Black People Politics : Who Do You Consider Our Peoples Real Leaders In 2016?!?


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Aug 9, 2003
Whatever may well
the black lives matter movement's
protests and rallies, they are just the most outspoken segment of young black people speaking about police miscounduct in general, and the racism of some white cops in particular...

So who do you feel truly feel and think reflect our peoples best interests
on the mutual respect level?!?

I do need and want your answers to those questions asap!!!



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Apr 7, 2013
Whatever may well
the black lives matter movement's
protests and rallies, they are just the most outspoken segment of young black people speaking about police miscounduct in general, and the racism of some white cops in particular...

So who do you feel truly feel and think reflect our peoples best interests
on the mutual respect level?!?

I do need and want your answers to those questions asap!!!

Hi chuck… Are you speaking regarding a ground movement BLM or a national level which would include best interests in the Presidential line up? There are also people working for urban renewal like Star Parker and Miss Davies. I think the best leaders would be those who aren't based in false rhetoric that lives in inflammatory story telling like all White people are born with scales and are sent to purge black people of their riches as retribution for drinking up the Nile and leaving it smaller than it was. None of that is a reality.


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Apr 7, 2013
Socialist Rhetoric - wow! Are you believing it?

Russia invited a Socialist man Omali Yeshitela for a little visit with them. Why? What's their reason? Because the USA is an Imperialist? Down with Imperialism, right? Who is it who dominates and makes government slaves of their own people. Who doesn't allow their people freedom of criticism ? Do you know what they do with citizens who try to get justice from the Kremlin? They end up hospitalized in mental asylums, medicated and until they agree to quit finding fault with the Russian KGB, government control of citizens, and whining for freedom of travel to other places in the world.

Haven't you seen with your own eyes the ramp up of taking over the Ukraine through war, a sovereign people? And what do you think Russia is doing in Syria, just being charitable, to keep the President in power because Russia is so good hearted? No. Putin is setting up a puppet government under Russia's Control.

Russia goes into Africa to make deals with gifts, so they can have access and oil.

Of corse Russia doesn't want globalization in the world. They would rather have the different nations isolated, easier for a take over if there is no communications between people. That would stop nations from making allies and working out mutual agreements that would benefit one another.

Yeah, right, people of other nations "hate the USA" interfering in their Communist, Socialist, Dictator controlled countries, and that is why, they build any kind of water float risking drowning to get here. They run our borders and we can't keep them out. The U.S. would like to dominate the world with the Democratic freedom to vote in their own rulers. The bloody jihad was "created" by the USA? Really? I know the Socialist professors tell us that these jihadists are "freedom fighters." That's what we were told in a panel of teachers at college. Do you see FREEDOM going on with ISIS, the Taliban? They aren't even allowing their own Middle East children grow up by chance to be good Muslims NO they slit their throats and put their little baby heads on a pike.

Surely you know why we went to war in Vietnam. Because the Communist Vietcong went out into the villages to kill the people for resisting the bloody Communists. We were asked in to protect the people. It is said it was all about the oil we wanted from Vietnam. Vietnam oil at that time was 1%. They didn't have enough for themselves. And do you know why we so called "lost" that war? Because Socialist professors campaigned against that war with student minds, and demanded we put flowers in the barrels of our guns, and prevented our troops from fighting up to their potential UNTIL Nixon just brought our troops out of there defeated. Not by the Vietcong, but by our own people. We should never go to any war unless we go in to WIN it and get out. Our soldiers got NO respect when they got home. Now the nation has a guilty conscience and want us to always thank a soldier, which I wholeheartedly agree. They put their life and body on the line for all of us.

Jimmy Carter couldn't organize a bunch of girl scouts. Yes I appreciate his good intentions.

"Capitalism locks people out from social development." Lie. Socialist effort to deceive you. Tell that to Hong Kong and the Chinese who still use the capital that it generates. Somebody show me Socialist/Communist wealth and development. I can show you Capital development of all kinds that goes into other nations -- sending millions to Africa.

Bernie Sanders hates great wealth. So where will he lead families, and how will he control small businesses, except tax them out the door.
Not even Hillary can think of anything new to do other than taxes, so she has signed a new bill so that the government can pay its debt. There will be an new 3 cent tax per ounce on your soft drink. A 20 ounce bottle will be taxed 60 cents.

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