Chief Elder Osiris : Who Are Those People With Black Pigment?

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    Who Are Those People With Black Pigment?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    There will come a Time and the Time is upon us, that will reveal Truth in a Divine revealed fashion of unfamiliarity, and yet being acquainted with such a Divine Truth, is not beholding to you who have lost all ability to have self-reliance, and because what I share with you, is not in the domain of the Mind Black people are guided by today, and that which I share, defy all that the Mind Black people is guided by, and will not allow Black people to identify with that which is Divinely True and is Reality Nature to reveal such a Divine quality of information, that by Reality Nature, condemn all that the Human Being has created for you to believe is True, and have you to believe is Nature Reality.

    Such is a sure way of causing Black people to be Dumbfound, while rejecting all things Divine, a dimension that has no limits and no parameters to confine such an infinite Existence of such a Divine Truth about Black people.

    I am energized to share this what I am about to share with you, which is about you, the Divine Being with Black pigment, there are many of you who have had your coat of Blackness forcefully at the onset of the action of Racial assimilation, to your pigment Blackness be covered intentionally by Lucifer the Human Being, but Divine Blackness, is far more than Skin surface, it goes deep into the depth of of a method used to reason rationally and logically, it is commonly referred to such use of method, as being the Mind, and there are many of us who no longer penetrate the depth of such method of reasoning, to the point we have become superficial in pigment appearance, and shallow minded with inability to Divinely Reason.

    There is a reason for the way Lucifer the Human Being has responded toward the Divine Black Being and now give cause for the way the Divine Black Being act toward self, which have caused the Divine Black Being to experience a Mind transformation that has caused the Divine Black Being to forget the Divine information that once caused the Divine Black Being to know with understanding, the Existence of that Divine Essence, out from which the information concerning and giving cause for Quantum Energy to perform as it does, it being the verifier of Divine intelligence, serving to be the Cosmic primitive (FIRST) attribute of that Divine Essence, that which exist to serve beyond the capacity of a GOD, It is the Essence of all GODS.

    Here we are the most intimate intrinsically form member of the Universe, representing the Star Dust of the Universe, myriads in number that they are, yet is beyond being numbered in term of Space Darkness Motion (TIME) as from the action by the Stars, there be the Planets members of the Cosmic Universe, there be Cosmic Elements that are beyond the sensual view of all that function physically with a body form that move by the mental power of reasoning, such a process is the Mind..

    Now, here you Black people are, knowing not the Divine Truth concerning Life and its Living ability, taking all away from the ability to utilize the Soul of your Divine Black Body form, and when you fail to use the Energy that constantly flow through your Black Divine Body, which is what energize the Brain organ to give you the power to Reason, such a process become the Mind of that Body form, yet how you use the Divine Energy that give you the Mind to Reason, such energy does not determine the quality of use by you, of that Energy, even though its action is of Divine Intelligence, it is up to you to exercise that Intelligence and what level will it be manifest by the revealing of your spirit action.

    People of deep shaded pigment, carry the greater seed of that which is the Essence of All that be, and all that not be, yet reveal only that which your Mind is capable of knowing and understanding, such Divinity is without limit to know, because all that is in knowing, is in the process of Reasoning, and it is what is call thought, which is an act of accepting the Energy flow that reveal all there is available for you to know and understand, about the Quantum of that Energy action, which submit only to that Essence, which verify it to be the powerful action it reveal to be, both to Matter and anti-matter.

    So, who are those people been made to believe to be lower than all others, when it come to interacting and interfacing with the action of the Divine Energy, that which provide you with information that determine the level of knowledge you have about the Cosmo, a level of knowledge and Understanding that reveal and determine your level and quality of intelligence that you possess, as the Being that you are, in the form you have been presented to be.

    There is a saying that life in the physical consist of a Body, Soul, and Mind, yet in our Divine state of Mind, we knew that Life Body is of a Soul, Mind, and Spirit, the three being the Trinity that give life its ability to perform, the Soul being life ability to be active, the Mind being life ability to Soulful reason, and the Spirit having the Soul ability to express the use of the Soul action, revealed by the body life performance physically.

    There was a Time when the Divine Being knew that in the living of life, there is the Reality of the Nature of all things physical, and not the Nature of Reality of all things physical, because in possession of Divine information, it reveal to you that Nature is subject to Reality and not Reality to Nature.

    So, the Reality of the Nature of Life, is Soul, Mind, and Spirit ,they being the Trinity of the Body Life, it having the ability to be as it Reason all things to be, and to Reason Divinely, is to know Reality Nature, which consist of Matter, and Matter is physical, and things that are physical, is the illusion of Reality, and not the Reality Nature.

    Because, the Divine Reality is the Essence of Infinite Existence and on such a Dimension there is no presence of the Reality Nature of life, such being the Reality of what is not, on the Dimension of Divine Existence.

    Physical Reality, its Nature being the illusion being projected to be what it is not, and to become wise in the living of your body life, you must know the difference as to what is and what is not, and be able to interact with the Reality of that Natural factual experience, as it pertain to life living, and Soul Existence, the former being of finite action and the latter existing of Infinite Reality, consisting of that Divine Essence, which is verifying the Divinity of the infinite Space Darkness, out from which, flow the Divine Reality Nature of All that is in Existence, and all that is in the life of Nature, is Finite physical illusion of Reality.

    Darkness is the verification of Infinite Existence, and Existence is Reality Nature, verifying Infinity, and out come from such, is a Divine Essence to all things which is nonphysical and physical.

    Such a Reality concerning Nature, give cause for the Black Divine Being to be self absorbed with that Divine Reality Nature of our Darkness, so much so, until we should not never ever be satisfied in being less to anything that is a member of the Divine Cosmo, the Universe in physical form and motion.

    It is the Divine Reality of a Mind that have you to be functioning on a Divine Level of intelligence, such an intelligence will have you to know that Energy is Divine and is without measurement to be classified or categorized, such Divine Energy, serve to be the Soul attribute of the Divine Essence to all things that is and is not.

    Yet everybody that has ever been victim at the Hand of Lucifer, get sympathy and acts of protection from others, all except the Divine once Black Being, you being the children of Divinity, and Divinity is the Divine Essence of Infinite Existence, and Darkness is Eternally Infinite, Existing being the Energy of unmeasurable intelligence, there to be utilize but not to dictate nor to control, nor to dominate to paralyze the action of life body living.

    So, who are those people with Black pigment who now look upon themselves in the way they have been taught to look at themselves by Lucifer the Human Being, he who transform Divine method of reasoning to become the accepted profane method of believing, you who actually are the Children of Reality Nature Beings, out from the Sacred Darkness, intrinsic there be, the Divine essence you did come.

    Up You Mighty Race Of Divine Darkness, And Become That You Need To Become Again, Divine, Proud, and full of Divine Intelligence, the Soul being Divine Energy that cause all things physical and nonphysical, TO Be, And Not To Be, But Is.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]