Chief Elder Osiris : Who Is Beholden To Whom?

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

    Beloved, why is there a want by Afrikans to point a finger of criticism or
    condemnation one toward the other, when in fact we Afrikans do not desire to
    face the Truth about Afrika and the Afrikan, in term of what is needed for
    Afrika and the Afrikan to recover and reclaim Afrika and the Afrikan?

    The Afrikan, be we in Afrika or in the Diaspora and in america in
    particular, we are quick to make claim of our educational status by assuming
    the label of being an intellectual, yet our thinking remain so disorderly
    when it come to contemplating solutions to the problems that now hold Afrika
    and the Afrikan mind captive.

    Seemly the first thing come to the so call Afrikan intellectuals mind when
    discussing the problems and need of Afrikans, is the educational economic
    climate of the Afrikans, along with the sociology and religious behavior of
    the Afrikan in Afrika as well and we go to work drawing our line of
    disagreement with each other, never to reach a unifying consensus of what
    need to be done in order to free Afrika and the Afrikan.

    All because we do not desire to face the Truth about Afrika and the Afrikan
    and this apply to the Afrikan in Afrika as well as the Afrikan in the

    So I ask the question, which Afrikans are beholden to the other when it come
    to the Afrikan in Afrika and the Afrikan in the Diaspora because you see,
    Afrikans problem is psychological first and foremost and until we get our
    mind back under our control, we will continue to overlook the Afrikan
    problem as we attempt to make it to be education-economic, a dying need for
    monetary capital, as we vent distrust which breed a lack of Afrikan love
    between the Afrikan in Afrika and the Afrikan in the Diaspora and america in

    So, who is beholden to whom, is it the Afrikan in Afrika to their kit and
    kin in the Diaspora or is it the Afrikan in the Diaspora to the Afrikans in
    Afrika and can such an estranged relationship between the two be the actual
    cause of Afrika and the Afrikan condition today?

    You need to get real my dear beloved sisters and brothers, you see the
    Afrikans in the Diaspora do not owe Afrika and the Afrikan in Afrika
    anything but it is the Afrikan in the Diaspora that is obligated to Afrika
    and the Afrikan in Afrika by mere fact of the action that cause the Afrikan
    to be in the Diaspora without having a choice and vice versus, yes beloved
    we are obligated to each other to save Afrika and the Afrikan Nation because
    nobody here has bragging rights one against the other.

    The Afrikan in the Diaspora came to be there by force and the Afrikan that
    remained in Afrika allowed themselves to come under the force and control of
    the same oppressors, so tell me, if we desire to play the blame game with
    each other, who bear the greater blame when it come to Afrika and the
    Afrikan present condition?

    The Afrikan in Afrika think they know more about the Afrikan life than the
    Afrikan in the Diaspora and the Afrikan in the Diaspora think the same about
    Afrika and the Afrikan in Afrika and such is why Afrika and the Afrikan,
    home and abroad is in a state of desolation and isolation as I speak.

    There are traitors on both side of the Atlantic and they are founded within
    the Afrikan family and their action and behavior toward Afrika and the
    Afrikan give them away, in america they are called Afrikan american, those
    who are in position of servitude to the power brokers of america, having the
    power of perquasion among the rank and file of the Afrikan in the Diaspora
    as well as in america, therefore their mind,( Afrikan american ) their
    thoughts are not their own and that is why they behave toward Afrika and the
    Afrikan as they do, again I say, there is a fundamental difference between
    the Afrikan american and the Afrikan In america and the problem with the
    Afrikan in Afrika is that they seek relationship with the wrong Afrikans in
    the Diaspora and in america in particular thus Afrika and the Afrikan reap
    what you associate with.

    Whether the Afrika In Afrikan desire to hear this or not, it is true and how
    you relate to it is up to you, it is the Afrikan in the Diaspora and in
    america in particular that represent the hope and salvation for Afrika and
    the Afrikan in Afrika, we came this way ( middle passage ) for a reason and
    our stay in america (Diaspora )is not to be perpetual, our obligation is
    to return home to Afrika and our Afrikan kin, not seeking tribal
    relationship, we are a continental Afrikan people, we are all one family and
    our patriotism, our loyal must be not to stateism but to the continent of

    You want to know what the Afrikan problem is, thus making it to be a problem
    in Afrika, No! it is not capital, it is the Afrikan psychological.

    When the Afrikan on both sides of the Atlantic reclaim our original mind,
    that will be the Time Afrika and the Afrikans will cease to be the walking
    dead and become the Star in the East as she once was.

    The way to go in order to obtain Afrika and the Afrikan salvation is so
    plain until a Fool should not error, yet we make it as difficult as we want
    it to be.

    So the question, Who Is beholden to Whom? Beloved, Afrika and the Afrikan,
    regardless of where we are, we are beholden to each other and if we really
    are intellectuals, then we should understand such a need because such
    require order in our thinking and from order, Afrika and the Afrikan will
    become one again, absent of the disease state, physical as well as Spiritual
    we Afrikans now suffer in Afrika.

    It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation

    Honor, Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey

    Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant, Political Revolutionary
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
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