Black Poetry : Who Are We, who we be

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    I've been amazed, disgruntled, and disgusted from what I see
    I'm still trying to understand who we are and who we be
    Savage ****** and boss ******* growing up our family tree
    Talking about boss and legacy but don't know how to be an employee
    Legacies are grown through generations confused child
    You have to learn how to follow before you can lead Mr. Miles
    It's not all about growing your pockets fatter
    We still killing each other so our Black lives don't matter
    I keep trying to tell them the block is owned
    Get out of life in the hood killing zone
    We've go to transform the way we think and stop going in circles with the mental roller rink
    While other smile and skate right on by
    Running nations while we keep reality show ratings high
    Yes I'm upset with how we're choosing our fate
    Been seeing this go on since before 1968
    Superfly's ghost still roaming the land along with the ballers, players, pimps and hustlers brand
    What's it going to take for us to stop chasing money?
    No matter how much you have they still don't want to live next to you honey
    Our cast was cemented with that decision that rocked the nation
    So let me ask you who really lost with integration?
    Being the best assimilation and accepting the interpretation
    My sistas rocking blonde hair like Black is on vacation
    My brothers in their tailored suits with ties that can't be loose
    i'm not putting anything around my neck that resembles a noose
    Hanging our hopes on the others accepting us
    Time and again we're left out of the world prospectus
    I need to stop the rant, calm down and eat breakfast
    Chemical meat, eggs and processed juice that all affects us
    Yeah I'm gone ya'll I gotta leave until I can can see
    Walking around zombified staggering throughout the streets
    Got to find a way for us to be and be okay to be
    Who We Are, and who we be