Black People : Who Are Those Black People Referring To Themselves As Afrikan

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    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Here we are, Black and confused about whom we really are and the confusion run so deep until we are to mental lazy to Think, because it require an exercise in profound reasoning, imagination, and Logic, now days that is a mental exercise and is something Black people have long abandon, and we have done so, because of the New Mind we now function in, a Mind that is not of our origin.

    Why is it that Black people rather not deal with the Truth about our Nature and we rather pretend to be as those other people referring to themselves as Human Beings, as we hang on every word they say about Black people and now you have those among us who have a problem in identifying us to be a pigmented Being, with a shade that is colorless, commonly referred to as being the shade Black, and now that the Human Beings have decided that they no longer will have us Black People referring to ourselves as being of a pigmented shade without illumination, we now fall in line, being obedient to the Human Beings changed Social order, which now teach us that it is no such thing as Race difference and that we are all just a member of the Human being Race, a suggestion that is Racist in its Claim, which imply that we all are a part of the Human Being and they are what is referred to as the White Race, they who introduced such a Human Being term to the so call modern world.

    Here we Black People are, now rather to identify ourselves as a Geographical Region on this Planet, rather than to identify ourselves in the Quality that we originate out From, which is Universal Divine Beings and it is all because the Human Beings have not declared us to be so.

    Beloved, if we are to become the Nation we once were, before the coming of the Human Beings and retrain ourselves to not be so dependent upon other people for our Life Living condition, and stop attempting to emulate other people, and stop pretending that all people are the same, believing we can copy each other ways and action of doing things, with no complication what-so-ever, until we stop adhering to such a false premise, when we do, then we have the obligation to use the Mind that our Ancient First Way Black Ancestors instilled within us, and when we are able to do that, then we will not be so fanatical with a want to believe in and please the Human Beings, a people that reside on the opposite spectrum of the Race Trilogy, it being Black, Mongoloid and Caucasoid.

    So, who are those Black People referring to themselves as African and Human, a sure sign that reveal that we Black people do not know whom we are, and because we lack the Mind we originated with, then such a handicap prevents us from being qualified to Think, using the Mental power to be imaginative, conceiving of our Past Life living experiences, before the coming of the Human Beings, now we no longer are idealist, because such Mental exercise require for us to THINK and be creative in our Thinking, because by our independent Thinking, such thoughts in such Mental Divine setting, will give you the Mental power to be able to actualize those Divine thoughts into becoming our Divine Reality, a reality that has nothing to do with the Human Being fantasizing illusions, such imitation of Reality is all the Human being Mind is qualified to identify.

    The Divine Mind of Black People is qualified to reveal to us Black people the Time when Life Living on this Planet was not that of Wars and rumor of wars, it was not a belief that people must be reduced to such level of social status for purpose to serve others, giving off the illusion that Social stratification, according to property possession is a natural order of which the Supreme Intelligence has so produced and revealed in this vast universe and only the lying deceiving Human Beings will indoctrinate you into believing such profanity about Nature is true.

    In order for the Black world to discover whom we black folks are and what our Divine Relationship is to God and the Universe, we must be in a Divine mind that will allow our Mind to wander, wonder, and imagine what a Life absent of Lies and acts of deception would be like, and then allow your Divine Mind to reveal what your ideal quality of Life Living is to be, without taking into consideration, nor allowing the profane teaching of the Human Beings to serve as an influence to such a Divine act of Mentation, ( meditation ) and when you Black Folks are qualified to reach a Mental level of that quality of Mind action, then and only then, will you come to know whom you Black folks Really and Truthfully are, and then you will know the quality of Life our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black First Way Ancestors Life Living condition was like and what our Life living is in fact to be, it being pattern after the Divine Living of our Ancient First Way Ancestors, and such Blissful Life Living, did happen without the presence of the Human being, meaning that the Environment which they had created for their Life living, was in fact a Divine Environment, so beloved, it is the Environment that Structure and fashion the Social Dynamics that produce the attitude and behavior that reflect a Divine Godlike Spirit. ( Action ) meaning that which is in motion , harmonizing in order, with complete balance with the Spirit (Action ) of the Universe.

    To a Human Being Mind this Divine Mental Power is only a fantasy, but to the Divine Thinkers such Mental power is a Scientific Fact, because what has been shared here with you today at this moment is what has happen before the coming of the Human Beings, those we Black folks allow today to dominate our Life and dictate our Living condition today.

    So, the question, who are those Black People referring to themselves as Afrikan, such is a valid one, a question that has been waiting for over Five Thousand Years for an answer by you Black people and I must say, the answer must be a Divine one, and the reason why it is taking us Black people so long to answer such a simple question about our Black selves, is because we no longer operate in our Divine Mind.

    So I invite you to behold the attitude, behavior, and Spirit of the Black so call Human Being Afrikan, such reveal all of the signs of a people operating not in their Divine Mind but is being held captive in the Mind of the Human Beings, those people with a history of abusing and oppressing as well as lying and deceiving the Black once Divine World.

    So I beseech you Black People, go! and Learn of thyself, because it is being in possession of such knowledge, the Black Nation will become qualified to rise, and begin to control and guide our own black Lives once again!!!

    Here Is Loving You


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