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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Who could be so treacherous to despise the seed Of Your Soul, Your Blackness, may you Die a life time of Death and may you grow deplorable at a greater pace each trip you are allowed to journey around the Sun.

    There is no greater sign of disrespect for Self, when you demean your Divinity in exchange for receiving favor from those that despise you, yet has succeeded in having you to despise yourself, because to despise your Blackness is an act of defusing yourself and without the Fuse of Self power, you render yourself useless to the Seed of your soul, which is your Blackness,

    What is the term Black other than an actuality that indicate the power of your Divinity, make no difference who coin the term Black, because Black in any other actual use, is Black, because it is indescribable Infinite, and Universal in its Presence and is eternally Unchanging, so Black is the Seed of your Soul, an Energy that Never Change and is forever Internally Eternally Infinite, the Divine attributes of the Divine Essence, so that which is undefinable, does in fact remain constant, being that IT Is, and Is Not.

    Your Blackness is the Internal Self of your External Life and the more you learn to despise your Blackness the weaker the Mind of such a Foolish act become, because such a display only serve notice that the one despising its Blackness is the one that serve as the enemy to the Divine Truth, that which serve at the very root of your Soul, the energy power that engender to you your Life Spirituality and in your case, your Attitudinal Behavior, a reflection of your Blackness or the lack of it, such is a Divine Reality that Divide Not, because it change not, the Seed Of Your Soul I Speak About Here.

    Beloved, show me anyone that despise Blackness and I will point out to you your Enemy, they being the Devil incarnate, an entity of Life without the Mysticism of the knowledge of Blackness, serving to be a poor excuse of a Human Being, always making tracks in an effort to deny and demean your Blackness

    Tell me why is the world so fixated upon your Blackness, why do they spend things of value in order to reduce the value of your Blackness in your Mind, a Mind now controlled by those that despise your Blackness.

    To despise your Blackness is to verify your humanity and in Humanity there is a deny of Divine Truth, Blackness is neither a Precept nor a Concept, such a Divinity is beyond being imagined, because to imagine carry a precondition of belief and Blackness is beyond the verification of belief and to despise such a Divine Reality is to despise what cause you to become that which you are, and now you despise your Blackness.

    Blackness is as the Soul and the Soul is your Blackness, such an actuality need no redemption or Condemnation, neither has an effect upon ITS Divine Truth that verify all that is, and all that is not, yet the Human Being has come to reduce that which is not Deductible and to classify that which is not classifiable and to describe that which is indescribable, such is your Blackness, that which you now have been conditioned to despise and Deny.

    Why do you Think that our Ancient Divine First Way Black Ancestors instructed us when we lose such Divine knowledge of self, to lose no Time in Finding it, the knowledge of Knowing Thyself, because they knew that you would come to despise that which you know nothing about at this Time, which is your Black Selves, a requirement of Knowledge that is capable of resurrecting a now Dead Black and Divided Nation.

    It is that Seed Of Your Soul, Your Blackness, through which all Divine Information Flow and yet the result from such ignorance of such Divine Information, produce a Black Nation that you now observe, which is a Black Nation that now has no Respect of Self nor from anybody else, all because the Seed Of Your Soul is now being despised by you and you now require no self respect.

    Let no one or anything cause you to deny your Soul, because to do so, you become that which you are not, and to be such, is to disclaim your Soul, a Soul that remain in spite of our ignorance, because you nor any one can erase that which you played no part in Revealing, which is your Soul Blackness, an actuality that is beyond being described, because Infinity is beyond Description.

    Beloved, to debate your Blackness is as a Fool Debating Its Intelligence !!!

    Let Those Of You That Understand What Has Been Shared With You, Remain In The Know Of Whom You Are, Which Need Not To Be approve By Anyone That Walk This Planet, Because You see, Blackness Transcend Race.

    Be Kind To Your Selves, Beloved

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
    GOOGLE SEARCH: Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
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