Black Poetry : Who Am I?/Thoughts and Questions of an Interracial Child


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Oct 30, 2002
Who Am I?
Thoughts and Questions of an Interracial Child

Who am I? Am I black? My mom is black. Her skin is very dark and so are her eyes. She has rough black hair and thick lips. Some people say I look like her, but I am not black.

Who am I? Am I white? My dad is white. His skin is tan and gets darker during the summer, but not as dark as my mom's. He has light brown eyes and thin lips. His hair is brown and feels soft. Some people say I look like him, but I am not white.

Who am I? When I took that test in school and it asked my race, there was a box for black or white. There was no box for me. I am black AND white. I checked black because that seemed to be what people thought I was. I asked my parents what I should have checked. They told me that checking black was fine, because that is how the world sees me.

Who am I? I am black AND white, a mixture of both my mom and dad. I have come to realize that it is not as important how the world sees me, but how I see me. I am smart and I am strong-willed. I am independent. I am me......and I am loved.

Unpublished work © 2002 Latitia D. Simpson
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