Black People : Who are you, or who were you?

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    I want to come down from my serious talk for a minute and play a little game. If you could identify and match your personality or character with a Hollywood actor or star, or any other public figure that we all know, who would that be. Or which pubic figure have you've been told you were reminded of. If you like, you can also include the ones you were told you only looked like, which may go hand in hand in some cases. Now it doesn't have to be only one public figure, so name as many as you like. Myself, I'll probably wound up naming quite a few, because I'm going to began from when I was a kid.

    Michael Evans (Good Times): I was somewhat militant even as a child, and sometimes real good with the books.

    Dwayne Nelson (What's Happening): I was a little shy. Although I could when I had to, I didn't like to fight. Was told I even looked a little like him with the bush and that nose of mine, that didn't start shrinking until my late 20's.

    Sugar Ray Leonard: On my way back from a party during my freshman year when I was living on the U of MD campus, I passed this group of white girls right outside my dormitory. One of them was totally blasted, and her girl friends were trying to keep her from falling on her face. When I passed them, the drunk girl shouted out to me, "Hey it's Sugar Ray Leonard". The reason I'm adding him to the list is because of that, and I found out years later we are related. There's another reason or two, but I'm not going to go into that right now.

    Will Smith: Was told I looked a little bit like him, but more so for having the ability to be funny and be tough.

    Montel Williams: Was told I looked like him when I first got my head shaved. I think it was told to make me feel better.

    Damon Wayans: Was told I looked a little like him with the bald head, and was able to clown, be serious, and be tough. But to me, he always looked like one of my older brothers, the one I mentioned in an earlier thread that he was pretty sick now.

    Steve Harvey: When I picked up weight after moving to Atlanta, I got told a thousand times I looked like him. Even his build.

    Charles Barkley: I know I can be stubborn and out spoken like him sometimes. And although I think being told I looked like him was for the purpose of messing with me, I realized my butt was getting to big, and it was time to hit the gym. The Steve Harvey look alike should have been a wake up call.

    I think a combination of these public figures, based on what I've been told, and what I already know about myself, would probably come closest to summing up who I am, or who I was.
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