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    peace brothers and sisters

    I am quite new to Destee
    but I have acquired a lot info from all your postings, I think I have taken I a little too much subconsciously. But also a thank you to you all as well.

    I am 17 years old, and i just woke up from a dream, I don't know but I had so much information in my head I had to write it down.
    could someone tell me what all this means or what you think


    Who I am?

    Da question which lingers in the head
    Something I should know, but me don’t
    Then BLAM!
    Caught in da scheme of things
    Me am lost
    Walking thru da dark tunnel
    Looking for identity
    Looking for self
    Looking for I

    All da fings me do bad in life
    Can’t be I
    When me out of character
    It can’t be I- self
    It can’t be
    I wouldn’t do dat,
    I wouldn’t sit back, watch n contribute
    To da fall of I people.

    I-self and My person are not da same
    Person is a vehicle, flawed
    I is self, imperfections
    None at all
    I am not conscience
    But consciousness itself
    Which has da power of will?
    But To override my person takes skill
    To make anything manifested in I mind real.

    I-self in da image of da most high
    So I ask for guidance
    To give I strength to protect n empower others
    We our one. I n I
    And Not just da strength for only me to survive
    To discover dat self is linked with da oceans n da sky
    I know now, who I am
    Dey call me Ro-ti-mi
    But my true name is I
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    It means that when you divide your awareness

    u create

    two yous

    self and an image of urself

    ur conscience and ur ego

    u split ur self from ur soul

    ur soul can exist in it's female element independent

    ur ego can exist in all forms, but can not be conscious forever, infinitely

    the ego hates it self for this, but the soul can't form without him

    in essence the "husband" is jealous of the "wife", so she hides and exists in darkness, be cause she can not face this pain

    Your name is God but you never answer the call, so patience is virtue by no other name

    even "consciousness" can be "un aware" of it self

    but awareness still speaks and exists unto it self


    I'd rather survive the illusion and trust that GOD will never see me to suffer

    God promised he would never let anything happen to me, and I know why, I'd just rather pretend that he loves me more then he loves himself.

    Love has never even had the opportunity to change.

    Love has remained formless.

    The only thing that I "wanted" took himself away from me, and he hungers not for me, but for only what I can "produce"

    and still I'm still

    perhaps ur wiser self can tell ur "17" year old self person is not a "vehicle" to be driven

    out of character, is a better state

    in character assigns role play

    some aren't compelled to play a part
    some are inclined to live from the heart

    an old angry fool once taught me that "sometimes it's best to know when to dis engage"

    for give yes

    re live no
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    your very wise thank you
    I guess it seems that im a duality,
    a being of two that can't live with out the other
    I just need to find a balance
    two opposites but dependant
    like husband and wife

    i guess gotta dis engage
    to mediate and answer that call as well

    thank you for that, it was very enlightening
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    well said like a mixture of self and I on a combonation split.....

    Welcome to poetic playground 04rskyers
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    not "actually" a "duality", but "observing" your own duality

    you are actually welcome

    and you shall find "balance"

    ur person self is the object of the book ur spiritual self is writing about self, poetically speaking

    you'll find the "balance" when u realize it ALL YOU

    we can only "form" our person by what is "rejected", so in essence every part of u is "active", but there are more then two parts

    remember that possibility is always infinite, in the realm of understanding ONENESS