Garvey Leaders.

    The Divine Truth, Black folks Despise The divine Truth And When You do Not Know, You Set Yourselves Up to Believe Anything.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder