Black Entertainment : Who Benefits from Hollywood's free Black history comic book movie ??


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Nov 18, 2016
Stan Lee's comic book, movie ; Black Panther , will be presented free from the first to the 7th in theaters all over the nation! But who will it benefit ??
One has to ask that since "Malcolm X " "Panther" about the real life Black Panthers, "Birth of a Nation" , nor "Selma" or even "Hidden Figures" were ever presented free for this week, of the month with the fewest days , they relegated to our history!
A well crafter entertaining, good dialogued, and even mystical, fantasy sci fi movie, yet has some themes, that an audience unfamiliar, with
1. Traditional African Spirituality,
2. Traditional African Monarchic Politics
3. or the CIA involvement in Neo-colonialism in Africa and their present push towards recolonization.....
.....may not be aware of !
4. But will sadly be well aware of the present Milenial, African American and African tensions and xenophobia , created by COINTELPRO and the NSA since the 90s !

1 In regards to African Spirituality, to continue the White Supremist theory and propaganda , that we become happy animals , running he great grasslands or lounging in trees is something right out of a Tarzan movie !

the concept of Heaven from the Bible is basically African as ones ancestors appear as beings of light or beings clothed with Light! IN Zulu, Ndebele Kikuyu, Xhosa, Dogon, and Yoruba traditions

2 a physical battle to prove the right of a aristocrat, ot be king or ruler among several tribes or nations was not a battle of physical might , to the death, as the Vikings of Scandinavia did, but was instead a battle of Wisdom, where a question was asked to each candidate , regarding a community problem or dilemma and how well they responded , determined who would be the new ruler ! Also there were no absolute monarchs! Africa had a system of democracy, , thousands of years before the Greeks! if someone attained to the throne, but tried to step outside of the edicts principles and mandates of the community as set down b the ancestors, they would be dethroned and no military, or economic branch of the community would serve such a one until a new leader was selected by a irreproachable council of elders

3 if you are from the South or have family there , you know the unfortunate tensions between the African And African American community , and back and forth xenophobia! Therefore the exacerbation of those tensions increases by having a villain, that exemplifies White Supremacies fear of Black Identity Extremists, a bogus term created, by the FBI , just around the time the movie came out ! So here the main antagonist is used to demonise the concept of Global Black unity, as if we would all become terrorists, every last one of us, if we had the right technology or weaponry! Such Racist Propaganda was behind the birth of the NRA, the changing of the gun laws in California , after COINTELPRO destroyed the Panthers, and may even be a factor , global White Supremacy keeping nuclear deterrent capacity, from any Black Nation!
CIA and FBI more then likely used this character as what the Black movements used to call "fly paper" just to see how many would post online , support for Killmonger , and take note

But last but not least and what is also tragic is that the movie becomes a propaganda piece for the CIA!


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Jun 14, 2018
I did not see nor will I probably see this movie, I did though listen to a break down of the movie here:


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Nov 18, 2016
White Supremacy benefits ! Brother James did a very serious montage of memes talking about the Propaganda focused to reduce Black youth to hat they want , them to be

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