Chief Elder Osiris : Who Are We And What Must Be Our Mission

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    To the people on this Planet, whose Legends are many but yet consistent with the Law and Unity with the Universe, confuse though we be, Truth and Reality is destined to bring clarity to those people which came from above to this place call Earth.

    I come not to bring confusion but only the Truth about our place in the Hue - Man sea of Anthropomorphous Beings, as so designed and created by an Energy of Intelligence we call God.

    We people of the Carbon dust of Eternity, commonly known by many descript Names, in an effort to assign an identity to the Body - Ology of the Life it so experience.

    Therefore we take on to be identified by several Nouns, such as African, Black, Moors, Nubians, Kemetians, Negroes and AfroDescendants, to name a few and such is appropriate if that is how we choose to be identified, for the sake of distinction and not for what we are.

    My concern is of that Being that came out of the bosom of Cosmic Carbon Beings with a high level of Intelligent knowledge, who is upon this planet call earth, the African Black Gender Beings, different in their Body - Ology as they provide similar functions in the reproduction process, one being the Sower of the Seed of the gift of Life and the other being the Producer of that gift, which has been produced within.

    Of the dual genders Beings, Female and Male we call them, it is the Female that become the producer from such divine act of Hue - Man Life Bodyculture on the Hue - Man Level.

    We become so tangle up in semantics about our Being, until we miss, understanding our Divine connection to the Universe, the DNA of God the creator.

    What we call ourselves is a part of who we are and if we do not know who we are, we leave ourselves to be whatever somebody other than ourselves decide to name us or describe us as Beings.

    It is not what we are that is important, it is who we are and to know who we are will determine how we behave in this Universe, wherever Life is in the Universe.

    So, here is our Reality, as, shall I say, Black African People, or what other badge of identity we want to be known by, among the Hue - Man Family.

    We the Carbon Being, Dark by our pigment, Black and African as referred to, by Hue - Man Society, as they so choose to identify us.

    We have become the most despised and Ill treated Beings, among the Hue - Man Family.

    It has not always been that way and the first of our way is the way we must make our way back to and it was on the part of this planet, now known as Africa, is where Our Way was established and that way was of high moral Divine Character, one with God, Universe and Self.

    Where we began is where we must return and to try and duplicate our beginning, so as to take place some where else other than where we began, make only mockery of such a Divine beginning.

    It is apparent that by the action of pangeia, we ended up scattered over this planet, but none is like where we first begun and such a fact make that beginning place sacred and Holy and not to be compared, Such is why we must return to our beginning, Black Woman and Man.

    We wonder what will happen to the Caucasian and all others who have participated in dividing the Carbon Nation and I say, worry not about the fate of your enemy and concentrate on reclaiming the Divine Self of You and in so doing you bring upon those who have disrespected and abused you, their Just punishment.

    The same principal of action apply to the issue of Reparation, think not how the criminals will react to such a Divine request in the form of Reparation,the decision is not left up to the criminal to make, it is the victim who will decide the Time for Reparation to be granted to our Enslaved Ancestors and no one else.

    While I am speaking to you my dear beloved,let me once again deal briefly with the issue of Race. It is apparent that Race in and of itself only depict a difference which imply a variety of all Specie of a set family group, but the variation of the pigment of the Specie has to do with genetics, thus making Race an intricate part within the Specie Family, be they Animal or Hue - Man Sub-Families.

    So there is such a thing as Race, absent of illusion and Race does Matter. Take the Feline Family of Cats. is Race present within that family ? Sure it is, because it denote a difference and there are differences within the Feline Family.

    Is there not a difference between the Lion and the Panther, in term of their coat as well as their characteristics and demeanor ? sure it is and such is genetic based.

    Take the Citric Family, is it not a difference in the Orange and the Grapefruit, Race is expressed revealing the difference in the fruits but the covering and taste of the fruit has to do with genetics and such is not an illusion, which bring me to the Hue - Man Family Specie. Is it not distinguishable differences within the Hue - Man Family and isn't the Black specie pigment different from the Caucasian ?

    Isn't the pigment of our Skin prompted by a genetic action and not a Tan and our features are as well and those differences are classified as Racial difference, if not then how would we Classify ourselves, because the differences are there staring us in the Eyes.

    So one might wonder, why should we need to be classified and I say because we are not all alike and we were created with those differences and we all certainly do not behave alike and it is our behavioral attitude that create the events that affect our Lives.

    The African problem is, we play to much with ourselves, while not ever getting to know ourselves again and such become the highlight of our ignorance. We rather go by what somebody else tell us about ourselves rather than to use our own thinking ability.

    America is a doomed civilization, the weight of her immorality and injustice so affixed to her behavior, will be the death of her and all else who choose to remain in her evil midst, gladly imitating such behavior.

    There is no amount of social - economic and political claim to america that will change our condition in america and she is not about to hand Justice to us, because it is not written for her to do so, therefore to remain in america, making all sorts of claim to her, will only assure our damnation with her.

    We are the True Children of the gods, to use a phrase and our identity bare us out to be so, not in form but in pigment and character and our mission must be to return back to our original domicile, because such a return to our Divine Status, will in turn bring civilized order back to the Black Nation and such will have a changing purging affect upon the Hue - Man Family.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth.

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation
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    hotep my brother!

    Right on to elevating the truth. There are so many of us that are so complacent and satisfied with how things are for fear " I don't want no trouble" or choosing to have that slave mentality and false sense of security and comfort from the slave master's children thereby giving no honour or repect to the brutal and murderous ordeal of the slave trade of their own kin, bloodline, etc. and to those, they do indeed deserve every thing and I mean everything they get. Only the true Africans my brother will be touched/moved by your words of truth and wisdom. ELEVATE the truth my brother, let the purging begin.