Chief Elder Osiris : Who Are Those People Call Afrikans, Today ?

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    Hotepg Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    You know beloved, unless we African know where we really came from, we will
    never appreciate nor ever desire to return.

    It is the teaching of the western world, mainly white folks, that Mankind
    came into becoming a Being through the process of Evolution, you know the
    one cell ameba, the alga of Life and poof, here we all are, in our various
    forms and pigment.

    Now this rendition came from a people that is no more than a decade
    millenniums years old, give or take a thousand, yet they have come and
    established an explanation as to where all of this we see in life come from
    on this planet, as well as about the Universe, ask and the white man has
    the answer.

    Now, let me ask you something Afrikan, is this the extent of your belief
    about the origin of the Afrikan?

    How many of us have bought into the white man theory and that is all it is a
    theory, that we Afrikans evolved from a procession that include the Monkey
    and in actuality, the Monkey is our Ancestor, we be making mention of.

    Beloved, the white man tell us that this planet is approximately five
    Billion and a half Years Old, he, the white man, is between seven to ten
    thousand years old, for sake of reasoning and yet this youngster desire us
    to accept that he know everything to know about everybody on this planet and
    how all of this we are and have caused to be, got started.

    Yet beloved, there are a people on this planet whose origin predate the
    white Man, so tell me, what did those people have to say about all of this
    we now see occupy this planet and it is not a vast cross-section of various
    people we are speaking about.

    Evidence guide us to be speaking about a people now known as Afrikans and
    the badge of those people is its pigment, which is of a Carbon appearance,
    Black that we are and so was the people that first came to occupied this
    Planet at a Time nobody really know the real time, but so far, we can go
    back approximate four million earth white man years.

    So, did the Afrikan Ancient Ancestors, those that predate the white man and
    all other mankind, did they speak of the origin of Mankind on this planet as
    the white man does, or do our records show the coming of a godly Cosmic
    Being, whose appearance was of a carbon Nature, coming from a constellation
    for away.

    There is one assertion given, that our Ancestors having spoken about the
    appearance of all of this we now see and make claim to know about and it
    being in a statement about evolution, but not in the context the white man
    present to us.

    Our Carbon Cosmic Ancestors, when teaching about all we see and do not see
    but yet still is able to conceive of the Truth of it all, made a statement
    as such, as to attempt to present to us a God as they so conceived It to be,
    but in a way we might be able to better understand, thus implying that God
    is speaking but in reality it is our Ancestors conveying their thoughts as
    they imagine a God would, if It was of the same form as they, and they did imagine
    God would have conversed about the topic concerning the origin of all of
    this we see, including ourselves.

    The Ancestors states regarding evolution, that God said, I am he who evolved
    himself under the form of the God Kehepera, I, THE EVOLVER OF THE EVOLUTION,

    So Beloved, Since God Represent Infinity and before God, there was nothing,
    because there is no before God, thus making all things are, and to always
    have been, as such things submit to the continue God action, evolution as it
    proceed out of God mouth. (action )

    God action, causing all things to forever continue, eternally in a process
    of Infinite evolution, whose root of action is the Infinite Eternal energy
    we call God, which cause things to be in continue evolution action, God
    wrapped and is intrinsic in the eternal infinite mass of Darkness, Holy that
    it is.

    So beloved, tell me, whose pigment coat represent that Holy Mass of
    darkness and who it is that was in possession of the Eternal and Infinite
    Knowledge of God, Universe and Being and was able to do things that gave
    cause for the Human kind to marvel over and refer to such ability as magic,
    performing action that was of a mystery to the Human kind.

    So I ask, who are those people call Afrikan, wearing the coat of that Holy
    mass call darkness? a coat that run in a variety of colors, naturally so,
    reflecting their melanin content.

    The Afrikan today is not the Afrikan of yesterTime, before the coming of the
    Human being, therefore the Afrikan thoughts today are not the Afrikan
    thoughts of yesterTime, the Afrikan spirit ( action ) is not the spirit of
    the Afrikan of yesterTime, thus we have the present condition the Afrikan is
    now experiencing in the world today.

    Beloved, the Afrikan of today every belief of action, is based upon the
    religion of today, no way connected to the Afrikan of yesterTime, even in
    our every conversation, regardless of the topics being discussed, all is
    being guided and influenced not by the thoughts of the Afrikan mind of
    yesterTime, but by the religious teaching of those whose primary purpose is
    to prevent the Afrikan from ever returning to the Mind of the Afrikan of
    yestertime, a Mind that understood the action of that Entity that is and
    always will be the Evolver of the Evolution.

    Yet you have no knowledge as to why I warn you of a need for an Afrikan
    Spiritual Retreat, no doubt thinking you will be doing me a favor if you
    would and spiting me if you do not.

    No beloved your action of belief has no effect upon me because what I share
    is for the Afrikan collective benefit and not my own individually, because
    as One Afrikan perish under the weight of a counterfeit Mind, so do all
    Afrikans of today suffer and the Black Afrikan nation remain in a state of
    continued servitude to those who joyfully oppress, suppress and cause a
    state of depression upon the present day Afrikan..

    Let Those who are Wise And Is In Possession Of The Afrikan Original Mind,
    know that which has been shared with you.

    It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation

    Honor, Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey

    Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant,Political Revolutionary
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    [email protected]