Chief Elder Osiris : Who Determine The Status Of Racism In America

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    Who Determine The Status Of Racism In America
    Only Black People In America Can Determine The Status Of Racism In America!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    I share information based upon what I am Divinely qualified to see with the penetration of a Divine Eye (Mind) which allow you to see not based upon what you want to look at and not based upon what you want what is not to be, to be what is, and based upon what is in America, the conclusion would be by Black people in America is that Racism, Prejudice, Discrimination, and injustice, remain to be the spirit of America toward and against Black People.

    Now, allow me to qualify what it take to be Black in America, being Black in America is determine by the Class status of Black People in America because America Racism is what create the Black class system in America and it is the Black Lower, to Lower Lower Class that qualify True Black People to determine the status of Racism in America and to the Lower to Lower Lower Class Black People only we are qualified to declare America status where Racism and its attributes are concerned, such was the case in our past and such is the case today and from a Divinely True critical analysis of America today, the status of America is still Racism.

    Now, there is no way you can get a Divine objective analysis of the status of America concerning Racism from Afrikan Americans, their vision is flawed and they are to sensitive in wanting to be accepted by America to be able to see America True Nature when it come to America spirit toward Black People and the Afrikan American depend upon their senses and not a Divine Mind when involving themselves with America, so the Afrikan Americans are always looking for ways to excuse America Racism and by them looking, it prevent them to be qualified to See America as America really is, in the expression of Racism against the Nature of Truly Divine Black People in America, they whom you will find occupying the caste of the Black Lower and Lower, Lower Class in America and those are the Black People qualified to declare the status of Racism in America.

    Only the Afrikan American of the Black social stratum within the Black Society in America is so willing to fast declare an all clear of Racism in America and it is the Foolish Wanting Afrikan Americans who hold up Obama as a symbol of America freedom from its status of Racism, when it is the selection of Obama to be President of America that epitomize America Racism.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    No, the Afrikan American can not understand that Divine truth but the Black Afrikan in America know and understand what such a Divine Truth imply about Obama and his relationship to America Racist action, because when it come to the action of America toward Black People, it is an action of Racism, prejudice, injustice and discrimination, also lying and deceit against the Natural Black Afrikan in America and you only find them to be held captive in the class caste system of America Racism.

    Obama Presidency will not attempt to crack the caste of Racism against the Black Lower and Lower Lower Class of Black Afrikans in America, such would be of to greater result that would cause the social economic elevation of the Black Nation and the return of Afrika become Afrika again.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    So the plan and obligation of the African American is to continue to suppress the Minds of the Black Afrikans in Americans and to deceive those Black people into believing that Obama is our Messiah and that Obama represent the death of America Racism and that is why it is the obligation of the Black Afrikan In America with the Divine Truth concerning America, to challenge the action of deceit coming from the Afrikan American, they telling Black People in America that Racism in America is no more and that we have finally over come injustice and racism in America, as they continue to build false hope in the mind of the Black Afrikan in America concerning Racism in America and what Obama represent to America which they claim is an end to America Racism toward Black People, what liars and deceivers the Afrikan Americans are, in the presence of the Black Afrikan In America.

    No, No beloved, the Afrikan American is not mentally qualified to determine the status of Racism in America and most certainly white Americans are not, so you see beloved, only the Black Afrikan in America stuck in the Racist caste of America Injustice can determine the status of Racism in America and as long as there is the out standing debt of Reparation owed to our Enslaved Ancestors, it does not matter how many Obamas White America clone of themselves, America will still remain a Racist Spirit in the Mind Eye of the Black Afrikan In America until they come face to face justly with our Enslaved Ancestors and their Reparation.

    So yes, there will be the Negro Afrikan American Melting Pot Dwellers, out proclaiming that by America selection of Obama to become president, it exonerate America from all of America obligation to our Enslaved Ancestors and thus to the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors and those Afrikan Americans Melting Pot Dwellers are telling Black People, because of the selection of Obama to be America President it make our Past to become Moot and insignificant and to make such a claim, is of the highest order of disrespect that can be shown to our Ancestral Linage, from our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors to our Enslaved Ancestors on to our present time Ancestors who have most recently dissolved into the abyss of infinity.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind to Your Self, Beloved



    Chief Elder

    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement