Black People : Whites appealed Katrina insurance more

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    Though poor and minority neighborhoods suffered the brunt of Katrina's fury, residents living in white neighborhoods have been three times as likely as homeowners in black neighborhoods to seek state help in resolving insurance disputes, according to an Associated Press computer analysis.

    The analysis of Louisiana's insurance complaints settled in the first year after Katrina highlights a cold, hard truth exposed by Katrina's winds and waters: People of color and modest means, who often need the most help after a major disaster, are disconnected from the government institutions that can provide it, or distrustful of those in power.

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    Does this show that African-Americans do not even feel like real Americans? Does this not spell out that Blacks are in need of reparations, so that we don't have go to Whites to take care of us? Besides that (which I know was loaded), what do you think of the fact Whites are appealing to Katrina insurance more than the poor Black populace?
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    We should provide our own land via multiple community trusts.
    That way we are responsible for our own, and we no longer pay taxes for nothing.

    And I know that I'm preaching to the choir, but We. Do. Not. Need. whites. or their oppressive system. We want them and their system, just without the oppression (we've forgotten what life is like w/o them). But that will never happen. We keep trying to force ourselves to believe that we are accepted as equal citizens or that we eventually will be. And then we can all be the same...either that or we believe that we are to be a perpetual underclass.

    Why would whites ever relinquish the oppressive control that they maintain? It's not in their best interest.
    And experience has shown that selflessness in not collectively in their character.

    The system is created to support whites and oppress us. Many of us seem to get the picture.
    We just unfortunately don't know what to do besides "charge it to the game."