Chief Elder Osiris : Who and What Country Is The Leader Of The World

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    Who And What Country Is The Leader Of The world?

    There Is Much more where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Who and what country is the instigator in the world?

    What Country carry the greatest influence in the world?

    What Country established the Institution of Chattel Enslavement of Black Afrikan people?

    Then who in the Hell do you believe is the guiding force instigating this massacre in Afrika Libya?

    The United States Of America is the world dictator and most certainly dictate the action of the United Nation, Arab League, and NATO.

    America and her allies take their orders from the group referred to as the Illuminati, meaning to be the Lucifer of the World , the deceiving Guiding Light.

    So, in view of this campaign going on in Afrika, under the disguise of protecting the Libyan People, the conductor of this campaign is America The United states, the instigator of Northern Afrika, Arab regimes in Asia, created turmoil.

    President Obama is no lover of Afrika or Afrikan people, he has proved such to be so, he has done nothing for Black Afrikan people, as he serve as the orchestrator and instigator of the fall of Mubarak, and now has his sight on Qaddafi, as his orders so dictate to him and the western world, given by the hidden hand of Lucifer Illuminati regime, those who dream of constructing a New World Order, having the Black world to remain in confinement using Lucifer Mind.

    Qaddafi represent the rise of there being a United States Of Afrika, those who are Black and still revolve in the mind of Lucifer, can not envision all that a Unified Afrika entail, but Lucifer war Lords do understand the significance of there being a Black Afrika and Black Afrikan Unity.

    So you must see, it is because of Black Afrikan non-response to Qaddafi call for a united States Of Afrika immediately, is the cause of what you now is observing happening to Qaddafi.

    Have you ever notice how the racist deceiving western media when presenting to you by others, opinion of Qaddafi, that their guest are always White and Arab agents to America.

    Let me share with you unquantifiable, those countries that refrained from voting in the security council, verify what I have shared with you in the information that I share with you, and that is, when it come to Afrika, and Afrika do belong to the Black Afrikan, there is no friend to Afrika that will act in defense of Afrika in Time of western warfare against Afika.

    So, place not your trust in those who smile in your face during time of want, but can not be founded in time for action in your behalf.

    Russia, China, Germany, any one of those UN Member states if voted No, could have averted what you now see going on in Afrika.

    Such make it more so important for the rise in Unity, Afrikan people every where in the world, because all the world not Black and some that is black, can not be trusted, and has a disdain for Afrika Black Afrikan people, even unto ourselves.

    So, who started the up rising in Egypt, Lybia, in Arab state in Asia, other parts of Nothern Afrika, most certainly there was no spontaneous combustion that took place by and of the people.

    Beloved, rebellion is instigated.

    So, if you corner a pit bull dog and you are striking the dog at will, then you can expect for that dog to defend itself, using any means necessary, with so far, the exception being Black people.

    Be kind to your self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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