Black Poetry : Who am I?

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    I wrote this poem for me, to free myself of some inner demons. To accept my true greatness

    No one can tell me but me
    Because although you may think you know
    You have no idea what's inside of me
    The little girl that crys because her parents
    Chose to love and broaden her horizons
    Through educational trips and games
    Rather than let her be a sneaker queen
    Nothing more than two pairs of pay-less
    A bottle or two of white and black shoe polish
    Who am I?
    You can't tell me because you have no idea
    "Why the caged bird sings"
    I know because I was a caged bird once
    Letting little girls taunts lock me into isolation
    When all I really wanted to do was dance and
    Be completely free of this misery
    Who am I?
    You don't know because the teenaged girl hides
    She tells you the scars came from a screw on a bench
    Maybe the first one did but the others are self- inflicted
    She cuts herself so she can feel alive again
    Its better than the numbness of depression
    Many hours spent 'sleep', she contemplated suicide
    Only thing keeping her from cutting to deep was
    The knowledge that her litt brother needed her
    Who am I?
    A whore you would guess from this next mental sore
    That is not the case, it was rape that led me to feel this way
    Being young and naive I got lured onto the third floor
    A person who back then would have been considered a 'friend'
    Didn't understand the word NO whether whispered or screamed
    Tears didn't mean a thing not even when he tore my hymen ring
    Went to some adults to try and get some help
    They said, "this is a heavy accusation especially against Terell"
    "He's one of our greatest football players, you sure you're not acting out"
    "You had sex with him and he didn't make you his girl,
    That's what happened isn't it?"
    Who am I?
    Finally you can now see the true me shining through
    Just an intelligent black woman tryna make her way through
    The trials and tribulations of her youth
    Through God is the only way to become renewed
    Who am I?
    That is yet to be seen, even though the things mentioned
    Are a part of my being, they don't desrcribe who I want to be
    Soon to be a mermaid swimming in that royal blue sea (LTO Sorority Inc)
    Soon to be a successful student of pharmacy
    Soon to be a true woman and lady
    Soon to be someone who has learned from her past
    *Just as who I was yesterday can affect my tommorows, I'll always strive to be a better person than Who I*
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    welcome to poetic playground
    welcome within the family of kin & friends
    welcome to the house of peace and respect
    happy you here to share and release da inner beings

    this was well expressed as you fine oneself within self
    tyte write poet


    Mar 18, 2006
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    dayummmm my sistah i was really feelin that piece rite derr
    honest 2 God i was, u been through so many thangs, and i can jus say that u r a strong person dat continues to luk through and past her bad memories
    and i myself is going through depression but we'll make it through
    i luv yo flow
    so flo on wit nonstop
    frum yo sistah G.A

    blackluv and bp
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    this was just wonderous I know what it is to struggle through your own insecurities and the pressure to be more whne all you see is pain everyday. I also know what it is to finally realize that you are and always have been more than they want to be. this was so true