Chief Elder Osiris : Who Caused The Mental Dissension Of The Afrikan People ?

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    Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    You know beloved to see some of the things we Afrikans write about
    concerning what happen to the Afrikan to cause us to be in the condition we
    are in today and for such explanation coming from so call Afrikan
    intellectuals, can become very depressing to those of us who know no better
    than to take what the so call Afrikan intellectuals say as being the gospel

    I use such a phrase because I know how much we believe in the religious
    gospel, a gospel saturated with lies and deception, something common to the
    so call Afrikan intellectual gospel, about the happening, past and present,
    to the Afrikan people.

    The subject matter asking, Who Caused The Mental Dissension Of The Afrikan
    People? require that we deal with all of the dynamics that played a part in
    the destruction of the Afrikan Civilization, and we Afrikans should be
    careful of the information we spread on this Net, because there are many of
    our Afrikan people who do not confess to be of the intellectual prowess than
    those of us who proudly point to boasting about our intellect and use our
    degrees of the highest form, as we attached it to our sleeve so all can see.

    You see beloved, when dealing with what happen to the Afrikan people and
    what caused us to now be at the bottom of Human growth and development when
    it come to the social, economic, education, Theological and Communal
    relationship, such require that our approach be without the need to cover
    for the guilty parties that took a part in destroying Afrikan Civilization
    and to be profoundly objective in our search for the Truth, having no
    compassionate emotion as to who it reveal as being the devil, Satan, the
    Lucifer's in charge of Afrikans demise from the world civilized stage of
    life living, the innocent readers of what we write, deserve to be shown that

    Now, beloved, when dealing in search of the Truth about what took place to
    cause the destruction of our Afrikan civilization, require that we be
    qualified to approach such a task using two approaches, one of the sensual
    perceived nature and the other of the Spiritual conceived conscious levels,
    using a perception on the exoteric level and the conception on the esoteric
    level and when the two approaches are in harmony, open the door and see that
    such an orderly approach will lead us to, and there, when the door is open,
    Truth and Reality will be staring us in the Mental and physical face.

    Some intellectuals seem to be proudly committed to protecting the guilt of
    those whose history is of destroying the Afrikan civilization, thus
    preventing them from taking an empirical approach in seeking to know what
    really happen to the Afrikan people and who the primary culprits are and it
    seem that they are not qualified to accept the fact that those whom they
    hold to high esteem, for what ever reason, is the guilty criminals that did
    and still doing the act of destroying the Afrikan Mental psychic, which is
    the cause of why we are to this day, still in a state of deep mental
    depression, being oppressed by those who allow a few of us to make claim to
    our intellectual limited and conditional accomplishment.

    Beloved, the Truth about what happen to the Afrikan people that give cause
    as to what really happen to us and who caused our mental sickness, can not
    be found within the confound of the oppressors history and such is what has
    the intellectuals handcuffed, because their education does not allow travel
    beyond the boarders of the western/Arab world, so what you hear coming from
    some of them about what happen to the Afrikan and who is the cause of it, is
    no more than a distortion of the True facts of the matter, covering up the
    Afrikan condition today and its cause and effect upon the Afrikan people.

    The Afrikan past is the Afrikan Present and to forget it or not try to learn
    of our past will in fact assure our present condition to remain as is and
    putting to shame the profound statement of Truth left by our Ancient Afrikan
    Ancestors, You shall Know The Truth and the Truth cause you to demand your
    freedom, that is if you have it then maintain it and if you do not have it,
    then demand it, doing all things necessary to secure it, our freedom I speak

    The intellectual in their attempt to cover the evil of their master
    oppressors, during their act of Chattel Slavery, attempt to generalize the
    act of Slavery without putting emphasis on the fact that there are various
    acts of slavery, but none to be compared with the act of Chattel Slavery, of
    course no act of slavery is justified, if used to serve the one performing
    the act of slavery, against the will of the participant and /or with malice.

    To the African in america and the rest of the Diaspora, Chattel Slavery was
    and is our enemy and should be until the day we die, never to forget,
    regardless of how much the so call intellectual attempt to miss inform us
    about the evil deeds of their oppressor masters who have allowed them
    certain privileges of limited intellectualism.

    The Afrikan in america and the rest of the Diaspora, here by way of the
    middle passage, is living proof that Chattel slavery did take place and is
    not to be compared, compromised nor justified.

    The Arabs record as to their behavior toward the Afrikan people, speak for
    itself and they are the natural enemy to Afrikan people, based on how they
    came into Afrika and assumed the royalty of the Nubian and now occupy a part
    of Afrika that Nature did not assign to them, yet the intellectual will come
    on the net and attempt to miss lead the innocent of our Afrikan people who
    desire to know the Truth about ourselves and what happen to cause us to be
    at the bottom ladder of Civilization.

    Such knowledge of Truth require a Soulful-mental view beyond the boarders of
    western / Arabs history, in order to know how the Afrikan lived before the
    invaders and conquerors came to the Mother Land Afrika.

    Desire to see yourself beloved Afrikan, when you were really in the Time of
    your glorious life and when you do, you will not allow the so call
    intellectuals, who see only as far as the oppressors have taught them to see
    and that is the distant that project the devilish conquers in that deceived
    and stolen glory, as superficial as it is.

    Reclaim your Mind beloved Afrikans and be informed by the wisdom of our
    Ancient Afrikan Ancestors, a godly life did they live, floating in Harmony
    with the Elemental forces, with Order being present each day and a Balance
    Life does such a relationship did revealed to the World, which caused
    certain members of the planet World to become envious of our Ancient Afrikan
    Ancestors and the rest become History, in the way they want you to perceive
    it as being and such is what the so call intellectuals are peddling to the
    Afrikan people, the act of a Traitor to a once Divine people, The Afrikan!!!

    Yet you see no need for An Afrikan spiritual Retreat, how sad and pitiful
    have we Afrikans become, not realizing that We Are What we Think!!!

    It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation

    Honor, Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey

    Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant, Political Revolutionary
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    [email protected]